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London ‘slaves’ case: The Maoist past of ‘Comrade Bala’ and his wife, the couple suspected of holding three women against their will

mao CaptureLatest update here—>>http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/nov/21/london-slaves-freed-after-30-years-captivity

  • Suspects reportedly Aravindan Balakrishnan, 73, and his wife Chanda, 67
  • Accused couple ‘were jailed for assaulting a Met officer’ in 1978
  • Neighbour Anthony Mizzi says he saw young child when he delivered post
  • ‘The last time I went round, an African lady in her mid-20s answered the door and she had a young baby in her arms’, he said
  • Lambeth Council ‘were told about youngest victim Rosie, 30, 15 years ago’
  • Councillor claims police passed on a complaint that she wasn’t at school


The couple accused of keeping three women as slaves for more than 30 years ran a communist sect worshipping Chinese leader Mao Zedong, it was revealed today.

The pair, of Indian and Tanzanian origin, are reportedly Aravindan Balakrishnan, 73, and his wife Chanda, 67, whose far-Left activities allegedly led to them being arrested and jailed in the 1970s.

They were held by police last Thursday after three alleged victims – a 30-year-old Briton called Rosie, a 57-year-old Irishwoman and a 69-year-old Malaysian – accused them of years of ‘physical and mental abuse’ and keeping them in servitude for decades.

It emerged today that the couple had helped organise a Maoist squat in a Brixton bookshop.

It was shut down in 1978 when police raided and arrested 14 people there, including the couple.

It is alleged the suspects, known as Comrade Bala and Comrade Chanda to other members, both later served a prison sentence after a conviction for assaulting a police officer involved in the raid.

Between them they were arrested at least eight times during the 1970s.

Scotland Yard and the secret services are believed to have been aware of the couple’s far-Left views.

Their main recruits were like-minded women, who they urged to do ‘revolutionary work’, and their group held lectures, put on films and printed leaflets encouraging the fall of capitalism in Britain, it is alleged.

Their squat – called the Mao Zedong Memorial Centre – also contained a library, and was set up, according to one member, when ‘our beloved Chairman Mao passed away on September 9, 1976′.


Oxford University professor Steve Rayner told the Evening Standard: ‘They were a tiny, very tight-knit group clearly under the spell of their leader “Comrade” Balakrishnan.

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Premises: This site in Brixton was once the headquarters of the Mao Zedong Memorial Centre – which housed a communist collective run by the slavery case suspects – who are reportedly Aravindan Balakrishnan, 73, and his wife Chanda, 67
Investigation: Police stand guard at the property in Brixton, south London, and are following many lines of inquiry including links to 13 addresses across LondonInvestigation: Police stand guard at the property in Brixton, south London, and are following many lines of inquiry including links to 13 addresses across London



The couple accused of keeping three women as slaves for more than 30 years ran a bizarre Communist sect said to have inspired the TV sitcom Citizen Smith.

The south London-based sect’s ideology was a Maoist variant of Marxist-Leninism and was set up by Aravindan Balakrishnan who called it the Workers’ Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-Tung Thought.

The institute’s weekly journal – South London Workers’ Bulletin – proudly proclaimed ‘this new development in Britain has taken the British fascist state by storm.’

 His new movement was analysed in a 1978 doctoral thesis by a researcher at University College London who described it as ‘the clearest case of far-left millenarianism which I have encountered – a tiny Maoist sect with about 25 members located in the Brixton area.

‘In 1977 they confidently predicted the world would be liberated from capitalist oppression by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army before the end of the year.’

The group came to broader attention when a diarist in The Times newspaper began reprinting some of their material to amuse his readers.


It’s believed this exposure led to the party being an influence on the fictional Tooting Popular Front featured in Citizen Smith (above) and starring Robert Lindsay as its self-proclaimed leader Wolfie Smith.


Operating out of its he Mao Zedong Memorial Centre, it was closed down after two years following a police raid in 1978.

Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda were charged with assaulting police and sentenced to six months and three months respectively.

By the time of the Brixton riots in 1981 their organisation had gone underground where it remained for more than 30 years until the slave women were freed.

‘Most were foreign students who seemed to have difficulty adjusting to life in the UK. They refused to recognise the legitimacy of the state and maintained a hostile attitude towards the establishment and towards the rest of the far-Left in Britain at that time.

‘Their ideology was profoundly detached from reality. In my article on the organisation I described them as a millenarian sect. Their bookshop in Brixton closed around 1978. I had assumed that they had sunk without trace until this recent news.’

In 1974  Aravindan Balakrishnan was suspended by the Communist Party of England because of his ‘conspiratorial activities’, after he tried to ‘build a clique of people around his line’ and ‘launched a cowardly attack on the Party’, calling it ‘fascist’, a Party report said.

After their HQ was shut down, Lambeth Council gave them social housing, and they moved to the Herne Hill area of south London.

One of their neighbours said they lived there until around 2003, and said she remembered them because a woman had died after falling from their window.

‘I remember three or four of them living there for about five or six years. I remember an Indian man who used to take the women shopping. He always wore a necktie. There was no other man,’ the woman told the Telegraph.

‘They would never speak. We always saw them coming in and out with shopping but they never spoke.

‘One day the police came and told me an older woman living in that house had died falling out of a window at the back. They asked if I had seen anything. I said no and they never got back to me.’

On Saturday Metropolitan police commander Steve Rodhouse said that two of the women had met the male suspect through a ‘shared political ideology’ and lived together in what he described as ‘a collective’.

Sources close to the investigation have said the couple, who arrived in Britain in the 1960s and are now also accused of immigration offences, had kept the women in a ‘cult-like’ home.

It came as it emerged the couple accused of holding the three women in servitude for more than 30 years have been linked to 13 addresses across London.

Police carried out house-to-house inquiries over the weekend in and around Peckford Place, Brixton, south London, where the three women were found.

The south London house was today boarded up.

Council workers began sealing up the windows and doors of the housing association property.

Council officials at the house declined to explain what would be happening to the property and it’s contents.

Shut down: The property at the centre of the slavery case was boarded up today as police still guarded it, but officials have refused to say why Shut down: The property at the centre of the slavery case was boarded up today as police still guarded it, but officials have refused to say why

The number of properties associated with the couple, of Indian and Tanzanian origin who came to the UK in the 1960s, suggests the women may have been moved around London repeatedly over the last three decades.

The youngest of the three alleged victims – Rosie – is said to have written letters to a neighbour, telling of her life as being ‘like a fly trapped in a spider’s web’.

