Terrified of Losing 72 Heavenly Virgins, Islamic State Fighters Reportedly ‘Run Away’ from a Certain Type of Soldier

kurdish female soldiers, ppk

Iraqi Kurd women volunteer fighters (Peshmerga) hold their arms during a daily military training at the Suleimaniya general command base in a suburb of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan-controlled city of Suleimaniya, some 250 kilometers northeast of Baghdad, in October 2002. (Getty)

Radical Islamists who decide to embark on suicidal missions often do so with the expectation they will be rewarded with 72 virgins if they die in battle; however, it turns out there is one major caveat to the scenario, according to a U.S. lawmaker.

That is, if they are killed by a woman, the deal is off.

In this Thursday, July 3, 2014 photo, a woman from an elite unit of female Kurdish Peshmerga fighters trains in Sulaimaniyah, 160 miles (260 kilometers) northeast of Baghdad, Iraq. Some Kurdish women living in Northern Iraq are training to be peshmerga, as the self-ruled Kurdish region’s militia is known, to fight against the imminent threat of Islamic militants and to protect their land. (AP Photo)

In this Thursday, July 3, 2014 photo, a woman from an elite unit of female Kurdish Peshmerga fighters trains in Sulaimaniyah, 160 miles (260 kilometers) northeast of Baghdad, Iraq. Some Kurdish women living in Northern Iraq are training to be peshmerga, as the self-ruled Kurdish region’s militia is known, to fight against the imminent threat of Islamic militants and to protect their land. (AP Photo)

Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), chairman of the House International Relations Committee, told the New York Post, “These ISIL [Islamic State] soldiers apparently believed that if they were killed in battle, they went to paradise as long as they were killed by a man.”

The issue is of some relevance, especially in Iraq, where female recruits are among the ranks of the Kurdish peshmerga forces, now fighting the Islamic State jihadist group.

“[T]hese female soldiers were communicating their satisfaction with the fact that they had taken the fight to ISIL and had stopped the advance, turned back the advance — slayed a number of these fighters, who would then run away,” Royce said adding that the female fighters have been fighting “very bravely.”

Royce said heard at a meeting with the Kurdish foreign minister that female fighters were “laughing” when they saw Islamic State jihadists flee from them.

“I think [the Islamic State] were more afraid of us than of the men,” a female Kurdish fighter named Tekoshin told AFP, the New York Post noted. “They believe they’ll go to hell if they die at a woman’s hands.”

Al-Monitor, an online publication that covers the Middle East, ran a profile on the female battalions in August. While the battalions were set up in 1996, the female peshmerga fighters are being further motivated by hardline rules being imposed on women by the Sunni radical group including enforced wearing of Afghanistan-style head-to-toe covering of women, marrying women off against their will and female genital mutilation, Al-Monitor reported.

The female peshmerga fighters are now on the front lines against the Islamic State jihadists.

Al-Monitor reported that there are four female battalions, including some recruits who are mothers, while the highest ranking women are colonels.

“We are now on the battlefield, but I’m married and I have a daughter, whom I left with my parents to fight against extremists. I’m happy to perform my national duty to defend Kurdistan,” one fighter told Al-Monitor.

Although U.S. airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq have helped to slightly push back the terror army, they’re still on the march with no plans of stopping. As a result, an all-female battalion has prepared themselves to take on the brutal group should they advance in Kurdistan. More from the New York Post:

Hundreds of mothers, sisters and daughters have taken up arms and devoted their lives to protecting Iraq’s Kurdish population against the threat of the Islamic State.

Known as the women peshmerga of the 2nd Battalion, the group is made up of 550 female fighters led by Col. Nahida Ahmad Rashid.

The soldiers have only recently faced the Islamic State since the terrorists seized control of towns in Kurdistan, but the group has carried out in-depth exercises in the scorching heat of Sulaymaniyah to prepare themselves for battle.

For one mother who already has a 5-year-old daughter, even pregnancy can’t stand in her way.

“This is my duty, no matter if I am bearing a child or not,” the four-months-pregnant woman said. “If I am called to the front lines, I will go.”

source: The Blaze

BREAKING: ISIS Releases Audio Broadcast Calling on All Muslims Around the World to Begin Murdering Non-Muslims

Sheikh Abu Mohammad al-Adnani by, CBC News | h/t Billy Welch In an audio recording distributed widely on social media Sunday, Islamic extremist group ISIS urged Muslims globally to launch attacks on non Muslims…

Read more here ,plus video/audio shariaunveiled.wordpress.com




quran 3imagebot

While professing unwavering faith in a transcendent deity, radical Islam is a militant, politically activist ideology whose ultimate goal is to create a worldwide community, or caliphate, of Muslim believers. Determined to achieve this new world order by any means necessary, including violence and mass murder, radical Islam is characterized by its contempt for the beliefs, practices, and symbols of other religious traditions. This intolerant creed is cited by Islamists as the philosophical justification for their terrorism.

doctrines of radical islam 2 Capture

Scroll down for videos:

Radical Islam’s kinship with terrorism, and its willingness to use violence as a means to its ultimate ends, is clearly spelled out in a training manual produced by the radical Islamist terror group al Qaeda, whose operatives carried out the 9/11 attacks. This publication candidly says:

“[An] Islamic government would never be established except by the bomb and rifle. Islam does not coincide or make a truce with unbelief, but rather confronts it. The confrontation that Islam calls for with these godless and apostate regimes, does not know Socratic debates, Platonic ideals nor Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun. The young came to prepare themselves for Jihad [holy war], commanded by the majestic Allah’s order in the holy Koran.”

