British jihadi was plotting Paris-style terror attack in the streets of London

A BRITISH jihadi killed in an RAF drone strike had been plotting a Paris-style massacre on the streets of London, intelligence sources say.


Reyaad Khan, who was killed in an RAF drone strike, had been plotting a Paris-style attack

Reyaad Khan was helping to plan a coordinated attack on the capital when he was killed by the RAF in Syria at the end of August in an operation personally sanctioned by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Khan, from Cardiff, was killed alongside Ruhul Amin, 26, from Aberdeen.

The strike took place without approval from Parliament but the Government argued it was legal as an act of self-defence and the only way to prevent terror attacks on British soil.

A well-placed security source has told the Sunday Express that Khan, 21, was a bridge between Islamic State and its supporters in Britain.

Working with IS sleeper cells here, he was organising support and logistics for fanatics to hit several targets in a chilling echo of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January and a grim forerunner of what would happen in Paris.

However, a drone blew up the car he was in as he phoned an associate in the UK after meeting his chiefs in Raqqa.

Khan, who harboured dreams of becoming Britain’s first Asian prime minister before he was radicalised, had earlier tried to mastermind another plan to kill the Queen and other senior Royals during VJ Day commemorations in London.

Both plots were referred to by Mr Cameron in a speech to the House of Commons in the aftermath of the November 13 attacks in France in which 132 people were killed.


Reyaad Khan was helping to plan a coordinated attack on the streets of London

The security source said: “Khan was a key link in the chain, he was a bridge between the command structure in Syria and fanatics in this country.

“He was providing much of the intelligence, support and logistics so he was in regular communication with IS members in Britain telling them who to hook up with. Two foiled plots he was said to be involved in were the attempted attack on a VJ Day parade on August 15 and a coordinated shooting spree on the streets of Britain, most likely London.

“In the first attack he hoped to murder Royals and VIPs while the latter plan was based on the Charlie Hebdo massacre. An IS sleeper cell, armed with high-velocity rifles, was to attack various targets and kill as many people as possible but the plans were severely disrupted following his death.

“When David Cameron said security chiefs had foiled seven UK plots, Khan was responsible for at least two.”

The straight-A student and Amin were being monitored by MI6 officers on the ground and information was fed back to GCHQ in  Cheltenham , Gloucestershire.

Khan’s phone signal gave away his position.

Both men had been in an IS video last year alongside Nasser Muthana, also from Cardiff.

Khan had his accounts frozen by the Treasury.

The source said: “He was an important figure in controlling the passage of money from Britain to Syria.


The operation that killed the jihadi was personally sanctioned by PM David Cameron


132 people were killed in Paris on November 13 by Islamic State fighters

He set up a number of accounts all over the world using aliases to raise funds for IS.“Some of the money was going the other way to pay for equipment used by sleeper cells in Britain. “He was also heavily involved with recruitment, arranging Britons’ travel to Syria via Turkey.“It would have been nigh on impossible to go in and grab him, so the next best step was for him to be targeted in an RAF drone strike. “But there are probably others who have taken his place.”

Last night in Cardiff Khan’s father Nazim declined to comment.


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