Persecuted Christians: “It’s Time The Bleeding Heart Brigade Gave Them A Thought Too!

persecuted Capture

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Whist the bleeding heart do-gooders fall over themselves to help moslem refugees from Syria who are already biting the hand of freedom , thousands of persecuted Christians throughout the world go totally overlooked’

The desperate Christians of Pakistan are no exception…. 

A Christian campaigner says that the West must do more to help Pakistani Christians in Thailand.

Wilson Chowdhry, from the British Pakistani Christian Association, was speaking after he and Christian peer Lord David Alton visited Pakistani Christians detained in Thailand, who were waiting for their asylum applications to be processed.

It’s thought tens of thousands of Pakistani Christians have already fled to countries in South East Asia such as Thailand and Sri Lanka, where tourism visas are relatively cheap.

Following a visit to the detention centres with Lord Alton, Wilson Chowdhry told Premier that: “It’s only Western nations where they’ll even find a safe haven because the Islamic world and the Hindu world have now become too intolerant for them to survive there.”

Mr Chowdhry stressed that Pakistani Christians are fleeing their homeland in huge numbers after facing attacks in their home country.

For example, a double church bombing killed 14 people and injured dozens other in the city of Lahore in March.

Xinhua News Agency/REX

Blasts hit Pakistan churches in Lahore. Pakistani people carry the injured from the site after a suicide attack at Christ Church in Lahore

At least 14 people were killed and 78 people were reportedly hurt in the explosions at the Catholic church and Christ Church in the city’s Youhanabad area.

Xinhua News Agency/REX

Pakistani Christians stage a protest rally following suicide bombing attacks on churches in eastern Pakistan’s Lahore on March 15, 2015. At least 14 people were killed and 78 others wounded when two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance of churches in Pakistan’s east city of Lahore on Sunday, hospital sources said. (Xinhua/Sajjad)

Hundreds of people protested in the streets after the attack

And Aleem Masih, a Christian man, was murdered last month by his in-laws after he married a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity.

He added these refugees use what little resources they have to feed themselves and their families in the countries they escape to, where they are not allowed to work until their refugee status is confirmed.

Wilson Chowdhry said: “Thailand still has not signed any UN conventions for asylum – as a consequence of this, even with UN documentation for refugee status for asylum, these individuals can still be rearrested.”


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