Migrants paid $1000 each to get from Cyprus to Turkey

The 18 migrants that were arrested near Larnaca on Saturday night have claimed that they had paid a trafficker 1000 dollars each to travel from Cyprus to Turkey by boat.

Police said that the 18 migrants arrested for illegally entering Cyprus on Saturday night have stated they had paid 1000 dollars each to two traffickers who were to pick them up in a boat near Pervolia in Larnaca and take them to Turkey.

According to immigration authorities the 16 Africans and two Asians had paid 1000 dollars each to be taken illegally to Turkey; from there they would travel to main land Europe.

The group claims they had been living in the North of Cyprus and were all students.

They further allege that a trafficker had taken them illegally from the North of Cyprus to the South of the island about a week ago. They have yet to give details of where they were staying.

The traffickers are believed to have arranged for a boat to pick the group up from Pervolia in Larnaca late on Saturday night. However having spent several hours on the beach waiting for the boat, which did not appear, they abandoned the place and started walking the streets.

It was at this point that they were spotted by residences and the authorities were alerted of their presence.

The 18 migrants were arrested for entering Cyprus illegally and are currently in police custody.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: in-cyprus.com



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