Scholar of Middle East affairs Martin Kramer further describes the goals of radical Islamists:

“The idea is simple: Islam must have power in this world. It is the true religion—the religion of God—and its truth is manifest in its power. When Muslims believed, they were powerful. Their power has been lost in modern times because Islam has been abandoned by many Muslims, who have reverted to the condition that preceded God’s revelation to the Prophet Muhammad. But if Muslims now return to the original Islam, they can preserve and even restore their power. That return, to be effective, must be comprehensive; Islam provides the one and only solution to all questions in this world, from public policy to private conduct. It is not merely a religion, in the Western sense of a system of belief in God. It possesses an immutable law, revealed by God, that deals with every aspect of life, and it is an ideology, a complete system of belief about the organization of the state and the world. This law and ideology can only be implemented through the establishment of a truly Islamic state, under the sovereignty of God. The empowerment of Islam, which is God’s plan for mankind, is a sacred end.”

Both liberals and conservatives assume that the Islamist holy war against the West revolves solely around Westerners themselves, rather than having something to do with Islam itself. For example, people on the anti-war left believe that al Qaeda attacked the U.S. because the latter was imperialist, racist, or insufficiently responsive to the needs of the Third-World poor. By contrast, the pro-war right (including former President Bush) maintains that the Islamists hate Americans for their freedoms, opportunities, and overall success as a society.

A very different perspective on the Islamist mindset is offered by Mary Habeck, a military historian at Yale University. Habeck holds that radical Muslims base their war against non-Muslims on the Islamic sacred writings, particularly the Sira, which, unlike the Koran, tells the story of the Prophet Muhammed’s life in chronological sequence. Using Muhammed as their model, the jihadists think and act within paradigms provided by the stages of Muhammed’s political and military career. According to Habeck, the internal logic of Islam, and not any particular provocation, real or imagined, by some outside power, is the key to understanding why the jihadists do what they do. While specific actions by the West might further enrage jihadists, their fundamental strategic and military decisions are not determined by anything done by the United States, Europe, or any other perceived enemy of Islam, but rather by tenets of itself that call for the killing of infidels.

Radical Islamists tend to gravitate toward three major methods of achieving their ultimate objective. The first is to fight the Near Enemy prior to fighting the Far Enemy. The Near Enemy is anyone inside Islamic lands, whether it is an occupier or someone who has taken away territory that used to be Islamic. The second method is to fight the Greater Unbelief—the major enemy, which today is the United States—before the Lesser Unbelief. And the third method is to fight the Apostates (false Muslims) first, and then the other Unbelievers.



Prominent U.S. Pastor Says Israel Is Not the ‘Occupier’ but the ‘Owner’ of the Holy Land

pastor john hagee Capture

Pastor John Hagee, Christians United for Israel’s founder and national chairman

Pastor John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel, tells an Israeli newspaper that Israel is not an “occupier” but is rather the “owner” of the land of Israel, despite its portrayal to the contrary in mainstream media.

On a visit to Israel last week along with 500 members of Christians United for Israel, Hagee spoke with Israel Hayom, a right-wing daily, during which he described the biblical underpinnings of the connection of the Jewish people with the land of Israel – including Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) – calling the Bible “the moral compass for the soul.”

“The Bible does not offer God’s recommendations; these are God’s laws and we keep them, beginning with ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth’ (Genesis 1:1),” Hagee told columnist Dror Eydar. “King David said: ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof’ (Psalms 24:1). If God owns the earth, and made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give their descendants the right to the land of Israel — then Israel is not an ‘occupier’ as implied by the liberal media in the United States, but the owner of the land by covenant. And the covenant still stands.”

During the interview, Hagee criticized the Obama administration’s Middle East policy.

“I think it was Edmond Burke who said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ I think America has backed down from its role as a global leader,” Hagee said. “We have a weak national leadership, and on account of that weakness, the tyrants of the world are marshalling all the people; the radicals are bent on realizing their evil intent, and evil is prospering. This is the heyday for evil.”

Noting President Barack Obama’s likening Islamist militants to a junior varsity team earlier this year, Hagee said, “In less than ten months they went from nothing to a major military force. And why? Because those who should represent truth and light are backing down and evil is having a field day.”

Hagee described the motivation of Christians United for Israel, which numbers 1.8 million who are spurred by the Bible to act against injustice.

anti semitism2 Capture

“We believe that not to speak is to speak; Seeing evil and not resisting it is evil. Therefore when we see evil — and anti-Semitism is evil, a sin that damns the soul — we react,” Hagee told Israel Hayom.

“Judaism has given Christianity the first family of Christianity: Mary, Joseph and Jesus, as well as the Twelve Disciples. Jesus says in the book of John (4:22): ‘Salvation is of the Jews.’ Meaning that if you take away the Jewish contribution to Christianity, Christianity would not exist,” Hagee said. “Now, people who believe the Bible believe in this too, and therefore their support for Israel is not a political issue, but rather a matter of obedience to the word of God.”

Hagee said that he and his delegation of 500 traveled at this time to Israel, “because we consider Israel’s struggle also our struggle. We believe Israel has the right to exist, and the right to secure borders. It has the right to defend itself against its enemies, and its friends need to stand up and speak up for it at a time of adversity.”

Hagee cited Genesis 12:3 when God tells Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.”

i will bless those who bless you Capture

“From that moment on, every nation that ever blessed Israel has been blessed by God. And every nation that has ever persecuted the Jewish people, God crushed. And so He will continue,” Hagee said.