The woman became infatuated with neighbour Marius Feneck, 26, reportedly writing him more than 500 letters in seven years.

One letter tells of how she suffered ‘unspeakable torment’ behind locked doors and windows, and of how she was terrified that her captors – ‘these evil criminals… who dare to call themselves ‘my relatives” – might do something to him.

Rosie also knitted a jumper for Jesse Paddy, 64, and gave it to him with a note that read ‘For my dearest Jesse from Rosie with Love! 2 April 2013.’

Kind gift: Alleged prisoner Rosie knitted neighbour Jesse Paddy a jumper, who said he did not know anything about alleged slavery in the propertyKind gift: Alleged prisoner Rosie knitted neighbour Jesse Paddy a jumper, who said he did not know anything about alleged slavery in the property
Note: Rosie, 30, gave this warm handwritten message to with the garment earlier this year for Mr Paddy Note: Rosie, 30, gave this warm handwritten message to with the garment earlier this year for Mr Paddy

He said Rosie was ‘nice’ and said: ‘She always seemed to be happy when I saw her and we’d have a chat, the jumper was a surprise though.’

Mr Paddy, lived on the same Brixton estate said he would visit alleged slave masters Aravindan Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda in their flat.

He said the elderly couple appeared ‘natural’ and did not come across as ‘slavemasters.’

It emerged that the couple on bail were previously arrested in the 1970s, although police have not said why they were detained.

Police have recovered a birth certificate for the 30-year-old woman, who is believed to have lived her entire life in servitude, but no other official documents for her have been found.

The case came to light after the Irish woman rang the Freedom Charity last month to say she had been held against her will.

First picture: This is the slave held captive by ‘evil monsters’ in a ‘dark dungeon’ of a council house for more than three decades – who wrote many letters to a neighbour
Letters sent to Marius Feneck from 'Rosie' one of the three women held captive in BrixtonLetters sent to Marius Feneck from ‘Rosie’ one of the three women held captive in Brixton

New allegations: Neighbour Anthony Mizzi has said that he saw a baby at the 'slave house' when he popped round last month to deliver some postNew allegations: Neighbour Anthony Mizzi has said that he saw a baby at the ‘slave house’ when he popped round last month to deliver some post

The Met said that part of the agreement on October 25 when the women were removed from the address was that police would not take any action at that stage.

None of the women was reported missing after being rescued, police said. All three are now in the care of a specialist non-governmental organisation.

Some 37 officers from the Met’s human trafficking unit are working on the case, and are sifting throung 2,500 items in 52 bags taken from the mysterious property.

A baby was spotted inside the flat where the Lambeth slaves were held captive, neighbours said today.

Detectives investigating the case – described by Scotland Yard as the worst slavery case in modern history – will probe why a mystery young child was seen at the Brixton address around the time the three women were rescued.

Neighbour Anthony Mizzi, who lives in an adjacent block, said he saw the baby when he called at the home to deliver some post put through his door by mistake.

‘About three weeks ago, I had to go round to the house and deliver some of their mail. The last time I went round, an African lady in her mid-20s answered the door and she had a young baby in her arms,’ he said.

His accusation has been handed to the Met, who are set to interview him this week.

Scotland Yard warned council about ‘slave house’ 15 years ago because youngest ‘captive’ was not at school

Pressure is building on Lambeth Council to fully explain what it knew about the ‘slaves’ as it was revealed the youngest victim came to the attention of social services 15 years ago.

A senior Lambeth councillor, who did not wish to be named, said her adoptive parents were reported to the police because Rosie, who was then 15, was not going to school.

The local authority is going through its records but it is understood a concerned member of the public contacted them via Scotland Yard when they became sure the then teenager was not attending school.

Questions: Pressure is growing on Lambeth Council (pictured in Brixton), to explain whether the youngest alleged victim became known to them 15 years ago when she missed schoolQuestions: Pressure is growing on Lambeth Council (pictured in Brixton), to explain whether the youngest alleged victim became known to them 15 years ago when she missed school

Police then passed on the information but it is unclear if Lambeth did anything with it.

Theory: Met commander Steve Rodhouse has revealed two of the women met the male suspect through a 'shared political ideology' Theory: Met commander Steve Rodhouse has revealed two of the women met the male suspect through a ‘shared political ideology’

A councillor said last night: ‘The police passed the complaint to social services but they said they weren’t prepared to take any action.’

Another councillor, told the Independent the council was ‘playing catch-up with police investigations’.

‘That this family was already known to them is not something that the council has chosen to refute. But something as basic as not followingup on school attendance for such a long period of time invariably asks difficult questions,’ they said.

Leader of the Lambeth Liberal Democrats, Ashley Lumsden, said: ‘We are extremely concerned at the reports we have seen and are looking to the council to explain its involvement from a housing, educational and social services perspective.

‘We want a review conducted promptly and to be published so that we can consider it and so that lessons can be learnt.’

Another senior councillor said  Lambeth’s social services, education and housing departments had all had contact with the household.

Last night Theresa May, the Home  Secretary, said tackling modern slavery in Britain was a ‘personal priority’.

She said: ‘It is all around us, hidden in plain sight. Something most of us thought consigned to history books, belonging to a different century, is a shameful and shocking presence in  modern Britain.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Police appeal to public for help in finding terror suspect

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is being hunted by counter-terrorism officers tonight after breaching his terrorism prevention and investigation measures notice, Scotland Yard said.

Somalia-born Mohamed was wearing traditional Islamic clothing when he disappeared, having changed into it at the An-Noor Masjid and Community Centre in Church Road, Acton, Scotland Yard said.

He had arrived at the mosque at 10am on Friday and was last seen there at 3.15pm that day.

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is being hunted by police. Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

 A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “The Counter Terrorism Command immediately launched inquiries to trace Mr Mohamed and these continue.

“Ports and borders were notified with his photograph and details circulated nationally. Public safety remains our priority.”

A court-imposed anonymity order banning the publication of Mohamed’s name was lifted yesterday to allow police to make a public appeal for information.

He is 5ft 8in tall and is of medium build. Anyone with information about him should call confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.


Terror suspect hunted by Scotland Yard officers

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is being hunted by counter-terrorism officers tonight after breaching his terrorism prevention and investigation measures notice, Scotland Yard said.

The 27-year-old was last seen on Friday afternoon at a mosque in Acton, west London.

Major hunt underway for terror suspect who “escaped mosque wearing a burqa”

Wanted: Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed is believed to have fled the mosque wearing a burka

 Police believe he was wearing a burqa when he disappeared. 

