Who is Hossein Nayeri: Meet the Muslim Hannibal Lecter – Cuts Off Victims’ Penises

hanibal lecter Capture

Hossein Nayeri,(L) and Hanibal Lecter as portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins

By Debbie Schlussel

Hossein Nayeri, mastermind of a Southern California prison break, is yet another example of the “Religion of Peace” in action.

When I began watching the departed (and now newly resurrected) FOX series “Prison Break,” I wondered why most of the prisoners were White guys or light-skinned men from other ethnicities. And I wondered, where are all the evil Muslims who convert the others to Islam and wreak worse havoc when they get out? Politically correct FOX didn’t show you the truth about prison. And the network, which has announced plans to bring back the waste-of-time series back to TV, won’t do it in the next incarnation. Muslims are pure and clean as the driven snow. Right?

And the truth about prison is guys like Hossein Nayeri. Nayeri, an Iranian Muslim immigrant (what’s his immigration status?), is believed by authorities to be the ringleader of the escape. And he’s known by prosecutors as “Hannibal Lecter.” Nayeri tortures infidels and has a predilection for then cutting off their penises, all while they are still alive. This is ISIS-grade stuff.

A deputy district attorney compared one of the men who escaped Friday from the Central Men’s Jail to a movie villain and contended the Sheriff’s Department was too lax in its handling of the suspect after it was warned about his violent past. “He’s diabolical,” said prosecutor Heather Brown, who is handling the 2012 case against Hossein Nayeri on charges of kidnapping and torture. “My first reaction was: Oh, my God, they let Hannibal Lecter out. He is sophisticated, incredibly violent and cunning.”

And although he’s been compared to Lecter, there is no evidence that Nayeri actually eats his victims. That wouldn’t be halal. But the cutting off of victims’ penises is typical of Islam. Whenever you hear about the return of kidnapped Israeli soldiers’ dead bodies from Islamic terrorists, including HAMAS and Hezbollah, they are almost always returned desecrated, including with their penises cut off.

Nayeri escaped twice before, fleeing to his native Iran one of those times. And, by the way, whenever you hear Muslim propagandists tell you what great American citizens Muslims are because some of them (a very small, minute minority) serve in the U.S. military, think of Nayeri, who was U.S. Marine. Semper Halalis:

Nayeri has fled prosecution at least twice before. He spent three years in Washington, D.C., after fleeing officials in Madera County, where in 2005 he was in a drunken driving accident in which a passenger in his car was killed. In 2012, after his initial arrest in the torture and kidnapping case, he jumped bail and fled to Iran. He was re-arrested in 2013 in Prague.

Though born in Iran, Nayeri, 37, grew up in central California. While attending Clovis West High in Fresno, Nayeri, a wrestler, had at least three close friends – two men and a woman – who also were charged in the 2012 kidnapping and torture. He served in the U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton, according to court documents.

More on this–just one of his brutal crimes:

The crime he stood accused of was particularly cruel. Authorities say Nayeri had become convinced that a Newport Beach man who ran lucrative pot dispensaries had a stash of money in the Mojave Desert. Prosecutors allege Nayeri masterminded a plot to kidnap the man and began surveilling him. On Oct. 2, 2012, prosecutors say, Nayeri and codefendants Ryan Kevorkian and Kyle Handley broke into the Newport Beach home where the man was staying and kidnapped him, along with a woman who was dating the owner of the home.

At a preliminary hearing in March 2015, Newport Beach Police Sgt. Ryan Peters testified that someone struck the man in the face with the stock of a shotgun and that he was cuffed with zip ties, gagged and blindfolded. Authorities said the attackers dragged the man and woman to a van and drove them to the desert, a 2 1/2-hour drive. The attackers said they believed the man had $1 million, but he told them he could get them $40,000 cash, Peters testified.

According to authorities, the attackers — who wore disguises and adopted obviously fake Latino accents — punched the man, Tasered him, burned him with a butane torch and cut off his penis. As they left, the woman told an investigator, the attackers left a knife behind and told her to count to 100 and then free herself, but not to call police. She cut herself free and ran a mile before flagging down a Kern County sheriff’s patrol car, officials said. The pair were rushed to Antelope Valley Hospital.

Prosecutors said that about a week before the kidnapping, Newport Beach police attempted to stop Nayeri for a routine traffic violation, but Nayeri sped away, crashed his car and fled on foot. Police found surveillance equipment inside the abandoned car but did not know of its possible significance in the crime being plotted.

The kind of behavior in which Nayeri took part isn’t new. It’s something endemic to Islam and learned over generations. And it’s something that is present in Muslim immigrants and their native born sons and daughters. They have no respect for non-Muslim human life. Heck, they don’t even respect a lot of Muslim life.

The more Muslim immigrants we let in, the more of this kind of stuff we’ll see.

Just another episode of “Your Day in Religion of Peace.”

One other thing: experts believe the three who fled the Orange County, California prison led by Nayeri, were helped in their escape by jail staff. The experts say there is no way they could have escaped without it.

Hmmm . . . how many Muslims work at the jail? And is there a jailhouse imam on staff?

Just askin’.

source: Debbie Schlussel

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