“So take that principle and apply it to the people who call themselves Christians. There are Christians who claim to be anti-Semitic. That is an oxymoron. Christianity is driven by a love. Anti-Semitism is driven by hate. You cannot be a Christian anti-Semite; You are either a Christian or an anti-Semite. Bottom line, if you are not for Israel and the Jewish people, you either are biblically ignorant or you’re not a Christian,” Hagee asserted.

The Christians United for Israel leader offered Israel a blessing for the Jewish new year which is marked later this week, saying, “Our prayer and our blessing for the State of Israel is that they have a lasting peace, when they can enjoy the fruit and benefits of living in this democratic country; and that their children and their children’s children will no longer be under constant threat of war from radical groups, but will prosper and be blessed.”

Read the entire Hagee interview at Israel Hayom.


ISIS executed British citizen: Source

Source within the jihadist group, Islamic state of Iraq and Syria has confirmed to Newsday 247 that the group executed British citizen, Alan Henning in the city of Raqqa today. We couldn’t independently verify the claims of the source who asked anonymity.

The source added that, ISIS beheaded Westerners before and only announces it exactly after a week, therefore the same is expected in Alan Henning execution and a release of the  beheading video is expected soon.

If confirmed, Henning will be fourth westerner to be killed by the group in recent weeks.

Unconfirmed reports had trickled out from Raqqa, Syria, that ISIS had beheaded Henning on Saturday, but the source of the rumors was not clear. No official announcement was made by the terrorist group.

A report was posted by a Syrian advocacy organization in Raqqa on Facebook, saying “some troops from ISIS drove another captive in orange uniform like the US and British reporters were dressed to the hill across from the site where they beheaded James Foley… a man holding a knife was along with him. We believe it’s the same person who executed the reporters before.

“ISIS beheaded this captive at 7:50 am and many cars went with them; one of the cars was carrying a big TV camera in it. ISIS closed all the roads leading to Deir Ezzor, the north, the south and the one which leads to the desert before and during the beheading – around 30 cars surrounded the hill where this captive was beheaded, three cameras were rolling on the surrounding areas…

“We noticed a Nissan red station and a black 4×4…in this black car there was another captive who was protected with many ISIS troops.”

On the Twitter social networking site, angry rumors continued to fly.

“I’m sure it’ll be confirmed soon enough. Betrayed by the very people he tried to help,” wrote one person in a bitter tweet on the Twitter social networking site Saturday night.

“Betrayed by who?” responded another, clearly upset. “They are not Muslims, stop associating them with us.”

Many Muslim groups have made it a point to dissociate themselves from ISIS and to underline their view that the terrorist group has “nothing to do with Islam.”

A group of 49 hostages from Turkey’s Consulate in Mosul was forced by their ISIS captors to watch videos of the beheading of two Americans and one British citizen during the 101 they were held.

The hostages were returned to Turkey via Syria on Saturday by Turkish intelligence agents through a special arrangement with the Iraqis.

Rescued Turkish Consul General of Mosul Ozturk Yilmaz told journalists, “They made us watch the beheadings. There is no reason to kill like this, not for any religion or political thought.” He denounced the killing of James Foley, Steven Sotloff (a dual American-Israeli citizen) and David Haines (a UK citizen) as “cruelty.”

More to follow

Source: http://newsday247.com/2014/09/21/breaking-isis-reportedly-executes-british-citizen-alan-henning/ (you’ll need to paste this one in your browser) / also from The Jewish Press


COINCIDENCE?:Up to 25 dogs and puppies that were locked in cages have died after massive blaze at breeder’s kennels

  • Staffordshire bull terriers were kept in cages and owned by private breeder
  • Breeder Amanda Hart’s house was also burnt down in the blaze
  • One man had to be physically restrained from running into the blaze
  • The wooden structure was already well alight when firefighters arrived
  • A team of 18 tackled the blaze but could not save any of the animals 
  • Cause unknown, but dogs believed to have died after inhaling toxic fumes
  • Comes just days after 60 dogs were killed in Manchester Dogs’ Home fire 
Up to 25 dogs have been killed in  Hornsea, east Yorkshire after a fire at the home of Amanda Hart last night

Up to 25 dogs have been killed in Hornsea, east Yorkshire after a fire at the home of Amanda Hart last night

Up to 25 dogs and puppies have been killed in a huge blaze at a breeder’s home in Yorkshire just days after more than 50 were killed in a similar fire in Manchester.

The Staffordshire bull terriers were kept in cages at the house of breeder Amanda Hart and her family. One man, believed to be a family member, had to be physically restrained from running into the blaze, Humberside fire service station manager Paul Clucas said.

‘When the owner arrived back, he was obviously distraught and tried to get into the property to save the dogs. I had to physically restrain him for his own safety. There was no chance, flames were coming out of the hall and the roof,’ he said.

Scroll down for video 

The wooden structure was already well ablaze by the time firefighters reached the scene

The wooden structure was already well ablaze by the time firefighters reached the scene

The fire, on Graingers Road, Hornsea, east Yorkshire, happened in a wooden-structured property, which was ‘completely destroyed’, a spokesperson for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said.

The cause is not yet known.

Mrs Hart and her husband had put the dogs in cages and left to go to the supermarket when the fire engulfed their home and the kennels. The family are said to be fine, other than inhaling smoke while trying to save the animals.

They are now staying with her parents in a bungalow, it says on a Facebook page set up to raise money for the family which already has more than 900 likes.

One owner had to be physically restrained from running into the fire to try and save the dogs

One owner had to be physically restrained from running into the fire to try and save the dogs

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, but the dogs are believed to have died after inhaling toxic fumes

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, but the dogs are believed to have died after inhaling toxic fumes

A message on the page, which calls on Staffordshire terrier lovers to unite and help Mrs Hart and her family, reads: ‘She [Mrs Hart] has lost everything and as you can imagine her world has been taken from her.