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “The Counter Terrorism Command immediately launched inquiries to trace Mr Mohamed and these continue.

“Ports and borders were notified with his photograph and details circulated nationally. Public safety remains our priority.”

A court-imposed anonymity order banning the publication of Mohamed’s name was lifted yesterday to allow police to make a public appeal for information.

He is 5ft 8in tall and is of medium build. Scotland Yard say he has breached his terrorism prevention and investigation measures notice.

Anyone with information about him should call confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

The force said that Mohammed is not considered to be a direct threat to the public, but advised anyone who sees him not to approach him and to call 999 instead.

source :ITV NEWS

Terror Arrests: Two More Held In Syria Probe


Police are searching properties in Essex, Lancashire and London. Pic: File

The arrests follow the detention of two men,aged 22 and 29,at the port of Dover in Kent, in the early hours on Monday.

Two more people have been arrested as part of an investigation into suspected terrorism in Syria.

A 27-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were arrested in Essex on Wednesday on suspicion of “being involved in the commission, preparation and instigation” of terrorism.

Their arrests follow the detention of two men, aged 22 and 29, at the Port of Dover in Kent in the early hours of Monday in connection with the same inquiry.

Some ammunition was seized.

Scotland Yard said searches were also being carried out at properties in east London and Lancashire. Two vehicles had also been searched.

The British-Asian men who were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 on Monday had arrived at Dover from Calais.

The men, who are understood to be of Pakistani origin, are in custody at a London police station as inquiries by Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) continue.

The pair held yesterday have also been taken to a police station in the capital, and police are searching the Essex property.

No arrests have been made at the east London and Lancashire addresses which are being searched.

“The searches are ongoing and we are unable to provide more details at this stage,” Scotland Yard said.

A large number of foreigners have joined opposition groups fighting to topple the Syrian regime of President Bashar al Assad.

British citizens travelling abroad in connection with extremist activities have increasingly become the focus of security service investigations prompting a number of warnings about Britons heading to the Middle East for terrorist training.

Jonathan Evans, director-general of the Security Service, warned in June that parts of the Arab world were becoming a more permissive environment for al Qaeda and Britons were travelling there to “seek training and opportunities for militant activity”.

source: SKY NEWS

EDL leader Tommy Robinson held on Tower Hamlets march

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been arrested as up to 500 supporters of the far-right group held a march in east London.

Tommy Robinson (right)

A tweet on the EDL website stated: “Tommy’s been arrested for incitement”

 About 3,000 officers maintained a visible presence as the group walked from Queen Elizabeth Street, over Tower Bridge, going up to Aldgate.

On Friday the group lost a court battle after police cut short its plans to march through the Tower Hamlets area.

Hundreds others gathered at a park in Aldgate to protest against the march.

By 18:00 BST, 14 people had been arrested for offences including violent disorder, criminal damage and possession of a pointed blade or article.

Among those in custody is a 15-year-old boy who was arrested for going equipped, Scotland Yard said.

‘United community’

A tweet on the EDL website stated: “Tommy’s been arrested for incitement.”

Police presence at the EDL march

About 3,000 police officers were deployed near the planned gatherings

 The anti-EDL gathering took place at the Altab Ali Park in Aldgate East, which was also attended by the mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman and John Biggs, a Labour London Assembly member.

Mr Rahman said he was “very fed up” with the EDL marches, adding: “We are a united community and we are a diverse community. Young people are not coming out today because they are frightened.”

BBC London home affairs correspondent Guy Smith said Met officers formed a “security envelope” around the EDL with a strategy to “keep both sides apart”.

The EDL group had planned to march through Tower Hamlets, which has one of the biggest Muslim populations in the country.

It took the police to the High Court after the Met shortened the route over concerns that “serious public disorder” could take place.

Mr Robinson said he would hold sponsored walks in east London to raise money to pay for the court costs.

source: BBC NEWS

Smirking Abu Qatada in yet another bid for freedom just hours after Britain boots him ou

ABU Qatada will audaciously launch yet another bid for freedom at a court in Jordan today after he was finally deported from Britain.


Abu Qatada has finally been deported from Britain after an eight year battle

 Qatada’s lawyer has revealed the terror suspect is set to apply for bail after he was charged with plotting al-Qaida inspired terror attacks and detained in a prison in Jordan’s capital Amman.

Britain’s exhausting eight-year battle to deport Qatada finally ended yesterday when a private charter plane carrying the preacher of hate home touched down at a Jordanian military airfield.

The grinning hate cleric stepped off the jet into the searing desert heat and was back behind bars within five hours. But he pledged to make a bid for freedom after being told he faced a re-trial on terror charges.

In a 15-minute reunion with his father and three brothers, Qatada told his family he was “happy” to be back in Jordan, saying: “The UK is not my country and I never looked for comfort there. I came back to Jordan on my own wish and I’m happy I’ve come back to my family and loved ones.”

Emerging from a hearing at a National Security Court, where Qatada was remanded into custody at maximum security Muwaqqar prison, his lawyer Taysir Diab said: “My client is not guilty and denied the charges. We are going to submit a bail application tomorrow.”His family left the courthouse boasting the hate preacher would be free within a week.

Moments earlier, the cleric was photographed smirking as he was sped out of the court compound in a heavily armed convoy to a solitary confinement cell.

The 13-seater Embraer Legacy jet that carried Qatada took off from RAF Northolt at 2.45am on Sunday and landed at Marka airfield in east Amman at 10.15 local time.Th

On the flight were four Scotland Yard detectives and six Jordanians – three security officials, a psychologist, a doctor and a lawyer. Qatada’s arrival home after 20 years was greeted by a massive security operation with helicopter gunships circling Marka airfield.

A convoy of police and army vehicles then whisked him to court where he was charged with conspiring to plot Al Qaeda-linked attacks in Amman and remanded in custody for 15 days.


Qatada boarded a plane to Jordan at RAF Northholt

 Qatada was allowed a meeting with his father Mahmoud and three brothers. Mohammed Othman his younger brother, revealed the cleric made the bizarre claim he had never wanted to come to Britain.

Last night Jordanian minister Mohammad Momani vowed “credibility and transparency” in dealing with Qatada.

Home Office sources yesterday said officials were “incredibly relieved”.

Home Secretary Theresa May, who was able to expel him after drawing up a fair-trial deal with Jordan, said his departure “vindicated” government efforts and would be “welcomed by the British public”.

But human rights campaigners attacked the Government for “trashing” human rights laws in a bid to woo disheartened voters.

