Cooked like a kebab: ISIS fighter is BURNED ALIVE before having flesh sliced off

isis kebab Capture

THESE astonishing images show a dead Islamic State fighter being burned alive and sliced like a kebab.

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A celebrity soldier known as the Angel of Death has released the graphic video as a barbaric warning to the jihadist
terror group.
Iraqi militia fighter Ayyub al-Rubaie, who uses the nom de guerre Abu Azrael, burned the extremist over a fire before ripping charred flesh off his leg.
this will be your fate, we will cut you like shawarma,” he tells the camera.Al-Rubaie, dubbed the Iraqi Rambo, was referring to the Arabic method of preparing meat by hanging it from a vertical spit and shaving it off.
A dead ISIS fighter being burned

BRUTAL: The militia have issued a warning to any ISIS fighters they encounter

“ISIS this will be your fate, we will cut you like shawarma”- Ayyub al-Rubaie

angel of death Capture

The video is believed to have been shot in the Iraqi city of Baiji.
 Watch video here: This video is not available on Youtube.
ISIS and Iraqi forces are currently engaged in fierce combat over the oil-rich territory.
Al-Rubaie, 40, has achieved cult status in the war against ISIS after leaving home to fight the evil organisation.

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Ayyub al-Rubaie (aka Abu Azrael) awarded the Shiite Medal of Honor for his service devoted to burn; cut apart Sunnis all over Iraq

While some have praised the muscled fighter for extracting revenge on ISIS, others have condemned him for resorting to similar tactics.

“War crimes are never justifiable,” said Ali Khedery. “Horrific video featuring war crime by Iraq’s Abu Azrael.”

Earlier this week a graphic video showing a was released on social media.
The brutal video shows the dead jihadi being hauled along a Syrian road near the city of Aleppo.It was uploaded to social media by a Dutch journalist who is in the country covering the ongoing civil war.
“Video shows a dead #IS fighter being dragged through the streets of Mara by a group of Syrian rebels.”
Another video on Sakir Khader’s  Twitter account shows rebels beating and then beheading an ISIS fighter with his own knife.
isis fighter beheaded Capture

A screenshot from Sakir Khader’s video on Twitter

Watch Video here:

ISIS fighter being dragged through the street

SPEEDING: An ISIS fighter was dragged through the streets in a brutal video

Junaid Hussain

HACKER: Islamic State fighter and hacker Junaid Hussain was killed in a US drone strike

The video comes as it was revealed that a top British hacker who travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS had been killed.
Junaid Hussain, 21, as blown away as he drove in a vehicle towards the Syrian city of Raqqa – ISIS’ self-declared capital.
Hussain critical to ISIS recruitment and online operations.
“We have a high level of confidence he was killed,” a US official said.
A man being dragged along the street tied to a car

PUNISHMENT: The civil war in Syria has left over 200,000 people dead

“There is a good deal of sensitivity because Hussain was a British citizen targeted by the US.”
Hussain, from Birmingham, was married to Kent housewife turned jihadi bride Sally Jones and fled Britain to travel to Syria in 2013.
Earlier this month Jones – known as Mrs Terror – Jones, from Buckinghamshire, has denied claims her jihadi husband is dead.She told another jihadi bride she is “blessed her husband is still alive”.
Reports have described Hussain as a key operative in the extremist group, allegedly involved in online hacking and recruitment activities.The 21-year-old was said last month to have been number three on the Pentagon’s “kill list” of IS targets.


    • paulywido

      But which is worse the cancer or the cure?…. they are all muslims at the end of the day and the solution is not to replace ISIS with another fanatical barbaric alternative.

    • paulywido

      I wouldn’t be bragging about that Corporal…… acting like the enemy is nothing to be proud of I shouldn’t think… understandable in the heat of combat , but none the less dishonourable…

  1. Stefan Peeters Van den Bosch d'Olbrecht

    To understand what’s happening there, you must be there and live the fears they fear. See the Bloodshed that’s happening there.
    I been there the last two years….
    What i saw, the babaric conduct of IS forces, i can only say one thing.
    Pay with the same coins they use…..
    Make them shiver they never go to heaven.
    Before you kill them inject them with pigsblood…..
    Or let the females kill them….
    Make sure IS Forces see it that we going to do the same with them as they did with all the others….
    No Mercy to them……

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