A Staffordshire bull terrier like the ones killed in the fire at an east Yorkshire home

A Staffordshire bull terrier like the ones killed in the fire at an east Yorkshire home

‘I feel at this moment in time we as friends and fellow Stafford lovers need to band together as one to help one of our own who has lost everything to help rebuild her life again. We as a breed have always shown when the chips are down for one of our own we would without hesitation provide the blanket of support which is so desperately needed at this time. I will with the help of other friends be putting in place various ways of donating money and household items to assist Amanda and her family to survive this tragedy.’

One commenter has offered to give Mrs Hart a puppy with the same bloodline as her dogs, so that the can continue to breed from the same family once her life has been set back up.

And Eric Galvin, chairman of Merseyside Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, has pledged £1,000, saying that he hopes ‘this will open other clubs’ bank accounts’.

Firefighters reported the building to be ‘well-alight’ by the time they arrived, after being called shortly before 7pm yesterday – 18 attended the scene and stopped the fire from spreading further, but could not save any of the animals.

The dogs are believed to have died after inhaling toxic fumes.

A fundraising page set up last night has already raised more than £700 – exceeding the £500 target.

Well-wishers donating to the tragic Manchester Dogs’ Home saw more than £1.2 million pledged in less than 48 hours after the suspected arson attack on September 11.

A similar fire at Manchester Dogs' Home on September 11 killed 60 dogs, with another 150 rescued

A similar fire at Manchester Dogs’ Home on September 11 killed 60 dogs, with another 150 rescued

X Factor judge Simon Cowell was one of many who donated to a fund to rebuild the shelter

X Factor judge Simon Cowell was one of many who donated to a fund to rebuild the shelter

Overwhelmed staff were forced to tell people donating supplies to stay away from its sister site in Warrington, Cheshire, after the weight of public benevolence caused tailbacks on the M6 motorway and around Warrington.

A 15-year-old boy arrested on suspicion of starting the blaze has since been released on bail.

After more than 30 firefighters began to tackle the blaze, hundreds of people rallied round to provide refreshments, animal food and other help for the dogs that were rescued.

The Hapurhey hire killed 60 dogs, while another 150 had to be rescued.

Dog-lover Simon Cowell was one of many who gave money to a fund which aims to rebuild the shelter, donating £25,000.

He also vowed to take the three men who rescued the surviving dogs from the blaze on a luxury holiday.

On Monday staff from the home, many of them dressed in uniform, joined around 300 members of the public and wept at Christ Church in Hapurhey, near the gutted dogs’ home, as Reverend Mike McGurk led a service paying tribute to the animals.

source: Mail Online / YouTube

Woman brutalizes infant son, leaves him outside next to trash for father to find

delishia salterCapture

An image of their text exchange about the baby.


It is simply one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Quote mine me all you want, had the father of this child beaten this piece of shit woman to within an inch of her life I would not have offered one scintilla of objection or condemnation.

The piece of shit’s name is Dalishia Salter, and among the few morsels of sheer depravity she utters to the grief-stricken father is something to the effect, “Oh, well, I’ll fucking kill him.”

To make matters worse, Salter told police that the father, David Bryant, was the one who injured the child by pushing a big screen TV on him. Of course the police issued a warrant without thinking about it. After all, it must be the man’s fault, right?

There is a petition online for his release with over 64,000 signatures. I hope you will add to that.


beaten babyCapture

Now,prepare to RAGE!

Why feminists are quiet on Rotherham


There has been some publicity lately about a report written by Professor Alexis Jay called the “Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham.” Some of this commentary has been about the lack of commentary from feminists, particularly given that most of the children being exploited were females and that exploitation included rape.

Child sexual exploitation, for those of you not current in the Sacred Babble of Feminism, was once known as child prostitution.

A major reason why feminists are reluctant to comment is that these events happened on their watch.

The report covers the years from 1997 until 2013. From 1997 until 2010, the UK was run by the feminist party of choice: the Labour Party. Under Tony Blair, and later Gordon Brown, the avowed feminists sought to introduce all kinds of measures to protect women and their children (with fathers being clearly an optional extra for the state definition of “family”).

Since 2010, the country has been led by a coalition of the Conservatives, led by David Cameron, and the Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg. This coalition has accommodated feminism in a way that would allow the casual onlooker to be unaware that the government had actually changed hands.

Labour run Rotherham Council

At the local level, the feminist-friendly Labour Party enjoyed a majority in the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council such that it was practically a one-party-town. From the report:

The Council comprises 63 elected members, of whom there are 49 Labour, 2 Conservatives, 10 UKIP and 2 Independents. Prior to the local elections in May 2014, there were 57 Labour, 4 Conservatives, 1 UKIP and 1 Independent.

Whatever these children may have lacked, it was not a lack of committees, boards, forums, new laws, and “multi-agency responses.”

Until 2004, responsibility for overseeing and coordinating a multi-agency response to child sexual abuse and exploitation lay with the Area Child Protection Committee. In early 2005, this responsibility passed to the Local Safeguarding Children Board (the Safeguarding Board), which was established by the Children Act 2004.

religion no excuse Capture

The new laws didn’t end there. The British Home Office released a pamphlet called “Children and Families: Safer from Sexual Crime” to herald the good news of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which, according to Professor Jay, provided “more specific and explicit wording” to make sure all kinds of sexual exploitation were criminalized.

Yes, and all sorts of groups, agencies, and government departments got funding, funding, and more funding. There were reports, conferences, action plans, and training seminars. Even the police joined the party with Operation Central as well as cooperating with all the aforementioned agencies.

