I am a retired mining engineer who started my working life as a Ladies hairdresser and has taught in technical colleges in both hairdressing and mining .I have also worked in the manufacturing industry,the retail sector and as a sales representative…….I am now totally clapped out!!  My working life was on times quite arduous,although there were some sedentary intervals …I would not have missed a second and I don’t regret a single minute of any job that I have undertaken .

What I do despair of is seeing the world that I live in being totally messed up by a succession of corrupt and wholly inept politicians and a crazy policy of appeasement towards an evil and violent ideology called Islam.For some unknown reason our politicians seem hell bent on bending over backwards to hand over  the world, as we know it, to these evil warmongers,on a plate, and I for one along with many other valiant crusaders of truth and patriotism will do the utmost to make sure that enough people are woken up to the truth of what is happening……..with the emphasis on TRUTH!

NFSE !!!!

Paul Alexander  M.E.


  1. Damon Whitsell

    Here are many more for ya, of mine.


    Damon Whitsell
    The How2BecomeAChristian Apologetics Network
    & The “ISLAM: The Religion of Conquest” sites.

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    • paulywido

      Damon ,I feel it was no accident I came across your site ….I am so glad I did ,because it is an absolute mine of information ! I can’t even remember how I landed on your doorstep but I guess I will be a regular guest from now on !!…keep up the good work my friend ,you’re doing a great job!…….NSE !

      • Damon Whitsell

        Hi Pauly, somehow I missed your new comments to me here until I just got a notice you had a new comment here below and I came to read it. I want to thank you for the kind words here. I been really struggling in many areas and especially in morale,, so they nice words helped. Sometimes we forget to give our work a fair shake in our own minds and not see it’s worth. Things are getting better for me now. And after like 3 months of doing nothing to really be proud about I am hoping to have a great 2013 and a nice period of valuable productivity. And ur nice words sure helped. TY (U)

      • paulywido

        NO SURRENDER!…..EVER!……don’t be too hard on yourself ,your work inspires others like me who are just starting out in
        the blogging world …take care …take heart and give em hell!
        regards ,

    • LEAD

      LEAD is a Christian relief, development ,advocacy and free legal aid organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. As followers of Jesus, we are motivated by God’s love to serve all people regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity

  2. Brad

    Damon, another blog worth following is Mark Durie’s. Check out the reviews of his book “The Third Choice” on amazon. Bill Warner, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and others have sung his praises. And they are well deserved. I think Mark’s book is the most persuasive book on the topic. It is better than anything Spencer or Bawer have written. There is a great interview with Mark on the following site. http://worldtruthsummit.com/ Bill Warner’s book “Factual Persuasion” is also available for free on that site.

    Also have you see from the 17th minute of the following?

    Keep up the good work. I’m really glad I discovered your site. Look forward to discussing tactics with you in private.

    • Damon Whitsell

      Hi brother, read everything at Duries site and he has an excellent teaching class video that i have posted on my site. And John Guandolos work here he did with Tom Trento is so awesome that I edited the video down to 15 minute clips and uploaded them to one of my YT channels. And I relabeled some of them by topic to get em out there more. Promoting this security briefing was my big thing for about a month. Was reall sad to not see many other take the ball and this video and run with it also,, so I am very happy to see you recommend it. As far as MB exposure I think it is the best work yet, even better than Gaffneys video series. TY again for the kindness brother. 🙂

  3. Bo Perrin

    Paul, this is Bo Perrin (The Institute For Jihadi Research). Check out my book called The Islamic Reader at theislamicreader.org

    • paulywido

      Hi Bo,
      thanks for dropping by my blog . I have been reading your stuff and like what I see.The book looks great,but I do not have a PayPal account because I don’t like my financial details anywhere near the internet.All of my internet purchases are done using UK postal orders in £’s .This limits me to the UK for my purchases and only with sellers or businesses that deal with such payment methods.
      I will however mention to my lovely daughters that it is soon to be my birthday and there is something that I might like(hint,hint)…lol …Two of them have Paypal accounts and may take pity on me …
      Love the blog by the way and have added you to my blog roll and reader so will be dropping by on a regular basis !
      Keep up the good work! NSE
      Kindest regards,
      Paul Alexander.

