The Latest Arrest of Tommy Robinson

Chief Constable Jon Boutcher
Bedfordshire Police Headquarters
Woburn Road
MK43 9AX
21 August 2015

Dear Chief Constable Boutcher
I understand Tommy Robinson was arrested a couple of days ago after arriving in the UK after a family holiday. As temporary Chief Constable one can only assume the order for his arrest came directly from you, or at least via you from a senior Conservative such as Home Secretary Theresa May or Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove.

Might one ask just why Mr Robinson was arrested? To an outside observer this seems like the concerted political / police persecution of a man whose main crime in these peculiar times we live in is to speak publicly about the very real threat of fundamentalist Islam.

I can find no record of you personally speaking out about the Pakistani Muslim gang rape culture which was happening under the noses of the British police for the last couple of decades. Presumably you owe your current high rank to your shameful silence. It is painfully obvious to society at large that policemen who contravene the politically correct ideology of the establishment do not rise very high in the force these days, but even so, this is not really a badge of honour to be worn with pride.
Mr Robinson is simply a man driven to speak out about the dangers of Islam because politicians and senior policemen like you remain silent. This would appear to attract the heavy of the state in much the same way as those who spoke out against the totalitarian system operating in the Soviet Union. Mortgage fraud is a crime ignored when the perpetrators are acting politicians but not when it is Mr Robinson. Why is this? Does it have anything to do with Mr Robinson causing acute embarrassment for the establishment?

Mr Robinson should never have been jailed in the first place, but to allow him to be beaten up by Muslim inmates whilst in prison suggests this was very much a desired outcome and was actively encouraged by senior politicians in conjunction with the prison governor. After his early release under license he was re-arrested in order to stop him speaking at the Oxford Union Debate. This seems very strange to me. Does it not to you? Why should a person jailed for mortgage fraud not be allowed to speak at an event which has nothing to do with mortgage fraud?

It is becoming chillingly clear that Mr Robinson is an enemy of the state and such is the descent of Britain into ever increasing totalitarianism that his manifestly unjust treatment elicits no protest from those whose purported goal in life is to protect the vulnerable against the all-powerful establishment. Where are the human rights lawyers in all of this? Where is Shami Chakrabarti and her supposed ‘Liberty’ movement? Where are the politicians speaking out against this state persecution of a brave and honourable man and where are the bleeding-heart liberal journalists?

As I am sure you are aware, Mr Robinson and his entire family receive very graphic death threats as a matter of routine. Might I ask how many people Bedfordshire Police has arrested in this regard? I have never read about any such arrests, which smacks of more than just double standards, I’m sure you will agree. In fact, arresting Mr Robinson over some trivial if not trumped charge whilst ignoring those who threaten to rape his wife and children before burning them alive, smacks of complicity with the devil.

I find it very disturbing that the British Police can act in this way. I was raised to respect and admire the English Bobby, but I now see you as the Stasi incarnate. Britain is slowly morphing into something very unpleasant indeed and any impartial observer to this saga of Mr Robinson’s persecution would find it very hard to mount a credible defence of your actions and indeed the actions of the Conservative politicians presumably giving you your orders.

I am convinced this sort of totalitarian behaviour could never have happened in our very recent past, but it now seems to be an ever-increasing part of life today. Any country which allows the police to behave in a manner which appears above the law, and any country which fails to hold the police to account because the victim holds the incorrect political opinion, is a country heading toward a very dark place, as we saw with the Stasi and East Germany.

It would be reassuring if you were to reply to this, but I rather doubt you will. Reassuring ‘communities’ is very much part of your diverse remit, but reassuring Englishmen concerned about the politicisation of the British police can probably be safely ignored. As no doubt you will prove with your silence. Nonetheless, how long do you think you can treat people this way without explanation, apology or consequence?
Yours sincerely
Paul Weston, Leader
Liberty GB

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  1. Gordon Stewart


  2. tamimisledus

    Tommy Robinson may be seen (by some) as an enemy of the state. But that is quite a different thing from being an enemy of the state.
    The state apparatus (police etc) ultimately exists to defend the state, but the state apparatus is not the state. The state is fundamentally the people within the boundaries of the state. The aim of Tommy Robinson is to defend the people of this country against the threat of islam. Therefore, far from being an enemy of the state, Tommy (just like all those fighting the threat of islam to our people) is a friend of the state.
    No, the real enemies of the state (people) are those who take sides with those who wish to destroy our people. The politicians, the police, the journalists, the lawyers, the academics, media personalities and the many hangers-on, these are the enemy or the state.
    To rephrase Louis XIV, “l’etat c’est nous” and we must defend ourselves at all costs against those who would destroy us.

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