Austria: Red Cross volunteer raped by “asylum seeker”, police let him go on to Germany and cover up the crime – Diversity Macht Frei

“Not a single word was to be said to anyone outside, not by the police or the Red Cross. The victim was only offered psychiatric support.”

Raped assistant – police send perpetrators to continue journey to Germany

Many of the Red Cross volunteer helpers are young women. They are exposed to constant sexual harassment. Often things happen that no one should experience. “It is known of  at least one concrete case where a Red Cross helper was raped by an asylum seeker.

Although the perpetrator was arrested, he was released a short time later. The police said they couldn’t determine his identity and he also had a train ticket to Germany.

The next day he was out of the country.

The crime was committed in the so-called Pavillion 10 in the Wienerwald geriatric centre (Lainz district, 13th Vienna municipality Hietzing).

But the worst thing for the victim and those who knew about it is: “Not a single word was to be said to anyone outside, not by the police or the Red Cross. The victim was only offered psychiatric support.”

The following scenarios were played out in the Vienna reception centers.

They are expected to be representative  similar asylum facilities available in Germany. To protect the identity of the workers, it is reported here with pseudonyms, but their real names are known. 

Agenda:  violence, theft and envy

The assistant Erika F. reported daily violence among residents of homes: “During the distribution of new arrivals we have to pay strict attention to separation of different ethnicities, because Iraqis, Syrians or Afghans hit each other’s heads in.

” Even thefts are commonplace.Especially popular are expensive mobile phones. If clothing and other equipment are distributed, there are regular fights. What do not like or does not fit, they will “dirty with urine or coffee, so no one else gets it.”

Secretive asylum crime

The spokesman of the police of Vienna, Hans Golob will neither confirm nor deny the case.

He states that  rapes only came to light  when the offender was fleeing.

He also pretends that it had  something to do with “victim protection”.

But in this case, the offender does not seem fleeing, but appears to have been placed at liberty by the police .

Something similar happened to a Polish tourist a few weeks ago.

On a walk in the Vienna District Liesing she noticed six people sitting on a bench. One of the men  soon followed after the woman covered her mouth from behind.  

Then he pulled her pants down and took advantage of her.

As her husband searched for her, he heard her screams and saw the perpetrator flee. He still managed to grab two of his cronies and take them to the police station.

But two residents of the nearby asylum home, who would have witnessed the attack refused to testify.They said that they had seen neither the perpetrator nor noticed the attack….. And that was as far as the investigation went.

The FPÖ Liesinger and Provincial club chairman, Roman Schmidt, demanded more information.

” It can not be that the district population does not have more information and knowledge of such ‘incidents’ !”

This was reported on October 7, in the news portal “”

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