UK: Closure notice served after mice droppings found at Walsall shop


WARSZAWA MINI MARKET, 26 Caldmore Green, Walsall, West Midlands WS1 3RL

A shop in Walsall has been shut down after mouse droppings were found in a food storage area, says the council.

Environmental Health officers visited the Warwaza mini market in Caldmore and closed it on Monday,after officers served a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice on the owners over concerns that the store posed a serious risk to the public’s health, and magistrates confirmed the action was fair after seeing the evidence yesterday.

Evidence gathered from the store was presented to Walsall Magistrates yesterday who confirmed the closure notice had been correctly served.

The discovery of rodents in any premises selling or serving food is very serious. Mice spread germs which cause food poisoning as well as contaminating food with droppings and urine.

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Food businesses should be on their guard at all times but even more so as the cold weather sets in as this drives rodents indoors.

The owners of the business have also been ordered to pay £350 in court costs, the council said.


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