A WASTE OF TIME: Pig’s Heads Do Absolutely Nothing To Deter Muslims!

It doesn’t stop Muslims from building there or attending the mosque, and it annoys the pigs!


People mistakenly believe that placing Pig’s heads or pork products in ,on, or around moslem places of worship.education or intended Mosque sites is somehow a deterrent to followers of Islam.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The claim that the soil is defiled by the presence of a pig and can thereafter no longer be used for Islamic worship seems to be based on wishful thinking or ignorance of Islamic doctrine.

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“Najasat” (pl. najasat) means uncleanliness, im­purity.

In Islamic laws, the najasat is of two types: inherent and acquired. To differentiate between the two, a thing which is inherently unclean is known as “`ayn najis,” whereas a thing whose uncleanliness is acquired is known as “najis”.A pure thing acquires impurity by coming into contact with one of the `ayn najis. For example: blood is considered an `ayn najis, whereas milk is considered pure. Now, if a drop of blood falls into a glass of milk, the milk will become najis because of the blood which is an `ayn najis.

The plural of `ayn najis is “a`yan najisah.”

“Taharat” is opposite of “najasat,” it means cleanli­ness and purity.

Tahir” is opposite of “najis,” it means a thing which is clean and pure.

Pigs and dogs are counted as `ayn najis.

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Allah says in the Qur’an:

“(O Muhammad) say, “I do not find in what is revealed to me anything forbidden for a person to eat except (1) what has died of itself, (2) outpoured blood, (3) the flesh of pig –for it is unclean­ and (4) an ungodly thing (i.e., the animal) slaughtered (with the name) of other than Allah” (6:146)

Although this verse is related to the forbidden food, but it clearly defines the pig as an unclean animal. Khayran al-Khadim wrote to Imam ‘Ali an-Naqi (as)

Based on such teachings, mujtahids have ruled that all parts of pigs and dogs, even the nails, hair, teeth and bones, and their saliva, milk, urine and excrement are najis. Therefore, all things made from pig’s fat, skin, hair, and other parts of its body (e.g., belt, gloves, jackets, and shoes) are najis. Similarly, all the food items produced from the meat and fat of pig is najis.

The Mutahhirat (The Purifying Agents)

Is it possible to purify the najis things?

Yes. One can purify a thing which has become najis by coming into contact with the one of the a’yan najisah.

Is it possible to purify the a `ayan najisah?

Some a’yan najisah can be purified easily, while other a’yan najisah can be purified only through a long process of change and transformation. The function of purifying such things is done by the mutahhirat.

Mutahhirat is plural of mutahhir. It means a thing or a process which can ritually purify the najis things and thea’yan najisah. “Mutahhirat” can be translated into English as “the purifying agents.” 

In Nature:water, the earth, and the sun are mutahhir are ”purifying agents” or Mutahhirat.


First among the mutahhirat is water. The Qur’an says:

“He (Allah) is the one who sends the winds as good news before His mercy; and We send down pure water from the cloud.” (25:48)

Water is indeed the most common and widely used purifying agent. However, the way water can purify a najisthing depends on its type and quantity. So first we will describe the various types of water and then explain the rules of purification.

According to the shari’ah, water can be of two types: mutlaq and muzaf.

Mutlaq means pure water, a water which is not mixed with any other liquid. When we use the term pure, in the present context, we do not mean scientifically pure water, i.e., H20, a liquid compound consisting of 2 part of hydrogen and 16 of oxygen. By mutlaq we mean a water which people in general would consider pure, without putting it to a scientific test.

Muzaf is opposite of mutlaq, it means a water which is mixed with some other liquid, e.g., orange juice, tea.

For the purpose of purifying a najis thing, only the mutlaq water can be used. Therefore, muzaf water is not one of the mutahhirat.

The mutlaq water can be found in five different forms:

1. Rain.

2. Well water.

3. Running or flowing water, e.g., river, stream. The water running from the pipes in the houses is treated as `running water’ as long as it is running.

4. Kur water: a body of water which is still (not moving). It must be at least 377 k.g. in weight, or must occupy at least 27 cubic span space. Ex­amples of kur water: a swimming pool, a pond, a lake, a sea or an ocean.

5. Less than kur. A body of still water which is less than the kur.

The first four types of pure water are known as Kathir water, and the last one is known as qalil water. Kathirmeans abundant or plentiful; qalil means less.

Water can make a najis thing tahir on the following conditions:

1. it must be mutlaq;

2. it must be tahir;

3. it must not become muzaf by coming in contact with the najasat;

4. the najasat must be washed away from the najis thing.

Because of its quantity, the Kathir water is immune from becoming najis by contact with a najasat except when the najasat is so strong or so much that it changes the taste, or the color or the smell of the water. When cleaning anajis thing with the Kathir water, it is enough to wash it just once after removing the najasat.

Unlike the Kathir water, qalil water becomes najis as soon as it comes into contact with a najasat. When clean­ing anajis thing with qalil water, it is necessary to wash it twice. However, it is better to wash three times.

Almost all solid things that become najis can be purified by washing once with Kathir water or twice with qalil water. Examples of solid things: clothes and shoes, curtains and sofas, carpets and furniture, fruits and vegetables, utensils and pots.

The Earth  

The second among mutahhirat is the earth.

However, the earth is not a universal purifying agent like water. It’s purifying scope is very limited. It can only purify the sole of the shoes and the sole of the feet provided:

1. the shoe or the foot had become najis by a najasat on the earth;

2. the najis element is removed from the soles by walking on the earth;

3. the earth is dry and tahir.

The Sun  

The sun is the third and last among “the natural mutahhirat.”

The sun is also a limited mutahhir like the earth. It can purify only the following things that become najis: ‘the earth and all the immovable things on the earth like trees, the fruits on the trees, the grass. It can also purify the immovable things of a house like walls and doors.

The sun can purify the above mentioned things provided:

1.the najasat has been removed;

2. the najis place or thing is wet. So if a najis place or thing has become dry and you wish to purify it by the sun, then you will have to pour water on it and let it dry up by direct rays of the sun.

3. the najis thing or place must become dry by the direct rays of the sun.

So basically it only needs for the offending impure pigs heads to be removed and for a process of purification involving mainly water and the sun to do their ”magic” and ‘vuala’, no problemo!….. a few extra salaats to seal the deal and the ”offended” moslems are good to go about their business! 

All that can be achieved by the placing of pig’s heads, pig’s blood or any pork product, in an attempt to prevent moslems from going about their business, is to give them an opportunity to claim victim-hood and give them an excuse to react in a disproportionately violent or vociferous manner!

I might also add that it plays directly into the hands of the moslem appeasing left wing element who can hold it up as an example of the right wing attempting to inflame moslems and incite hatred.

It may be a convenient way of drawing attention to moslem infiltration into our everyday lives, but defying rules and laws that outlaw and undermine cultural values within our own society may be a better way forward….

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  1. mileaway

    Fuck it, toss in the pig anyway. If it does nothing else but piss them off that’s a good start! Enough aggravation and intimidation and they might go back to Islamaville! Good riddance to bad rubbage! There is NO place for Islam in America. There is only ONE Islam and only ONE Muslim. Where you find either you will find EVIL!

    • paulywido

      They ain’t going anywhere fast, but rather than fuel their eternal victim-hood whinging wouldn’t it be far better to make a real stand against stuff like halal food in our schools , hospitals and public buildings?…or how about making a stand against Islam being introduced into school curricula?…or the removal of Christian symbols from public buildings?…the list grows longer because Islamists find more to complain about every day …never forget..they are the minority managing to screw up life for the majority…now does that make any sense?…I think not!

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