ISIS Demands Ransom for 280 Assyrian Hostages: 3 Civilians Executed

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has released another a gory video in which they brutally execute three Assyrian civilians that were taken captive during their winter offensive (February 23rd) in the Khabour River region of the Al-Hasakah Governorate.

In the video, the terrorist group threatens to execute the remaining 280 captives if a ransom of $50,000 per hostage is not paid to them in the coming weeks; this monetary demand aggregates to $14 million (U.S.) in order to release the prisoners.

Following their threat, the terrorist group summarily executed the three Assyrian captives and made another threat to execute more of the hostages if their demands are not met.

The three Assyrian men that were identified in the video are Dr. ‘Abdel-Maseeh Aniyah of Tal Jazirah (Al-Hasakah), Ashur Rustam Abraham of Tal Jazirah, and Bassam Issa Michael from Tal Shamiram (Al-Jazirah).

Assyrian and Christian human rights groups have worked tirelessly to convince the ISIS terrorists to release the remaining 280 hostages; however, the terrorist group continues to ignore these requests.

In August, ISIS released dozens of elderly civilians that were taken captive during their winter offensive in the Khabour River region; unfortunately, this took months of negotiating and convincing to finally secure their release.

The final fate of the 280 hostages will be contingent on ISIS; furthermore, they have expressed no qualms with mass executions, as they have carried them out on numerous occasions.

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