Mrs May said reforms in a forthcoming Immigration Bill would help prevent these sort of prolonged legal sagas from recurring.

She said: “I am also clear that we need to make sense of our human rights laws and remove the many layers of appeals available to foreign nationals we want to deport. We are taking steps – including through the new Immigration Bill – to put this right.”

Human rights group Liberty said ministers should be “ashamed” of their response.

Shami Chakrabarti is the Director of human rights organisation Liberty.

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said: “Cabinet ministers should be thoroughly ashamed of seeking to trash Churchill’s legacy in a transparent attempt to woo back voters from Ukip.

“The Convention on Human Rights was a largely British attempt to entrench rights and freedoms in Europe after the Holocaust.

“It was drafted by Conservative lawyers but paid for with the blood and courage of everyone who fought and defeated Hitler.

“We owe it to that brave generation, and those yet to come, not to give in to this political cynicism without a fight.”

It was recently disclosed that the lengthy deportation fight has cost the taxpayer more than £1.7 million since 2005, including £647,658 for Qatada’s legal aid costs and more than £1 million in Home Office costs for pursuing the case through the courts.
Charges faced by Qatada cover a foiled plot against the American school in Amman and an alleged attack on Israeli and American tourists during new year celebrations.

Prime Minister David Cameron criticised a “caravan of lawyers” in the case, adding it “made my blood boil that this man who has no right to be in our country, who is a threat to our country and that it took so long and it was so difficult to deport him, but we’ve done it, he is back in Jordan that is excellent news.”

British taxpayers have paid more than £3million in legal and security costs and benefits for Qatada – real name Omar Othman – his wife and five children.


58 arrested as BNP and anti-fascists clash in London protest

Police attend demonstration with sniffer dogs in attempts to calm situation

Police arrested 58 anti-fascist demonstrators this afternoon as they clashed with BNP supporters outside the Palace of Westminster today.

The majority of those arrested are thought to have been supporters of United Against Fascism, and the BNP group cheered as handcuffed demonstrators were led onto a red double decker bus which had “Special Service” as its destination.

An anti-fascist campaigner is arrested and led away. Picture: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The fighting came despite calls for peace from police and the family of soldier Lee Rigby, who was hacked to death in Woolwich last month in what police are treating as a terrorist attack.

One BNP supporter who suffered a large cut to his nose said: “I’ve put my best suit on today and come out for a peaceful demonstration and this is what’s happened. And to think they call us thugs!”

BNP activists holding banners saying “hate preachers out” were heavily outnumbered by anti-fascists with “smash the BNP” and “say no to Islamaphobia” signage.

Anti-fascist campaigners clash with police as they attempt to stop the BNP from marching to the Cenotaph . Picture: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The group of counter-protesters chanted “fascist scum” and “you racist Nazis” at their rivals.

Nick Griffin, whose party was banned by police from protesting in Woolwich over fears of “serious disruption to the life of the community” and the potential for “serious disorder”, arrived at around 2.30pm to the sound of the national anthem.

The BNP leader said the tragic murder of Lee Rigby would not be an “isolated” incident, adding: “We’re pointing out that it will happen again and again and again until the West disengages with Islam and they leave our country.”

BNP leader Nick Griffin speaks during the demonstration. Picture: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Dozens of police attended the demonstration, accompanied by sniffer dogs deployed to calm the situation as tempers flared.

Scotland Yard said that the anti-fascists had gathered in a pre-arranged penned area – but some were unwilling to remain within that area.

A spokesman said: “Due to police concerns about serious disruption to the life of the community, and the potential for serious disorder should this counter protest confront the BNP organised protest, police have imposed conditions under Section 14 of the Public Order Act.

“Those conditions state that the protest must take place in Whitehall Gardens junction with Whitehall.

“A group of about 300, also believed to be part of the UAF protest, were stopped in Old Palace Yard junction with Abdingdon Street.

“This group have now been notified of the conditions imposed under Section 14 and requested to move to Whitehall Gardens to continue their protest. Officers are in negotiation with this group.”

Those held by police were arrested for breach of the Section 14 order.

source: The Independent

Help for Heroes refuses donations from EDL

Tommy Robinson gives a speech

Tommy Robinson‘s fundraising web page has been shut down, following a request from Help for Heroes

 Armed forces charity Help for Heroes has announced it will not accept donations from the far-right English Defence League.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson started fundraising after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on Wednesday.

But a Help for Heroes spokesman said a fundraising web page set up by Mr Robinson would be closed, and no EDL donations would be accepted.

The charity said it does not accept donations from any political party.

The charity spokesman added: “He’s the only one that’s come to our attention but tonight we’ll be doing a cross-count to make sure that anyone else that’s saying they’re EDL will not be allowed to fundraise for us.

“It’s the same for any political party, we don’t allow political fundraising. As a charity, we’re non-political.”

Protest clashes

Mr Robinson’s fundraising page showed he had raised more than £3,300 and he was aiming to raise £5,000 with a sponsored walk across London, but the page has now been closed.

On the page, he wrote: “I am going to walk from Westminster in west London to Woolwich in east London (just over 17 miles) to lay a wreath in support of our troops (Lee Rigby RIP).

“I plan to raise as much money as possible for Help for Heroes.”

More than 1,000 EDL protesters gathered in London earlier and Mr Robinson addressed the crowd.

A smaller group of anti-fascist protesters gathered to oppose the EDL.

Scotland Yard said a total of 13 people have been arrested for public order offences. The figure is thought to include both EDL and anti-fascist protesters.

Source: BBC NEWS

British police arrest three more over killing of soldier

A worker adds flowers to other floral tributes to Drummer Lee Rigby, of the British Army’s 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, at the scene of his killing in Woolwich, southeast London May 24, 2013. REUTERS/ Paul Hackett

British police on Saturday arrested three more suspects in connection with the savage killing of an off-duty soldier that has raised fresh concerns about terrorism.

Scotland Yard said counter-terrorism officers arrested two men, aged 24 and 28, at a residential address in southeast London. A third man, 21, was arrested separately on a London street at the same time.

English: London

Police said they used a stun gun on two of the suspects. All three were detained on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

Officers have already detained several others in connection with the murder of 25-year-old soldier Lee Rigby, who was hit with a vehicle then repeatedly stabbed with knives while walking outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in the Woolwich, south London, on Wednesday afternoon.

The horrific scenes were recorded on witnesses’ cellphones, and a video has emerged in which one of the two suspects made political statements and warned of further violence as the dead soldier lay on the ground behind him.