All this and more, driven by feminist academics and feminist bureaucrats.

Rotherham’s reputation will now precede it. Lynne Cameron/PA

And while it keeps those feminist academics and bureaucrats funded, and feminist commentators everywhere are sanctimoniously claiming the taxpayers are funding “social justice,” many children are still, to this day, being shamelessly exploited by criminal elements right under their feminist noses.

But the feminist laws were not just simply ineffective. Consider this statement from the report:

In two of the cases we read, fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused, only to be arrested themselves when police were called to the scene.


The problem for the fathers was that, under British law, they have no rights when it comes to their own children. None whatsoever, thanks to feminist lobbying that goes back to the 1960s. With no rights to discipline their children, parents have all the responsibility of raising their children with no authority at all.

Therefore, when children are seduced by these criminals with booze, drugs, mobile phones, and other cheap but effective tricks, parents are powerless. But it’s not just parents who are powerless.

One parent, who agreed to her child being placed in a residential unit in order to protect her, wrote to children’s social care expressing her fears for her daughter’s safety. She described her despair that instead of being protected, her child was being exposed to even worse abuse than when she was at home:

“My child (age 13) may appear to be a mature child, yet some of her actions and the risks to which she constantly puts herself are those of a very immature and naïve person. She constantly stays out all night getting drunk, mixing with older mature adults, and refuses to be bound by any rules.”

Yes, the state is as guilty as any parent the normally shrill commentariat wish to castigate for letting these children run wild. And it is here where the real difficulty in dealing with these crimes emerges. As long as the children insist they are willing participants, feminist logic (from judges as much as social workers) and feminist laws prevent anyone else from “interfering” in their choices.

And unlike ordinary parents, children already “in care” can’t be taken from the state residential unit and put somewhere else “in care.” To make matters even worse, these feminist-approved residential units that keep children from their allegedly abusive fathers were, apparently, an excellent recruitment ground for underage prostitutes.

The alleged culprits also present two special problems for feminists. The report is clear that the children are being preyed on by men of predominantly Pakistani origin.

The first problem is ideological. Through the various waves, feminism has always maintained that “Patriarchy” is directly linked to Western society, capitalism, and colonialism. These forces have brought about the gender roles that feminists claim has caused inequality for females. Importantly, feminism declares this unfair because the gender roles are not inherent traits due to biological sex but instead “social constructs” designed to enforce and perpetuate “The Patriarchy.”

In most feminist writings, the White heterosexual male is the villain of the saga. Indeed, authors like Nathanson and Young have argued that African Americans and gay men in the USA and Canada often enjoy, in the feminist mind, the status of “honorary women” because of their own victimization.

In British feminism, that status would certainly apply to those of Indian and Pakistani origin given the British history of colonization and their countries’ relatively recent (1947) independence. Indeed, this status would have been directly linked to the push to allow such high levels of immigration from those countries.

However, recent feminist-driven moves to target women for aid in Third World countries has seen a change in feminist thought in this regard. To justify this behaviour, “Patriarchy” has to be given a new context. It needs to be seen as something that is inherently male-oriented. Given the chance, males will implement a version of “The Patriarchy” anywhere, anytime. That’s why it is endemic in Western society, but also dominant in Third World countries.

The problem here, of course, is that the “social construct” argument bites the dust, and Western society and perhaps even to some extent White males lose something of their demonic status. Hence feminism’s overall reluctance to deal with the issue.

The other problem directly related with these alleged perpetrators is something that is close to every influential feminist’s heart: funding.

These migrants are really economic refugees. They bring very little with them in their move to Britain. For the Social Justice Warrior, this means there are endless opportunities to portray these people as victims of racial discrimination.

race card 2 Capture

If there are no translation services: racism. If the individuals are not educated: racism. If their qualifications are not recognized: racism. If they can’t get a job: racism. If they can’t get a house: racism. The list goes on.

Of course, the answer to this racism is virtually identical to those children suffering from child sexual exploitation. They need inquiries, reports, committees, boards, forums, new laws, and “multi-agency responses” too. To deny them these would be racist.

And all of that means funding, quite often for the same academics and bureaucrats. But, even when their fields of “expertise” don’t mix, the fact that one lot got funding is plenty of emotional blackmail for the other lot in their lobbying efforts.

So the feminists have instinctively sat on their hands on this, although some have recently been shamed into mumbling something close to nothing on the matter. They don’t want to blow too hard or the whole house of cards might fall.





never surrender Capture

A timely warning about the ever present and encroaching danger from the enemy within that wants to take over our countries and change our way of life forever; something we must never allow!

It is up to us as a nation to peacefully protest this evil that is spreading accross our lands . If we don’t act now then it is our future generations that will ultimately suffer ,living under a Political ideological theocracy that controls every aspect of their lives…..with horrendous and babaric consequences for those who fail to conform or comply…..



*Video* An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings – Jay Smith

The Bible warns us in Romans 13 “Now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.”

Jay Smith is a noted evangelist and apologist to radical Muslims at Speakers’ Corner in London.

Jay Smith is a noted evangelist and apologist to radical Muslims at Speakers’ Corner in London. “Jay has a Masters degree in Islamic studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently working on a Ph.D at London School of Theology.

Jay is an expert in Christian-Muslim Apologetics, having worked with Muslims for [over] 23 years. He is famous for his unique evangelistic ministry.

Every weekend he leads dozens of Christians to the Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London, where they meet with hundreds of Muslims face to face, to make friends, answer tough questions, debate the latest research and ideas, and share their faith.”^[1]^ Smith heads up Hyde Park Christian Fellowship, and emphasizes the use of Polemics with Muslims, over Apologetics.



