Jerusalem Grand Mufti: Never a Jewish Temple on Temple Mount

A reconstructed image of the Temple Mount in the time of the Temple after the renovations of king Herod “the Great” © Eilat Mazar

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The grand mufti of Jerusalem said in an interview with an Israeli television station that there has never been a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

There has been a mosque on the site “since the creation of the world,” Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, who is in charge of the holy Muslim Al-Aksa Mosque, said Sunday evening in an interview in Arabic with Israel’s Channel 2.

THE FIRST MOSQUE WASN’T BUILT UNTIL THE 8TH CENTURY – This was originally a wooden structure and was later re-built as a solid structure by ‘Abd al-Malik’s son al-Walid (Caliph 705-715). The area surrounding the Mosque, the “blessed land”, al-Aqsa Sanctuary was declared as such during Mohammed’s lifetime in the 7th Century.A fact verified in the Qur’an [Al-Isra 17:1].


Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem

Hussein, who has served as mufti since 2006, has called for suicide bombings against Israelis, the Times of Israel reported Sunday evening.

Muslim sources have corroborated historical sources in recording that two Jewish temples have stood atop the site.

The current wave of Palestinian violence against Israelis has stemmed from assertions by Arab leaders that Israel is changing the status quo on the Temple Mount under which non-Muslim prayer is banned at the site. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to the status quo. Over the weekend Netanyahu announced his approval of posting 24-hour surveillance cameras at the site.


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