PASTOR PAUL BURNS: Support pastor and his right to preach Gospel

Pastor Paul Burns

I was at Laganside Court on September 3 in relation to Pastor James McConnell being prosecuted over his comments on Islam streamed on the internet.

The case against Pastor McConnell is based on the fact that his comments could be considered inflammatory/verging on hatred against Muslims.

Yet all Pastor McConnell has done is preach the Gospel about sin and state the Bible’s position of there being only one Saviour – Jesus Christ, God’s son for all of humanity, Muslims included.

If we find preaching the Gospel offensive, then this means, as Christians, we have lost our human rights to publicly proclaim the truths of the Bible.

By supporting the pastor in force on October 1, the people will send a clear message of the resolute commitment to oppose any legislation the Government may seek to impose on the Christian people of Northern Ireland.


Adullam Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast



  1. David

    The background on this site is certainly inflammatory. Crusaders sacking a mosque and, apparently, two of them are about to rape a woman. What sort of message will this send out to any Muslim who might be considering converting to Christianity?

    • paulywido

      Some mighty big assumptions and preconceptions there my friend ….might I suggest you research the TRUE history of the crusades and take into account the fact that the first moslem crusade against non-moslems took place four hundred years before the Christian world finally retaliated … remember, Christianity has committed barbarous acts in the name of religion, but whilst Christianity has moved into a more enlightened age and the 21st century, Islam remains rooted in the 7th century and clings to it’s evil intent to dominate the world…….when was the last time you saw a’selfie’ of a Christian holding a severed head?

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