Belfast Islamic Centre unhappy at McConnell verdict

The Islamic Centre in Wellington Park, south Belfast. Picture by Mal McCann

BELFAST Islamic Centre said last night it disagreed with the not guilty verdict against Pastor James McConnell.

In a statement, the centre said: “We Muslims believe in the freedom of expression. However freedom of expression doesn’t justify offending and insulting others’ faith and beliefs that in its turn leads to unhealthy atmosphere of disunity and mistrust.

“We Muslims, as part of the NI wider society, are looking forward to achieving and maintaining the values of coexistence and diversity. In doing so we are mindful of some voices trying to push towards disintegration and isolation of some religious and ethnic minorities.

“Although we disagree with the verdict description of Pastor McConnell remarks as ‘not grossly offensive’, nevertheless we have always been ready to implement the values of forgiveness and pardon as a way forward to continue building our relations with different communities based on mutual love and respect.”

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