California Professor: Whites at Fault for all Black on Black Crime

melina abdullah Capture

Melina Abdullah, the Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, believes there is no such thing as “black on black crime.” Instead, she believes that when an African American person commits a crime against another African American, it is actually the fault of white people and their “White Supremacy.”

Dr. Abdullah posted these, as well as other musings on race relations in the United States, on her personal Twitter andInstagram over the last several months.

“There is no such thing as #BlackOnBlackCrime,” she claimed recently. “When crime occurs wi Bk comms it is an indirect execution of Wt supremacy:”
Black Crime

This, among other racially-charged statements, have dominated Abdullah’s Twitter. In one tweet, she said she disliked the Civil Rights Memorial because of “white appropriation:”

In another, she demanded reparations for African Americans:

And in yet another, she said she would not allow “Wt men” to “dictate the agenda of Black folx:”
Black Folx

And in another, Dr. Abdullah said that she preferred the smell of urine in LA instead of Starbucks because Starbucks represents gentrification:




  1. Michael Shatto

    Young Skulls Full of Mush:
    Passionate, concerned, caring, driven and committed teachers always fail
    if their work policies and and direction are not entirely devoted to producing educated students..
    Students are propagandized. Students are not taught how to think and find answers.
    The proof? The imbeciles they produced.

  2. Dennis

    Reparations, how about reparations for all people with Irish heritage, after all thousand upon thousand were brought to the new world against their will into slavery. They were. Treated even worse than slaves from Africa because they were so much cheaper to replace. Funny how society forgets the Irish Slaves

    • Leslie

      My ancestor’s immigrated from Poland to America in the early 1800’s. They had very little money and at least one died on the ship and had to be buried at sea. They did not have slaves. They, like most immigrant’s worked hard for everything they had. My parent’s were not racist’s. I was the only white student in my 8th grade classroom and got along well with my classmates. But one day, a girl from another classroom rammed into me with her shoulder and said, “Hey girl, what are you doing bumping into me!?!” Three girls were huddling behind her, smirking. I believe they expected me to defend myself and say that I had not bumped into the instigator and then the beating would start. But, I kicked into survival mode and simply said; “Oh, excuse me. I’m sorry.” The girls jaws dropped and I started walking, slowly away as if there had not been a threat. I did not turn back and when I was a block or so down the street, I started running home as fast as I could. From that day on, when the bell rang I would skim down the stairs of the three storied building and run home from school as fast as I could.

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