‘Secret memo’ reveals al-Shabaab jihadists planning to blow up planes as they land at international airports in Africa

plane explosion Capture

The leaked report says suicide bombers intend to pose as passengers and blow themselves up during landing

Suicide bombers from al-Shabaab are planning several suicide attacks against Kenyan airports, leaked intelligence reports suggest.

Security has been increased at major airports following a memo from the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) warning of attacks by the al-Qaeda affiliated group.

The leaked KAA internal memo, sent to all airport managers across the country, suggests suicide bombers intend to pose as passengers and blow themselves up during landing.

twitter al shabab Capture

According to the memo, a team of 11 suicide bombers have undergone training within Somalia to carry out airborne suicide missions in March.

The memo says: “Five operatives will target Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport while the rest will focus on airports at the Coast region, among them Moi International Airport (MIA) in Mombasa.”

KAA acting managing director Yatich Kangogo confirmed the legitimacy of the memo, but said the information was released to the public prematurely.

“Of course KAA is aware of the prevailing global terrorism threats which have been issued among others by Al Shabaab who have gone public and issued threats against Kenya,” he told Capital News.

“We have consequently raised our operational threat category to high alert in conjunction with other national security organs who have also increased vigilance to counter any potential threats.”

source : The Independent

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