The two main suspects, aged 22 and 28, were shot by police who arrived at the scene minutes later. They are under guard in two separate hospitals.

Three other people were arrested Thursday in connection with the probe. Two women were released without charge, and a 29-year-old man has been bailed pending further questioning.

Another man was arrested on suspicion of unspecified terrorism offenses late Friday immediately after he gave a BBC interview detailing the background of one of the main suspects. The man, identified by the BBC as Abu Nusaybah, was arrested on BBC premises and remains in custody

source: Fox News

Two people shot after police respond to ‘serious incident’ in Woolwich

Pictures of the scene in Woolwich are appearing on Twitter after a reported double shooting Credit: @M_ATLEY


Local MP says one individual – ‘a soldier serving in the army’ – is dead and two others seriously injured after alleged machete attack.

Two people have been shot in Woolwich, south-east London, after armed police were called to an incident in which eyewitnesses said a man was attacked with a machete-style knife and dumped in the street.

One man was confirmed dead at the scene, and two other men were taken to hospital, one of them in a serious condition, a London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said.

Nick Raynsford, MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, said: “The situation is clearly a very very serious one indeed.”

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “One individual is dead and two others are seriously injured and apparently in hospital.”

Raynsford said that the man killed was “a soldier serving in the army in the barracks”.

Officers were called to John Wilson Street at around 2.20pm on Wednesday and the immediate area was shut down.

One source said police had opened fire during the incident, but there was no confirmation of this.

Pictures posted on Twitter showed at least one person lying on the ground.

On its Twitter account, the Metropolitan police helicopter team described the incident as serious.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Officers have responded to an incident in John Wilson Street at 2.20pm today. We believe at this stage officers were called to reports of an assault.”

London air ambulance said a doctor and paramedic were sent to the scene at 14.27pm and are on site.

A spokeswoman for London ambulance service said: “We were called a 2.20pm to reports of an incident at John Wilson Street.

“We sent two responders in cars, three ambulance crews, two duty officers and London Air Ambulance were called out.

“We still have staff at the scene.”

London air ambulance said one patient had been airlifted from the scene, while another was taken away by in an ambulance by road.


Woolwich exclusive on Vimeo

Woolwich ‘serious incident’ – ITV News


Keep ’em out, Dave? They’re already here!



A couple of years ago I had a fantastic idea for a new TV reality show, a cross between Wish You Were Here and Changing Rooms.

The premise was simplicity itself. Judith Chalmers would find the perfect holiday destination for a typical family. They’d spend two idyllic weeks in the sun before returning to discover that their house had been occupied by a gang of Romanian squatters, with hilarious consequences.

While they were away, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen had helped the immigrants break in, change the locks and trash the place. Surprise!

Maybe if Dave came home to find Number 10 occupied by Romanian squatters, it might concentrate his mind

 The cameras would record the reaction of the tearful home-owners as armed police in hi-viz jackets over their body armour turned up to warn them that if they made any attempt to repossess their property, they would be arrested instantly for ‘taking the law into their own hands’.

If they protested too stridently, they could be nicked for ‘hate crime’ against a ‘vulnerable minority’.

The format had BBC Daytime written all over it. Either that, or prime-time Channel 4 in the 8pm freak show/ property porn slot.

Unfortunately, there was one fatal flaw. Real life had already beaten reality television to it.

From across North London came reports of Romanians moving into homes while the owners were away.

In almost all of these cases, the squatters waved a ‘tenancy agreement’ that had allegedly been supplied by a broker.

The Government has now changed the law to make squatting a criminal, rather than a civil, offence. And since the new law came into force last September, guess what?

Nearly half of all the squatters prosecuted or cautioned are, that’s right, Romanian. They heavily outnumber home-grown squatters and those from other nations, including Algeria and Nepal

Criminal offence: Nearly half of all the squatters prosecuted or cautioned are Romanian. They heavily outnumber home-grown squatters and those from other nations, including Algeria and Nepal

 And if Romanians make up half of all squatters, they also seem to comprise at least 50 per cent of all the beggars in central London these days. Presumably they return to their suburban squats of an evening.

Scotland Yard says that most of the cashpoint crime in the capital is down to Romanians, too.

So, against this background, it’s worth putting into context Call Me Dave’s ‘tough on immigration’ speech yesterday, written in response to the imminent lifting of restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians moving to Britain.

Most people will be surprised to discover that there are any controls, given that half the population of Romania appears to be living here already.

Are we supposed to rejoice that arrivals from within the EU will be expected to find a job after six months or lose their right to benefits?

You could just as easily present that the other way round: everyone arriving in Britain will be allowed to live on benefits for six months before they have to look for work.

Old news: Cameron’s speech has ‘stable door’ stamped all over it. The truth is that the political class, Tories and all, sold the pass on immigration donkeys’ years ago

 When you examine the small print, the proposals are far less radical than Cameron would have us believe.

Even if the EU doesn’t decide that the new rules are illegal, you can bet your bottom euro that someone will find a way round them.

The courts have already ruled that foreign nationals selling the Big Issue on Britain’s streets are ‘self-employed’ and therefore entitled to the full panoply of benefits.

Cameron’s speech has ‘stable door’ stamped all over it. The truth is that the political class, Tories and all, sold the pass on immigration donkeys’ years ago.

Those of us who warned of the problems dismantling border controls would bring were howled down as ‘racist’.

Now even the Left is, sort of, admitting it got it wrong, largely because it perceives electoral advantage in pulling on the hair shirt.

Belatedly it’s deemed acceptable to express concerns about mass immigration and the disastrous imposition of ‘multi-culturalism’ because these conclusions have now been drawn by ‘good, liberal people’ rather than harrumphing dinosaurs like me.

In the Daily Mail over the past few days, David Goodhart, director of the Left-wing think-tank Demos, has written an extended mea culpa over the utterly predictable consequences of Labour’s immigration policy.

To which I can only retort: where were you 15 years ago, old son?

Saturday’s paper, which carried Goodhart’s first instalment, also featured a couple of other relevant stories.

The first was a report on the woman from Togo who is going to court in an attempt to force Westminster Council to rescind its decision to make her move out of a  £2.5 million mansion in Belgravia. She has been living on benefits, despite the fact her husband is a chartered accountant who runs an online fashion business with a showroom in Togo.

The second was about a convicted African war criminal currently living in a council house in Birmingham. On benefits, naturally. We can’t kick him out because it would infringe his yuman rites.

Both of these stories are pretty much par for the course. Yet still the Government will not grasp the nettle.

