The Mark of the Beast is Here!

halal global Capture

The islamic antichrist is NOW putting a mark on many products and services across the globe! It is called the “halal mark”. The halal mark (pronounced ha-lawl) and sharia law are physical counterparts to the Spiritual Mark of the Beast, islam.

You need to boycott/abstain from all halal businesses, foods, products & services. “Halal” means that the product or service profanes the Name of the Creator GOD or that a demonic islamic prayer has been said over the product or the product has been dedicated to allah or Sacrificed to allah. The product has been defiled by it’s dedication to allah.

Currently, the mark is not yet on all halal products. Corporations like Koch Foods, Tyson Foods, Kraft foods, McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Nestle and Campbell Soups have already registered with the muslims and received their number but they are not YET displaying the mark on all their products.

halal foods Capture

But their goal is to eventually have it on ALL products, foods & services worldwide. Under sharia law most products will have the mark/seal/stamp of halal. That means that all people will be required to purchase only halal products.

The manufacturers/distributors will be required to put this mark on all their products. You will not be able to buy or sell without the halal mark/seal/stamp.

Anything that is not halal will not be allowed to be bought or sold under sharia law. Sharia law is being enforced by islam. islam is the spiritual mark of the beast, while sharia law, including the halal seal, are physical outward manifestations of the mark of the beast.

Currently, since the mark is not yet placed on all polluted (halal) products, all we can do is to NOT buy it if we see the mark or words proclaiming it as halal or if we know for sure that it is halal.

Do NOT buy anything that you know for sure is halal! Muslims proclaim all vegetables as “halal”. They are crazy. Just because they proclaim it as halal, does not make it halal.

We only need to abstain from products that are actually halal and from companies that promote halal. If a company proclaims any of their products as halal, we must boycott all of the companies products in order to stand against the mark.

If it is halal and you do not know about it, it will not be held against you. GOD will only hold you accountable if you KNOWINGLY compromise, support or partake in the halal certified products & services.

You do not want to support the demonic practice of halal. You do not want to partake in any way, anything associated with islam. You do not want to buy or sell anything that has this mark.

Also, you do NOT want to work for the corporations/companies/businesses that are halal certified. These businesses have compromised with islam and you do not want to support these businesses in any way.

Strong’s H2490 – chalal (Hebrew word for halal)

displayed above is the name of allah. The halal marks are all done in the spirit (name/authority) of the antichrist. It defiles the product and opposes the Name (Authority) of GOD. The companies that receive halal certification receive a number. Each product also receives a number. Even the muslims call it a “mark”!

1) to profane, defile, pollute, desecrate, (Daniel 11:31)
to profane oneself, defile oneself, pollute oneself
a) ritually (many halal meats are brutally & ritually sacrificed to allah)
b) sexually (to commit fornication: Rev. 17:5)
2) to be polluted, be defiled
1) to profane, make common, defile, pollute (to take what is clean & defile it, make it unclean)
2) to violate the honour of, dishonour
3) to violate (a covenant) (Nehemiah 13:17 Psalm 89:39 Ezekiel 22:8)
c) to profane the name of God (Lev.18:21; 19:8)
1) to let be profaned
2) to wound (fatally), bore through, pierce, bore
a) to pierce
b) to be slain (halal meats are brutally slain)
c) to wound, pierce
d) to be wounded
to prostitute (Lev. 19:29, also remember the mother of harlots in Rev. 17:5)

Reasons to boycott all halal products and services:
animals are brutally killed, not humanely.
-animals are ritualistically sacrificed to idol/allah
-halal certification funds terrorism
-halal certifified companies support islam
-the halal mark/seal/stamp is the mark of the islamic beast
-halal is part of sharia law

Stages of halal (boycott all 3);
1. Company becomes halal compliant , seeks to appease muslims. (boycott)
2. Company/product/service becomes halal certified. (very serious boycott)
3. Mark is displayed on Product/service. (Avoid at ALL Cost!!! Mark of the beast is upon product or service!!!)

How to quickly identify marked products: You don’t have to remember all 21+ symbols. Just look for a crescent moon or the letter H or the word “halal” or some arabic looking writing. If you see any of these, The product is probably marked by the beast! Avoid at all cost.



  1. Richard Velasco

    Once Again Islam Is On The March For World Domination. Christians Fought Them In Three Crusades. The Muslims Again Attacked Eastern Europe…Overan Greece & Held Them Prisoner For 300 Years. Then Islam Invaded Spain from North Africa Intent On Conquering Western Europe. Time After Time We Have To Push Them Back. It Is Time To Make It Final & Annihilate This Disease of Islam !

  2. Karen Dennis

    I think it’s very wrong to force this stupid
    halal on us I don’t support them and I never will
    think we should recall our troops and let them fight like they have been doing before the americans decided to step in the tossers.
    We need to think for ourselves I reckon stop following those americans and consecrate on Australia

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