  4. Norman Scarth

    Dear Paul Alexander,.
    I have never considered myself of great importance, but it appears the Quislings who now rule Britain think I am, judged by the diabolical methods they have used trying to silence me. Thank you for publicising it. Re. the video of me at the Stoke Conference: Please forgive my lack of modesty, but viewing it again, I have the feeling that I didn’t do a bad job at describing the state of Britain today. For more, email againstcorruption@hotmail.co.uk

    • paulywido

      I am pleased to have you visit my humble blog ! Thank you Sir for your dedication both in the service of our country and also for your tireless campaign to highlight what has become of our once Great Britain.
      Kindest regards,
      Paul Alexander.

  5. Reclaiming the Sacred

    Hi, and thanks for the follow! I like your ideology, and am glad to meet a knight in service of a greater cause. Plus, I really do like your background images.

    Yes, there is a fight, and so we have to fight as well as we can. There is a lot going on that needs to be revealed for the sake of truth. God bless you for it!

  6. paulywido

    To all who visit this page and my blogs ,please forgive if I cannot always reply to each individual comment. I appreciate each and every one of the comments that are left and hope that you drop by again. If I don’t reply it doesn’t mean you have been ignored ,because I try to read each and all.
    Thanks once again for the interest and taking the trouble to comment!
    Paulywido….a.k.a. Paul Alexander

  7. russellgray2844Russell Gray

    Just returned from Greece where I feel a little more secure because of the zeal the Greeks have to repel islamification. Just before going I became involved with your site and have since been reading and digesting the vast amount of informative work you provide. It is one thing to become aware that we are being undermined and then wonder if the reading of it is only a perspective in the extreme, and it is another to feel that you (I) may be one of a few who reads the situation in its true form. Thank goodness that I have found your blogline because now I can see there are many who have already awakened and want to do anything to resist, inform and prevent the slide into what will be an irreversible change of the world! I am already a defender of who and what we are, I am preparing to ensure my family and greater families are capable of resistance. We need to share advice and knowledge and I thank you for being a pioneer in this resistance – our last chance!

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  9. kellica1

    No Reform For Islam

    During the past few years, I have often stated the need for Muslims to reform Islam, in the same manner of Judaism and Christianity, even though I knew that Islam is incapable of reforming itself. Other experts and activists, such as Irshad Manji, Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan, have suggested that the reform of Islam should be directed towards secularism; however, to date, the only successful reform, led by imams and mullahs, has been a regressive return to the type of violence, increased terrorism and military conquests, once seen only at the height of Islamic power when Abd al-Rahman and his Islamic army were repelled from the Gates of France in 732 AD by the Christian forces and their leader, Charles “the Hammer” Martel.

    Two days before Christmas, fourteen people were killed and 120 wounded, as an explosion, felt in areas fifteen miles away, ripped through police headquarters in Mansoura, Egypt. Just days before New Year’s Day 2014, bombs erupted in Volgograd, Russia in the main railway station and on a trolley bus on the 29th and 30th of December, which killed 34 people and wounded sixty. The common link between these two cases and 99% of the terrorist acts worldwide is Islam.

    One should note the book ‘al Islam wa usul al-hukm’- Islam and Bases of Power by Ali Abd al-Razia (1888-1966), which argued that modern Egypt should sever its connection to Islam altogether. Razia concluded that the caliphate is not mentioned in the Koran and Mohammed had not been the head of a state in the 20th century sense, so Egyptians were supposedly free to implement a European-style secular government.

    Nazra Quraishi, a Michigan kindergarten teacher, stated in ‘The Lansing State Journal’ (July 5, 2006) that one “can embrace Islam but cannot get out.” If Islam is a “religion”/ideology one can only convert to and not leave upon choosing so, then it is a threat to every free person on the planet; this cuts to the core principle of any democratic state. “Radical Islam has come to mock the very principle of nationality and citizenship,” wrote Fouad Ajami.