If the Prime Minister was serious about addressing the immigration problem, he would refuse to lower the barriers to further immigration from Eastern Europe and pull Britain out of the iniquitous human rights convention.

But he isn’t. And he won’t. Nor will any other political party with a chance of forming a government.

Maybe if Dave came home to find Number 10 occupied by Romanian squatters, it might concentrate his mind.




How Romanian criminals terrorise the streets of Britain..

BRITAIN has been hit by a ­Romanian crime-wave with the equivalent of 15 arrests a day by one police force alone.


 Shock figures show that the ­Metropolitan Police made 27,725 ­arrests over the past five years for offences including rape and ­murder. This is despite just 68,000 ­Romanians living here at present – a figure set to soar when Britain has to open its borders next January under an EU directive.

The crime statistics undermine reassurances from Romanian officials that the UK has nothing to fear from the lowering of border controls.

Tory MP Priti Patel said: “These figures show why, with 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians gaining unrestricted access to the UK, more needs to be done to control immig­ration and to safeguard the British public from foreign criminals.

“The message must be that if you commit a crime you will be deported without ­hesitation.”

Responding to a Freedom of Information request, the Met Police revealed that Romanians are second only to Polish migrants for arrests since 2008.

However, although Poles topped the list with almost 35,000 arrests, there are almost 600,000 of them living in the UK.

Curbs on Romanians and Bulgarians coming to Britain without jobs have been in place since the two former Eastern bloc countries joined the European Union in 2007.

But these restrictions must be lifted at the end of this year under EU law.

Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to give any estimate of the ­numbers expected to arrive here, but campaign group MigrationWatch has put the figure at 50,000 a year for five years.

Its chief, Sir Andrew Green, said yesterday: “It is a matter of real concern that there should be such a substantial degree of criminality among those Romanians who have already come to Britain despite the treaty limitations on their right to work.”

Euro MP Gerard Batten said: “This is what an open-door immigration policy delivers. Not just the hardworking and decent migrants we might want, but a complete inability to protect ourselves from foreign criminals.

“If this many criminals have arrived already what will it be like when the final restrictions are removed? The Government should take action to control immigration and tell the EU where to get off.

“If our own Government cannot protect its own people against the world’s criminals what use is it?”

immigration, crime

Tory MP Priti Patel said more needs to be done to control immig­ration

 The Met’s figures show the 27,725 arrests of ­Romanian suspects were in connection with 142 rapes, 10 murders, 666 sex crimes, 303 robberies, 1,370 burglaries and 2,902 offences of violence.

The 34,905 arrests in London among Polish citizens in London were for suspected involvement in 84 murders, 129 rapes, 866 sex assaults, 480 robberies, 2,094 burglaries and nearly 7,500 violent crimes.

Lithuania was in third place on the list with more than 18,500 arrests, followed by Nigeria on 15,600, India with 15,200 and Jamaica with 14,072.

Data recently showed the number of Romanians in UK jails had grown by nearly 40 per cent from 454 in September 2011 to 624 last year.

British taxpayers are already paying more than £100million a year to fund an estimated 2,400 Eastern Europeans ­currently in our jails, at a rate of £42,000 per prisoner.

Fraudsters from Romania, a former hardline Communist state, are responsible for 92 per cent of all crime at cashpoints in Britain, according to police.

In one of the most notorious cases, ­criminal ­Gheorge Banu stole £643,000 from customers accounts after obtaining their security details.

The Met Police in London deal with around half of all crime committed in Britain by foreign citizens.

The problem is so bad Scotland Yard has set up Operation Nexus to tackle the issue. It is bidding for EU funding to recruit overseas investigators.

The top 10 countries for crime suspects in the UK are: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Nigeria, India, Jamaica, Ireland, Somalia, Portugal and Pakistan.

BBC faces huge payout over Jimmy Savile: Victims ‘hold bosses to blame’ for creating monster who abused EIGHTEEN girls under ten and dying child at Great Ormond Street

  •   Savile ‘groomed the nation’ using his celebrity status to avoid capture
  • Many of his offences were on BBC’s premises including the Top of the Pops ‘live’ attack
  • Savile even preyed on a terminally ill child at Great Ormond Street
  • The DJ spent ‘every walking minute’ thinking about abusing children
  • There are 214 confirmed offences including 34 rapes
  • Payouts could run into millions of pounds
  • Woman who was abused by Savile aged 13 tells of anger at ‘missed opportunities’ to snare paedophile
  • The NSPCC's Savile Dossier said the entertainer's abuse 'simply beggared belief'
  • The NSPCC’s Savile Dossier said the entertainer’s abuse ‘simply beggared belief’
  • A shocking report into Jimmy Savile’s six decades of sex abuse left the BBC and NHS open to huge payouts yesterday.

    Many of his 214 known offences were on BBC premises and he even attacked a girl during the last edition of Top of the Pops in 2006.

    The paedophile also preyed on young people at a hospice and 13 hospitals, including a terminally ill child at Great Ormond Street. 

  • The victim, aged 11 or 12, told relatives before dying that Savile had touched them inappropriately.

    The Scotland Yard and NSPCC report said the DJ spent ‘every waking minute’ thinking about abusing children and used his celebrity status to that end. Eighteen girls and ten boys aged under ten were abused – the youngest being a boy of eight targeted at his school.

    Allegations of sexual assault have been made by 450 individuals, aged up to 47, and some have yet to be interviewed.

  • The 214 confirmed offences included 34 rapes and stretch across 28 police force areas. The most recent was in 2009 but they date back as far as 1955.

    Lawyers for the victims have already instigated compensation claims against the BBC, NHS and education authorities for failing to stop the serial predator. The payouts could run into millions of pounds.

    Victims said it was shocking it had taken so long to expose the DJ’s predatory behaviour. They said senior managers who missed opportunities to stop him should be named and shamed.

    The map of despair


    The BBC have said that the 2006 incident on Top of the Pops where Savile is accused of attacking a girl is an unfounded allegation.

    Caroline Moore, who is paralysed, said Savile abused her as a star-struck 13-year-old recovering in the children’s ward at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1971.

    The 53-year-old, from Glasgow, said: ‘I am still very angry there were so many missed opportunities, not only from producers and managers at the BBC who promoted and protected him, but heads of hospitals and schools that turned a blind eye.

    ‘So many people knew what he was doing, mainly to vulnerable children, and did nothing.

    ‘They need to take a long look at themselves and those senior managers in positions of responsibility should be named and shamed.’


