6,000 migrants mobilising to storm UK within WEEKS as smugglers rush to beat new controls

THE 6,000-strong migrant population of Calais is mobilising and ready to make a major dash for Britain within the next TWO WEEKS.

Migrants at Calais

Britain is braced for a fresh migrant invasion

Crime lords behind the lawless town’s thriving people-smuggling trade are launching a vast operation to bring thousands of migrants across the Channel before new security measures come into force, according to haulage industry insiders.

Truckers have seen a steep rise in the number of stowaways trying to break into their vehicles in recent weeks, with many migrants turning to increasingly desperate and violent means in their attempts to reach the UK. 

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Industry experts believe  criminal gangs are “mobilising” migrants after being spooked by planned new security measures in Calais, including extra fencing and the deployment of hundreds more police officers. 

Many of the new security measures are due to come into place within weeks, which could spark amass rush of more than 6,000 migrants towards the ferry port and Eurostar terminals.

Migrants confront police at Calais

Calais’ 6,000-strong population could make an attempt to reach the UK

Pro-refugee protestors clash with police in Calais

People smuggling gangs know that new security measures will be introduced

Today the respected Freight Transport Association (FTA) industry body, which represents European hauliers, warned that attacks on lorries have risen sharply in recent weeks. 

Spokesman Donald Armour told Express.co.uk: “Because this is all serious organised crime – it’s not really individuals anymore – you get the feeling the gang masters are organising this. 

“These criminals they are pretty savvy people, they are businessmen, and they are thinking ‘we know this can’t last forever’. 

“Sooner or later the port of Calais will be fenced off better than ever, and the Eurotunnel terminal too, and they are going to be pushing harder than ever and as fast as they can before the fencing is in place. 

New fences are being installed around the port

New fences are being installed around the port

An aerial view of the Jungle migrant camp

The Jungle II migrant camp has more than doubled in size

He added: “Maybe the word’s out – you’ve got to get these guys through and get the job done in the next couple of weeks otherwise it’s over – and there’s a lot of pressure from the traffickers. 

“They’ve got wind of the additional improvements that are in the pipeline and they’ve said ‘right, we’ve got to go now before all these additional resources are thrown at the security’.”

The infamous Jungle II camp, just outside Calais port, has more than doubled to 6,000 in recent weeks as more and more migrants who have travelled across mainland Europe arrive at Britain’s frontiers. 


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