ISIS offers €100,000 per service weapon of a European policeman or soldier

Object of Desire: 100,000 euros for police weapon to the IS offer his followers.

Object of Desire: ISIS offers followers 100,000 euros for police weapon

For the disarming of a police officer or soldier ISIS is said to have offered a reward of 100,000 euros. The information comes from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

The OSCE has issued a warning, after  the Islamic State requested it’s followers to disarm European police and soldiers. Accordingly, the terrorist militia will pay 100,000 euros reward per stolen service weapon. The Kronen Zeitung reported that Austria’s interior and defense ministries then gave out an internal warning.

The officers at the Austrian-Slovenian border in the field were given the instruction: “In this context, we urge all heads of units (…), to provide for their own security with regard to migrants and to exercise extreme caution!”

The Head of Public Relations of the National Police Directorate in Styria appears initially not to regard the warning urgently: “.

We have not left the warning unheeded and most certainly are attentive, but currently there are no grounds for special caution”, quoted the crown Colonel Joachim Huber.

SPD does not want a “welcome custody”

Meanwhile, waiting  on the boundary there are still thousands of migrants awaiting  transport to emergency shelters.

Germany and Austria are currently working on concentrating police work near the border and the transit zones. 

There will need to be a policy of mixed patrols along the Green Line.

An issue for the policy is apparently to invent politically correct “transit zones”, which are not reminiscent of detention:

The SPD  ( Social Democratic Party of Germany) is concerned that ”refugees will be taken as it were, into Welcome detention”.

At the same time it is necessary to prevent  “hundreds of thousands of refugees entering Germany without proper registration”, says faction leader Oppermann. We should not curb the flow in the zones, only perfect the logistics.  source: Epoch Times 


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  1. Richard Deem

    Just send all the parasites away. Set them a drift and hope the sharks get them. I am fed with hearing about them and their winging murderous ways. Stupid gnrand backward twats.

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