ISIS AIDS-BOMBS: 16 HIV-Positive Militants Sentenced To Suicide Missions

aids bomb Capture

According to reports inside Syria, 16 Islamic State fighters have contracted AIDS from two Moroccan women — and so have been forced to become suicide bombers.

ARA News reported that the fighters were stationed in the city of Mayadin, located in the eastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zor. Since their condition was discovered, the jihadis have been quarantined in a hospital. The women reportedly fled to Turkey, fearing retribution by the group.

As soon as Islamic State leaders realized that they had the potential for a AIDS outbreak, they forced other members in the area to take blood tests for the infection. The jihadis in question are now awaiting assignment as suicide bombers.

″Most of those infected are foreign militants who had sexual intercourse with two Moroccan women. The women passed on the disease to the militants before their infection was revealed. We were ordered by the group’s local leadership to transfer the infected militants to a quarantine center in the city ,” a local Syrian doctor has been cited as saying. (ARA news reported.)

The doctor said the two women escaped to Turkey fearing they would be executed for giving the disease to IS fighters.

Several months ago, a similar panic arose when an Indonesian fighter was discovered to have infected his own sex slave, who was then sold to members of the group elsewhere in the Middle East. In that case, the jihadis executed the Indonesian, as well as the doctor who made the infection known.

New revelations involving Islamic State’s sexual violence have emerged in recent weeks. Besides taking sex slaves from territory it holds, including young girls from Iraq’s Yezidi religious sect, the group also allegedly subjected high-profile Western hostages like American Kayla Mueller to repeated rape.


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