  1. ? The Eurasian College staff list

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Muslim Leaders Declare Aim Of World Domination. Rome, London, Spain, Paris, America, ISIS

memri tv muslim Capture

Various Islamic leaders, preachers and citizens state their end goal of world domination, through the means of infiltration, immigration and violent jihadist terrorism, in order to subjugate unbelievers and consolidate their power.

Their main targets include the UK (London), North and South America, Italy (Rome), Israel (Jerusalem), France (Paris), Spain (Andalusia) which they will use as outposts for the rest of their attacks against the non muslim world.

Our leaders ignore the threats. It is up to the public to educate ourselves. You will not find these videos on the BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera or Russia Today. The mainstream media are paid by Saudi and Emirati oil barons to keep this off of our television screens (e.ghttp://www.wnd.com/2005/12/33772/ ). Our leaders are also complicit in covering up bribery and treachery (e.g http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Yamam… ).

The only way the average person on the street can become educated is by researching and finding out the truth for yourself. I would suggest starting with ‘Douglas Murray’, ‘Anne Marie Waters’ and ‘Mark Steyn’ then working your way from there.

Remember, Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

The Mahdi Army: Turbans, Kalashnikovs and plans to ‘slaughter’

A notorious Shiite militia is preparing to march on its rapidly-advancing ISIS enemy. In the past, the Mahdi Army was known for death squads, arbitrary shootings, kidnappings and bombings.

Baghdad hasn’t seen anything like it for some time now: Shiite fighters marching in formation.

Bedecked in black training suits or flowing robes and turbans, they resemble Iraq’s own army as they marched by the thousands through Sadr City over the weekend (22.06.2014). Sadr City’s two million largely Shiite citizens make it Baghdad’s largest district. They were ready to stand up to the terrorists, they cried. Everywhere, they could be heard: “We will slaughter them!”

Armed with rifles, pistols, grenades and Molotov cocktails, their first target is Samarra, where they plan to confront the largely Sunni militia Islamist State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and to protect their holy, Shiite mosque. The latter is proving a key point of contention.

Shia Islam’s highest authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, again called upon the militants to join the fight against an enemy which threatens not only holy sites, but the unity of Iraq.

Read more here: www.dw.de


Women’s Groups Slam ‘Discriminatory’ UK Advice Endorsing Sharia Wills

Women’s rights activists have accused the professional body representing lawyers in England and Wales of endorsing discrimination against women by refusing to withdraw its guidance on sharia wills

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Women’s rights activists have accused the professional body representing lawyers in England and Wales of endorsing discrimination against women by refusing to withdraw its guidance on sharia wills.

The Law Society issued its guidance on ensuring that wills drawn up for Muslims comply with sharia in March, drawing criticism in the local press that it was effectively enshrining Islamic law in the British legal system for the first time.

In an open letter published on Thursday campaigners said the guidance, “a source of immense concern,” encourages legal services “to accommodate highly gender discriminatory religious laws that are being increasingly defined by religious fundamentalists in our society”.

The guidance informs lawyers that in general, under sharia, male heirs inherit twice the amount a female heir will receive and that illegitimate children are not heirs.

The letter said the Law Society’s failure to withdraw the guidance amounted to a “a gross derogation of duty”.

“Are we to assume that when the Law Society refers to equality, it does not include minority women’s right to equality?” the letter said.

“Are we to assume that minority women are only to be recognised as different but not equal, and that equality and diversity are mutually exclusive? Are we to assume that the Law Society does not consider minority women as members of the public whose rights and interests the Law Society must also promote through the legal profession?”

According to media reports, the solicitors’ watchdog deleted from its website references to professional guidance on drawing up sharia compliant wills in July.

Law Society officials were not immediately available for comment.

One of the campaigners who signed the letter said many women and girls from the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan – now living in Britain – had fled countries where sharia is practised. Sharia is based on the teachings of the Koran and the practices of the Prophet Mohammed.

“They too have experienced firsthand the discrimination of Sharia law. They have come to the UK in search of safety and to live in a country where women and men are treated as equals,” said Diana Nammi, the executive director of the Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO), at a protest outside the Law Society in April.

“Money is being put before women’s rights. There is a lot of money to be made by lawyers from drafting Sharia compliant wills. We cannot allow for women’s rights to be sacrificed so that lawyers can cash in,” she told protesters.

The last census in 2011 showed that Muslims made up the second largest religious group in Britain with 2.7 million people – compared with the 33.2 million Christians that account for 59 percent of the population of 63.2 million.

Source: www.breitbart.com


Doing the Lambeth walk… in a sea of red: Pearly Kings and Queens plant ceramic poppies at Tower of London as part of WW1 centenary commemorations

Pride: Doreen Golding (left), Pearly Queen of Bow Bells, and Roy York (centre), Pearly King of Smithfield look at poppies which form part of the art installation

Pride: Doreen Golding (left), Pearly Queen of Bow Bells, and Roy York (centre), Pearly King of Smithfield look at poppies which form part of the art installation’

The sea of red is already quite a spectacle in itself, but today’s addition of the Pearly Kings and Queens made for an astonishing sight.

The ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ project by artist Paul Cummins is seeing 888,246 poppies planted in the Tower of London moat.

The last ceramic poppy will be planted on November 11. Each poppy represents a British or Colonial fatality in the First World War.

Among today’s planters were Harry Mayhead and Doreen Golding, Pearly King and Queen of Bow Bells, and Roy York, King of Smithfield.

Pearly Kings and Queens have become icons of working-class culture with ‘royal families’ now in every borough in the capital.

