Appeal For Mourners At War Hero’s Funeral

A man has appealed for people to attend the funeral of his 92-year-old uncle, who fought his way out of a Japanese prisoner of war camp in World War II.

Tony Budgett made the plea on Facebook because his uncle Tom Bryan, who was profoundly affected by the war, has just two living family members.

A soldier with the Queens Rifle Regiment, Mr Bryan was sent into battle against the Japanese in Burma – now known as Myanmar – where he was captured.

He only revealed the horrors of his experience many years later.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Budgett said: “Uncle Tom would not talk about the war on his return and it was only decades later that he recounted the hellish existence he and his fellow troops endured.

“Surrounded and cut off for over three weeks, they fought their way out, very often hand to hand, often finding captured and killed allied troops, their tortured bodies left to be found by the retreating troops.

“Now I would ask you all to kindly forward this to anyone you know who may be ex-services or who may be local to Stockport and could attend his funeral to pay their respects to a man that was deeply changed by his experiences during the war.

“It would be very sad for there to only be a couple of people to say farewell to this loyal servant of crown and country.”

Debby Ismail Monaghan responded first on Facebook, saying: “Me & hubby will be there Tony. Would be an honour. !!!Xx.”

Mr Budgett said: “Thank you with all my heart for caring and spreading the word on behalf of Tom. Take a bow lovely people, you really are great! X.”

Mr Bryan’s funeral will take place at Stockport Crematorium (Ronan Chapel) on Tuesday 10 November at 1.45pm.

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