ISIS plotting ‘to kill HUNDREDS of Americans’ in bid to fix US election

ISIS is actively planning a series of bloody Paris-style massacres in the United States ahead of the presidential election in November.


ISIS is plotting a deadly terror attack on the US mainland in 2016, according to analysts

There is now an “extremely high” likelihood that the death cult will try to destabilise the final months of the campaign by carrying out gun attacks and exploding bombs in US cities. 

The shock warning comes from one the world’s leading authorities on ISIS and comes amid fears the group has acquired highly dangerous radioactive material which could be used to make a dirty bomb.

Dr Theodore Karasik, a Gulf-based analyst of regional geo-political affairs said: “There is an extremely high likelihood that ISIS followers will throw off the election in the United States by using Paris-style violence in American cities.”

ISIS terrorists terror attack united states

ISIS fighters are ‘plotting’ terror attacks in the United States to disrupt the election campaign

And he even predicted that such attacks could help ISIS hand a shock victory to Donald Trump by boosting his anti-immigration, anti-Muslim stance.

Islamic State has carried out more than 70 terrorist attacks in 20 countries outside Iraq and Syria since it declared its caliphate in 2014.

Analytsts expect this number to surge in 2016 as it seeks to expand it’s impact on the western world.

According to Dr Karasik, ISIS would directly benefit from a Donald Trump victory because his policy towards Iran would seriously destabilise the Middle East.

US terror attack warning

An attack on Washington or New York would destabilise the 2016 US election

America Paris terror attacks ISIS

A Paris-style terror attack on the US is imminent, according to analysts

He said: “The key question is how will a Trump presidency look and interact with the Islamic Republic of Iran? And the answer may surprise you.

“As president, Trump would be likely to open Iran to American business based on his vision of US economic prowess. He is likely to accelerate Iran’s acceleration into the global economy.

“Trump won’t like the Europeans and the Asians are beating him to the Iranian treasure chest.

“For President Trump, Iran is the biggest piece of real estate ever, with immense wealth and opportunity for American companies. The billions of dollars’ worth of business is too good for the next American president to pass up.”

ISIS ATTACK USA CaptureAnd this scenario would inevitably stir up tensions in the region, fuelling the rise of ISIS further. 

Dr Theodore Karasik added: “This scenario between Trump and Iran will not play well with Gulf Arab neighbours especially in the current environment.

“Don’t be surprised if a Trump presidency cuddles up to Iranian business.

“Overall, a President Trump will likely find a domestic resonance for his outreach to the Islamic Republic if American companies create new jobs and opportunities to make America great again no matter what the cost.”

ISIS global terror attacks map

source: Daily Express

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