The tradition began more than a century ago as a way to raise money and add a dash of cheer and cheekiness to ordinary London life.

Tribute: Harry Mayhead, Pearly King of Bow Bells, who served in Egypt and France for the Royal Army Service Corps in the Second World War, plants poppies

Tribute: Harry Mayhead, Pearly King of Bow Bells, who served in Egypt and France for the Royal Army Service Corps in the Second World War, plants poppies

Colourful: Pearly Kings and Queens plant ceramic poppies at the 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' evolving art installation in the Tower of London moat today

Colourful: Pearly Kings and Queens plant ceramic poppies at the ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ evolving art installation in the Tower of London moat today

The poppies, a powerful symbol of remembrance for the awful trench warfare waged in the fields of Flanders, flow from the castle, out of its windows, over huge walls before filling its dry moat.

Since the first flower was planted on 17 July, Mr Cummins’ project has raised an incredible £11.2million for charity. The money raised will go to British charities such as the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes, which help British veterans.

The ceramic artist, who works out of his studio in Derbyshire, had the idea for a ‘sea of red’ after reading the will of a Derbyshire man who joined up and died in Flanders. He has described the public reaction to his art as ‘overwhelming’.

Each of the poppies will be sold for £25 each and sent to buyers after Armistice ceremonies have been completed. Some 8,000 volunteers have been working to place the ceramic flowers into the ground.

In August, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry also visited the Tower to plant poppies.

The Duchess was heard to describe the scene as ‘amazing’ and ‘spectacular’ as she and the princes descended to take a walk through the field of scarlet that was once the Tower’s dry moat.

Ongoing project: The last poppy will be planted on November 11 this year. Each poppy represents a British or Colonial fatality in the First World War

Ongoing project: The last poppy will be planted on November 11 this year. Each poppy represents a British or Colonial fatality in the First World War

Having their moment: Pearly Kings and Queens have become icons of working class culture with 'royal families' now in every borough in the capital

Having their moment: Pearly Kings and Queens have become icons of working class culture with ‘royal families’ now in every borough in the capital

Wide view: The 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' project by artist Paul Cummins is seeing 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the Tower of London moat

Wide view: The ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ project by artist Paul Cummins is seeing 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the Tower of London moat

source: Mail Online

Cardiff dad Maher Belaid who abducted his own baby daughter is given last chance to get her back from Libya

Newport Crown Court

A father who snatched his own baby girl almost two years ago was today given a last chance by a judge to bring her back to Wales – before he is jailed for abduction.

Maher Belaid, 34, tricked his wife to take their four-month-old daughter from their home in Barry to visit family.

But daughter Talia was kept in North Africa where she is now being looked after by her grandmother – and the family are refusing to hand her back to her mother.

Libya-born Belaid was arrested when he came back to Britain – and is facing up to seven years in prison after admitting child abduction.

A judge yesterday adjourned sentencing while British Embassy officials in trouble-torn Libya try to get Talia away from his family in the capital Tripoli.

The court heard the little girl’s mother Malgorzata, 30, of Barry, was left “devastated” after her husband flew to North Africa with Talia after the breakdown of their marriage.

Newport Crown Court heard Belaid is co-operating with police and diplomats but the grandmother does not want to hand over Talia who is now aged two.

Richard Ace, defending, said: “He wishes to contact the British Embassy to arrange a meeting with members of the family in Tripoli with a view to the girl being returned.

“It is in his interest to do what he can to return the child, but his mother has not been forthcoming.

“He has spoken practically every day to family members in Libya but there is some difficulty in progressing matters.

“The child has a British passport and the Embassy is obliged to do whatever it can for a British citizen.”

Belaid is being held on remand where he is trying to persuade his mother to give up the baby with daily telephone calls.

Judge Patrick Harrington QC told him: “The court’s intention is to send you to jail for between six and seven years for a crime of unspeakable cruelty.

“This is a very serious offence – a child has been taken from its mother and, as yet, that child remains in North Africa.”

“The only way of mitigating that sentence is for you to take active steps for the child to be returned to this jurisdiction.”

“I’m only concerned for the child – it’s in the interests of everyone for the baby to be repatriated.”

The judge adjourned the case and Belaid, from Roath, Cardiff, will now be sentenced in October.


By Ian Cameron, Wales News Service

Isis Boutique considers name change

Jill Campbell says she will “probably not” use the name for a second boutique

A woman says she is considering rebranding her business because it shares its name with a Middle East extremist group.

Jill Campbell has run the Isis Boutique in Malvern, Worcestershire, for seven years.

But she said people have been linking the store to Islamic State, which has killed hostages including British aid agency worker David Haines.

She said some comments have been “quite upsetting”.

Some “very unpleasant” posts have also been made on social media about the shop, which is named after the river in Ms Campbell’s home city, Oxford.

“I’m now in the position of thinking do I change the name or do I stick it out?” she said. “It’s an unsettling time.”

Ms Campbell plans to open a second boutique elsewhere in the country, but said she would “probably not” use the Isis name.

“I have absolutely no sympathy with these monsters in Syria and it is for very innocent reasons that we chose the name,” she said.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk


Eight charged by slavery raid police

Eight people arrested by police in Devon and Cornwall investigating alleged slavery offences and people trafficking have been charged.

Police arrested the eight – five women and three men aged aged between 25 and 37 – during four raids in Plymouth and one in Bodmin earlier this week.

Officers said they had been charged with offences related to conspiracy over labour exploitation and money laundering.

They are due before magistrates later.