    There are not any moderate Muslims, only apostates, because a moderate Islam does not exist…a Catch-22 of sorts. In order to create a changed or reformed ideology, Muslims would have to confront their leaders. Muslims would have to stand against men like Shaker Elsayed, leader of Dar al-Hijrah – one of America’s largest mosques in Falls Church, VA, who was espousing the virtues of violent jihad in February 2013 and stated that “The call to reform Islam is an alien call.”

    Islam is the fastest growing ideology__”religion”__in Europe and North America, in large part, due to the “Trojan Horse” of immigration, so brilliantly detailed by the late, great Oriana Fallaci, and the extraordinary high rate of procreation within Muslim populations. It has become more radicalized and fierce due to Saudi Arabian advocacy and financial support for Islam’s extreme Wahhabi sect, and the majority of its followers identify themselves with a pan-Islamic community that transcends borders.

    Today in America, many Muslim leaders are in agreement with the ideas of British Muslim leader Anjem Choudary, as they praise the 9/11 terorists and call for Sharia law in the U.S., and they claim that “The United States belongs to Allah.” One such leader, Muzammil Siddiqi is associated with Hamas terrorists and the Islamic Center of Washington, DC, and during an October 2000 rally near the White House, he blamed the U.S. for the Palestinian situation and warned “the wrath of God will come.”

    Although smooth talking Saudi princes dismissed the fact that Princess Haifa “accidently” funded the 9/11/01 murderers and terrorists through an intermediary, Majed Ibrahim, as “coincidence”, it is now all too apparent that Saudi hands were involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Abdul al-Harbi was quickly spirited away by Saudi diplomats, after he progressed from a “suspect” in the attack to “a person of interest” to “innocent” within a week. Ominously, it becomes clear that a terrorist was allowed to escape by U.S “authorities”, once one discovers that six of his relatives, such as Badr and Khalid al-Harbi, actively fought for Al Qaeda and three more__Salim, Majid and Muhammed al-Harbi__ are currently in Gitmo prison.

    Does anyone really think that a “religion”__that Islam__ that produces men who will eat the heart of an enemy (see Syria 2013), draw and quarter American contractors and hang them over the Euphrates River, or kill nearly 300 school children in Beslan, Russia (September 2004) in the name of Allah, here and now, in the 21st century, will ever reform itself?

    Currently and confirmed by then-Representative Sue Myrick (R-NC) in 2010, Iran’s terrorist arm, Hezbollah, is building a power base in Mexico, along with Al Qaeda, and it is training Mexican drug cartels in the use of explosives. In 2010, a drug cartel detonated a car bomb for the first time in Ciudad, Juarez.

    In 2011, Roger Noreiga, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, gave a clear and urgent warning: “If our government and responsible parties fail to act…there will be an attack on U.S. personnel. installations or interests in the Americas, as soon as Hezbollah operatives believe that they are capable of such an operation without implicating their Iranian sponsors in crime.”

    How many Muslims have forced jihadist imams from their mosques? How many Muslim parents are prepared to say that they came to our nation to raise their children as loyal Americans, not Saudis, Iranian or Palestinian and such?

    Whether the islamoNazis attack us from their enormous fear of Ataturk’s 1922 brand of secularism, which they claimed would destroy Islam, or simply because America is predominantly a Christian nation and they hate our principles and ideas on freedom, they still attack; they are not remotely considering reform. As Hussein Massawi, former Hezbollah leader, stated: “We are not fighting so that you will give us something. We are fighting to eliminate you (the infidels).

    The sweet dream of world peace and “coexistence” has been replaced by the nightmare of permanent conflict. Bomb us and the Left-wing media agonizes over the “root causes”. Shoot up Ft Hood or detonate a few bombs in Boston and our community-organizer-in-chief Obama rushes to the nearest mosque to declare “Islam is a religion of peace.” Murder a school full of children, and our academics join Ossama Bahloul, imam of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, and Jamal al-Badawi, in explaining that to the vast majority of Muslims “jihad” is a harmless concept surrounding personal struggle: This resurgent Islam will not be stopped by a few new laws or outreach to the ummah, but by firm resolve and tough action across the board in all areas of U.S. policy.

    by Justin O Smith

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