    1960: A 10-year-old boy saw Savile outside a hotel and asked for his autograph. They went into the hotel reception where he was seriously sexually assaulted

    1965: A 14-year-old girl met Savile in a nightclub. She later visited his home and was raped

    1972: A 12-year-old boy and two female friends attended a recording of Top of the Pops. During a break in filming Savile groped his genitals and the breasts of his two friends

    1973: A 16-year-old female hospital patient was befriended by Savile. He led her to an office where he kissed her, touched her inappropriately and then
    subjected her to a sexual assault

    1974: Savile took a 14-year-old schoolgirl for a drive in his car and seriously
    sexually assaulted her

    2009: A 43-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by Savile when he put his hand up her skirt while talking to her on a train journey between Leeds and London

    Kim Anderson, a 19-year-old waitress in a restaurant that many of the DJs and stars of the 70s frequented, was invited on to Savile’s Radio 1 Roadshow bus in 1980.

    He lunged as she sat down on a couch, and she had to fight him off as he tried to kiss and touch her.

    Speaking from her home in France, she said: ‘I do hold the BBC to blame – they created a very powerful man and then let him get away with unspeakable things.

    ‘They gave him a platform for fame and credibility, and when people realised what he was doing, they just turned a blind eye and did nothing.’

    The 37-page report, Giving Victims a Voice, provides detailed findings of Operation Yewtree, the police investigation launched after an ITV documentary exposed Savile’s paedophilia last year.

    Peter Spindler, the Metropolitan Police commander in charge of the inquiry, said Savile had ‘groomed the nation’ and used his celebrity to ‘hide in plain sight’ during his offending.

    As the sheer scale of his depravity was revealed, it emerged that:

    • Savile abused children as recently as 2009;
    • He struck at 14 schools, often using his Jim’ll Fix It postbag to target youngsters;

    • Almost three quarters of his victims were under 18, mostly teenage girls;

    • Police and prosecutors missed three chances to prosecute Savile before he died aged 84;

    • BBC Chairman Lord Patten was accused of blocking a helpline for victims;

    Commander Spindler said: ‘Savile’s offending footprint was vast, predatory and opportunistic. He cannot face justice today, but we hope this report gives some comfort to his hundreds of victims. They have been listened to and taken seriously.’

  • Kevin Cook in the BBC TV studio with Jimmy Savile in 1976. Kevin claims that Jimmy Savile molested him in a dressing room after he appeared on the TV show Jim'll Fix ItA wheelchair-bound Caroline Moore from Clarkston, Glasgow has spoken of her frustration that Jimmy Saville is not alive to face sex attack allegations
  • Kevin Cook in the BBC TV studio with Jimmy Savile in 1976 (left) and Caroline Moore, from Clarkston, Glasgow, who has spoken of her frustration that Jimmy Saville is not alive to face sex attack allegations

    Findings: Today's report finds victims ranged from eight to 47 years old, including 174 females and 40 males, with 50 attacks taking place at hospitals, 33 at TV or radio studios and 14 at schools

    Findings: Today’s report finds victims ranged from eight to 47 years old, including                                                                            174 females and 40 males, with 50 attacks taking place at hospitals,                                                                                                           33 at TV or radio studios and 14 at schools

    His colleague, Detective Superintendent David Gray, said: ‘Savile spent every minute of every waking day thinking about it [abusing children] and whenever the opportunity came along he took it.

    ‘He was programmed to think about it and act in that way. He only picked the most vulnerable, the ones least likely to speak out against him.’

    Peter Watt, of the NSPCC, said: ‘The sheer scale of Savile’s abuse over six decades simply beggars belief.

    ‘He is without doubt one of the most prolific sex offenders we have ever come across and every number represents a victim that will never get justice now he is dead.

    ‘But with this report we can at least show his victims that they have been taken seriously and their suffering has been recognised.’


    The Honours Forfeiture Committee is to discuss the possibility of completely stripping Jimmy Savile of his knighthood even though the honour technically expired when he died – a move that would be a first for the honours system.

    Having a knighthood means someone is the member of an order with a lifetime membership which no longer exists when the person dies.

    Therefore, as Savile is dead, there is nothing to strip him of.

    But amid widespread public revulsion for Savile, it is believed the Honours Forfeiture Committee is looking at this issue again.

    Should the committee decide an honour should be forfeited, the normal procedure is that a recommendation is submitted to the Queen and she makes the final decision.

    The BBC again apologised to those affected, saying: ‘The police report into Jimmy Savile contains shocking revelations. As we have made clear, the BBC is appalled that some of the offences were committed on its premises.

    ‘We would like to restate our sincere apology to the victims of these crimes. The BBC will continue to work with the police to help them investigate these matters.

    ‘We have also set up the Dame Janet Smith Review to help us understand how these crimes could have been committed and how we can avoid them happening ever again.’

    Savile, who died in October 2011, abused victims at 14 medical sites and the majority of the NHS institutions involved have launched investigations into abuse allegations.

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said investigations should look into whether any NHS employee knew what was going on and turned a blind eye to the abuse.

    He told Sky News: ‘We knew when the investigation opened in the autumn that we had a problem in three NHS organisations but today we realise that it’s gone a lot further than that.

    ‘The question we are all asking ourselves is how could this have happened for so long without anyone speaking up?

    ‘Most importantly of all, we need to know whether anything needs to change in the procedures that we have now in the NHS in order to be able to reassure the public that NHS organisations are totally safe.’

    Kim Harrison, from Pannone, a law firm representing around 50 victims, said the damning report was one of the first steps on the way to them getting ‘some kind of justice’.

    Jimmy Savile with female patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The DJ's abuse there and at other institutions have become well known

    Jimmy Savile with female patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The DJ’s abuse there and at other institutions have become well known

    The report is expected to show that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC premises, such as Television Centre where Jim'll Fix It was filmed

    The report shows that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC                                                                           premises, such as Television Centre, where Jim’ll Fix It was filmed

    She said: ‘The sheer scale of what’s happened here and the sheer number of institutions involved will shock everybody, even victims themselves.

    ‘There’s questions to be asked about how he was able to get away with this for so long, who knew about it and who turned a blind eye.’

    Lawyer Liz Dux, from Slater and Gordon, which is representing a similar number, said: ‘For the victims, today is hugely important. It represents the end of chapter one.

    The report is expected to show that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC premises, such as Television Centre where Jim'll Fix It was filmed
    The report is expected to show that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC premises, such as Television Centre where Jim'll Fix It was filmed

    ‘The next stage is for the inquiries to take place as efficiently as possible. The police investigation just looks at the criminal side of things, but the inquiries are important because they look at what was not, or ought to have been, done about Savile.

