Pakistani-Norwegian Can Be Oslo’s New Mayor

Pakistani-Norwegian Can Be Oslo’s New Mayor

Labor Party(Ap) may be willing to make Green Party (DMG) candidate Shoaib Sultan mayor of Oslo.

Yesterday’s local elections ended the 25-year-reign of the Conservative Party (Høyre) in the Norwegian capital. Green Party (MDG) made the biggest surprise becoming the third biggest party in Oslo. Now the party has become a key player in the city governance negotiations.

Sources in Oslo Ap says to Dagens Næringsliv thay they may be willing to make mayor of Oslo the Norwegian-Pakistani major candidate of MDG, Shoaib Sultan.

MDG holds the balance of power and insists on Shoaib Sultan to be given the position of mayor in upcoming negotiations with the other parties.

About Sultan

Sultan is an environmentalist by profession and politician of Pakistani descent. From November 2010 to March 2011 he worked as Head of Secretariat of the Contact Committee for Immigrants and the Authorities, and served as the very first Secretary General of the Islamic Council of Norway in the period 2007-2010, a council where he previously served as an elected secretary (2002–2005). Sultan has previously worked as information officer at the European Council of Religious Leaders.

Sultan has been active in the debate about right-wing extremism and the contra-jihad movement since before his position with the Norwegian Centre against Racism, especially after the 2011 Norway attacks, and has written articles on the topic in Norwegian and foreign press.

He writes regular columns for Klassekampen and Aftenposten, and is a prolific writer publishing articles, opinions and analysis in a number of different newspapers and journals. Despite having left the Islamic Council of Norway, Sultan is an often used commentator and analyst in Norwegian media with regards to questions that deal with multiculturalism and islam in Norway, and religious dialogue.


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