Those charged include:

Lenka Cmejlova, 32, of Union Street, PlymouthNela Dzurkova, 26, of Ford Park Road, PlymouthKaterina Kuriova, 35, of Saltash Road, Keyham, PlymouthJiri Sebelik, 37, of Union Street, PlymouthMartin Tancos, 35, of Saltash Road, PlymouthPetr Tancos, 35, of Ford Park Road, PlymouthSandra Tancosova, 25, of Flora Court, PlymouthRuzena Tancosova, 34, of Union Street, Plymouth

The suspects, all originally from eastern Europe, were arrested in raids which were part of Operation Triage, which was launched in March.

They were arrested following the raids on Tuesday in which seven men, believed to be Czech nationals, were rescued, police said.

Officers added that 13 children, thought to be linked to the suspects, were also found at the addresses by police and social services and had been taken to a place of safety.

The operation has also involved Plymouth City Council and the National Crime Agency.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk



*Video* Syrian Child Soldier: “I’ve Gotten Used to Killing Soldiers.”

Lebanese channel LDC TV aired on September 13 a news report about the phenomenon of child soldiers in Syria. The report included an interview with 12-year-old Midyan, who had become a sniper in the ranks of the Syrian opposition after his father was killed in battle.

Reporter: They arrive here as children and quickly turn into killing machines. Sometimes, they are urged to come by those older than them, but in most cases, they arrive on their own accord, in order to fight for the sake of their families and their country, Syria.

This is what they say, or are taught to say. 12-year-old Midyan Abu Al-Qa’qa’ is one of these Syrian children. He voluntarily joined the ranks of the fighters, after his father was killed in battle in the south of Idlib.

Midyan is a skilled sniper and he can fire mortars, but he prefers to be a sniper, which is exactly what he does in the Wadi Deif Camp, east of Maarat Al-Nu’man.

Midyan Abu Al-Qa’qa’: I get up in the morning and try to shoot some soldiers. Sometimes I manage to shoot one or two, and sometimes I don’t.


There’s nothing to it. I feel fine. I killed my first soldier on this front. When I killed him I didn’t feel anything. He was the first, but then came a second, and a third… I’ve gotten used to being a sniper.

Reporter: One veteran says that children make the best soldiers. When you give them orders, they obey. They never doubt anything. Midyan believes that the revolution for which his father sacrificed his life will be victorious.

Midyan Abu Al-Qa’qa’: We will continue the revolution until we win or become martyrs.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f2a_1411036176#gUgjbEf4IUhjhzlj.99

Berlin Imam: Despite ISIS Atrocities, Muslims Should Not Incite the West to Wage War against It

german imam Capture

During a September 12 Friday sermon delivered at the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque in Berlin, Germany, imam Abdel Kader Dawud complained that the United States and the International community have done nothing when Muslims were killed in the Middle East, but when “one American Journalist” is murdered, they launch a war against ISIS. Imam Dawud added that although Muslims object to the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS, they must not incite the West against i

“Berlin Imam: Despite ISIS Atrocities, Muslims Should Not Incite the West to Wage War against It,” MEMRI

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered at the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque in Berlin, Germany, by Sheik Abdel Kader Dawud, which was posted on the Internet on September 12, 2014:

Abd Al-Qader Daoud: Oh Muslims, see the global hypocrisy that is evident today. Two or three days ago, we observed a very dangerous case of hypocrisy. How many people were killed in Syria since the beginning of the war? You are all aware of the figures. How many people were killed in Palestine, just days ago? You are all aware of the figures. How many people were killed in Iraq in the sectarian war? You are all aware of the figures. Yet the international community has done nothing.

Nothing has been done by the great superpowers, which leads wars, and mobilizes the people under its banner in order to attack some party. But now, in an effort to attack the ISIS organization, they formed a coalition. Do you know why? They seek to exact revenge for the killing of one American journalist, although they refrained from avenging the killing of thousands of Syrians. Note that we absolutely condemn all forms of killings that are unjustified and do not conform to the way of Islam.

But why launch a media war and mobilize armies on land and in the air just in order to curb ISIS? How many people did ISIS kill? Did it kill as many people as the Syrian regime? Did it kill as many as the Jews did in Palestine? Did it kill as many as the sectarian wars in Iraq, following the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Allah’s mercy upon his soul? How many did [ISIS] kill?

Indeed, we condemn the killing of anyone, but observe the hypocrisy. The [U.S.] launched a war only against the banner of “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.”


Indeed, we disagree with any Islamic group that commits massacres, and perpetrates foolish acts, mistakes, or things forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, but this should not induce us to incite the infidels against them, and to turn the enemies of Islam against them.

See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/09/berlin-imam-despite-isis-atrocities-muslims-should-not-incite-the-west-to-wage-war-against-it.html/#sthash.f3EJfQHy.dpuf

CHRISTIAN DEFENCE LEAGUE RADIO: Jan interviews Chris Logan from Logan’s Warning and NAI

cdl blogtalk logo Capture

jan and dave Capture

Jan Rennie,President of CDL,

will be interviewing:

Christopher Logan 

Fom Logan’s Warning


 North American Infidels

chris logan slide Capture



@ 7.00 pm BST…

1.00 pm CDT (Central)2

You can log into the show via this link:- 




There is a skype link at the top of the programme page and you can also call using the number given there …. PLEASE NOTE:…… The Skype to Talk feature is powered by Skype and is a free tool provided for all listeners. Click to Talk is located towards the top of each episode page and is available only when the episode has gone live. To use the Click to Talk feature, you must have Skype downloaded and registered with Skype as a free user. You must also be logged in to your Blogtalkradio account to use this feature. For callers in the United States the number is :-  (347) 637-3887  From outside the US the number is:- 

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