    ‘That’s important, especially to those who reported something at the time.’ Civil compensation claims for a handful of victims are already under way against the BBC and more claims will be lodged after all the investigations are complete.

    Savile’s £4.3million estate has been frozen in light of the allegations.

    Painful: The Met's investigation has uncovered hundreds of Savile victims but its report says that no organisations were to blame for allowing him to get away with it

    Painful: The Met’s investigation has uncovered hundreds of Savile victims but                                                                                        its report says that no organisations were to blame for allowing him to get away                                                                              with it


    Alison Levitt

    A chance to convict Jimmy Savile for sex offences against three victims when he was alive was missed because police and prosecutors did not take claims seriously enough.

    Details of a review of the decision not to prosecute Savile in 2009 by Alison Levitt QC (right), legal adviser to the director of public prosecutions (DPP), were disclosed today.

    She found that ‘had the police and prosecutors taken a different approach’ prosecutions could have been possible in relation to three victims.

    Ms Levitt said that there was nothing to suggest the victims had colluded in their stories, or that they were unreliable.

    Police and prosecutors treated their claims ‘with a degree of caution which was neither justified nor required’, she said.

    Surrey Police received an allegation in May 2007 that Savile had sexually assaulted a teenage girl at Duncroft Children’s Home in the late 1970s.

    In the investigation that followed, two more allegations emerged – the first that in about 1973 Jimmy Savile had sexually assaulted a girl aged about 14 outside Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

    The second was that in the 1970s Jimmy Savile had suggested to a girl aged about 17, again at Duncroft, that she perform oral sex on him.

    In March 2008, Sussex Police received a complaint that Savile had sexually assaulted a woman in her early twenties in a caravan in Sussex in about 1970.
    Surrey Police consulted with the CPS about all four allegations, and in October 2009 it was decided that no prosecution could be brought because the alleged victims would not support police action.



    Jimmy Savile was knighted in 1990 for his charity work

    October 29 2011: Veteran DJ and broadcaster Jimmy Savile is found dead in his home in Roundhay, Leeds, aged 84. His death came after a spell of pneumonia.

    December 2011: BBC drops Newsnight investigation into his years of sex attacks.

    September 30 2012: It emerges that allegations about Savile will be made in a new ITV documentary, due to be aired on October 3.

    October 1: Surrey Police confirms Savile was interviewed in 2007 over allegations dating back to the 1970s but was released without charge.

    October 2: Jersey and Surrey police both investigated accusations about alleged abuse in two children’s homes, but decided there was not enough evidence to proceed.

    October 7: Prime Minister David Cameron calls for the ‘truly shocking’ allegations to be fully investigated.

    October 9: Scotland Yard reveals they are looking at 120 lines of inquiry and as many as 25 victims and launches Operation Yewtree

    October 11: Allegations emerge that Savile abused children at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire and Leeds General Hospital.

    October 12: Then BBC director general George Entwistle offers a ‘profound and heartfelt apology’ to alleged victims as he announces two inquiries – one into potential failings over the handling of the abandoned Newsnight investigation, and a second into the ‘culture and practices of the BBC during the years Savile worked here’.

    October 19: Scotland Yard announces that Operation Yewtree, the inquiry into alleged child abuse by Savile, is now a formal criminal investigation involving other living people.

    October 25: Scotland Yard says it is investigating in excess of 400 lines of inquiry involving 300 victims, of whom all except two are women. Commander Peter Spindler says Savile is one of the most prolific sex offenders in recent history and the inquiry into his abuse will be a “watershed” investigation into sex crime.

    October 26: It emerges that seven alleged victims of Savile made complaints to four separate police forces – Surrey, London, Sussex and Jersey – while the disgraced television presenter was alive, but it was decided no further action should be taken.

    October 28: Former pop star Gary Glitter is arrested by officers working on Operation Yewtree.

    November 1: Comedian Freddie Starr is arrested in connection with the Savile abuse investigation. He is released on bail.

    November 11: Former BBC producer Wilfred De’ath is arrested at an address in Cambridge but later insists he was the victim of mistaken identity. BBC director general George Entwistle resigns.

    November 15: Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis is arrested on suspicion of sexual offences. Police say the allegations do not directly involve Savile, and are classed under the strand of their investigation termed ‘others’.

    November 29: A man in his 80s, from Berkshire, is arrested and questioned by detectives investigating the Savile abuse scandal after attending police premises in south London by appointment.

    December 6: PR guru Max Clifford is arrested at his Surrey home on suspicion of sexual offences

    December 10: A man in his 60s, from London, is arrested on suspicion of sexual offences

    December 19: Former BBC radio producer Ted Beston, 76, is arrested in London on suspicion of sexual offences and vehemently denies the allegations the following day.

    January 2 2013: Former TV presenter Jim Davidson is arrested but ‘vigorously denies’ allegations of sexual offences made against him by two women. A 53-year-old man is also arrested.

    VIDEO  NSPCC alarmed by Savile’s abuse not being identified sooner

Police: Syria-related terror arrests at Heathrow

British police said Wednesday that they had arrested two people at London’s Heathrow Airport as part of an investigation into travel to Syria in support of alleged terrorist activity.

Scotland Yard said in a statement released early Wednesday that counter-terrorism officers arrested a man and a woman, both 26, after they flew into the airport from Egypt late Tuesday.

Police did not make clear whether the suspects were thought to be returning from or heading to Syria. The statement said that officers were searching two homes in east London as part of the investigation.

The statement added that the pair were arrested on suspicion of the “commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.” The statement did not include the suspects’ names, nationalities, or any other identifying information. The suspects were taken to a central London police station and remain in custody.

A police spokesman said no further comment would be made until later Wednesday

The fear of terrorist activity in Syria has grown as the bloody civil war there grinds past the 18-month mark. A U.N. panel warned last month that the number of foreign fighters in the conflict was growing _ a development which it said could radicalize the rebellion against President Bashar Assad’s rule. The Quilliam Foundation, a London-based think tank studying extremism, estimated that there were a total of 1,200-1,500 foreign fighters across Syria.

Concerns are particularly acute in Britain, which is home to a large Muslim population and suffered a devastating 2005 terrorist attack perpetrated by British-born Islamists. Fears that British Muslims might be slipping into Syria to join al-Qaida extremists were heightened in August when freelance photographer John Cantlie claimed he had been held hostage by a group of extremists including a man he identified as having a London accent.