Islam cannot get special protection from being upset!


Pastor James McConnell

So Pastor James McConnell is being prosecuted for sending a ‘grossly offensive’ message on the internet by streaming a sermon in which he branded Islam as ‘heathen’, ‘satanic’ and ‘a doctrine spawned in hell’, and also stated: “People say there are good Muslims in Britain – that may be so – but I don’t trust them”.

Yet it is not an offence to attack a religion. In a free society no belief, whether religious or secular, has any more right to immunity or privilege than any other.

Opinions are nobody’s property and stand or fall on their merits, irrespective of the people who believe them 

If Islam is satanic, then so too is Catholicism according to the Presbyterian Church in Ireland – it subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith in which the Pope is described as the Antichrist. Why is the Public Prosecution Service not charging Presbyterians with promoting a grossly offensive message?

Then again, as a Catholic, I would be highly critical of Pastor McConnell if he had described Catholicism as satanic, but nevertheless I would defend his right to say so.

If he had described Catholicism in this way, it is extremely unlikely that the PPS would have charged him. So, again, why should Islam be accorded special protection?

And where would art and literature be if they avoided giving offence? Some of the greatest works are offensive, provocative and challenging. Euripides portrayed the gods as screaming idiots. Michelangelo offended popes by painting God’s naked bum pointing down at them in the Sistine Chapel.

Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Planets Artist : MICHELANGELO Buonarroti

Last year, the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s comedy The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) offended some DUP members on Newtownabbey Council, who initially banned the play, though they stopped short of the injunction of Leviticus 24:14 to stone its blaspheming authors.

Read here:

And here:

Islam appears to be a particularly sensitive faith which brooks no criticism. The writer Salman Rushdie had to go into hiding in 1989 after a death fatwa was issued against him by Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran on the grounds that his novel The Satanic Verses – a work of fiction – was blasphemous. Rushdie rightly said that giving offence cannot be a basis for censorship, or freedom of expression would perish.

Salman Rushdie had to go into hiding in 1989 after a death fatwa was issued against him by Ayatollah Khomeini

In January Islamist gunmen killed 12 of the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after it published cartoons of the prophet Muhammad and extracts of Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission – a vision of France under Islamic rule.

Charlie Hebdo attack:

Although you can’t offend an idea, you can offend the person who holds it. Saying that Muslims cannot be trusted is an attack on nearly a quarter of the world’s population and some might construe this as more objectionable than saying that Islam is Satanic.

Is it hate speech, though? Under N.Ireland’s 1987 Public Order law, it is illegal to incite hatred or arouse fear on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religion or national or ethnic origin. McConnell’s stereotyping might be considered by some as  ill-advised, especially in a society where hate crimes are frequent, but it arguably falls short of the threshold of criminal offence.

It is reported that the main witness for the prosecution will be Dr Raied Al-Wazzan  of the Belfast Islamic Centre, the man who praised barbaric Islamic State militants for being less evil than the Iraqi government and for making Mosul ‘the most peaceful city in the world’.

This statement, on BBC Radio, itself approaches a hate crime. Perhaps Dr Raied Al-Wazzan should be in the dock as well!

Personally I applaud Pastor McConnell as a man of principle,great courage,and determination. A true man of God and a warrior for Christianity …



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  1. Robin Rosenblatt

    “Israeli children (Jews and Arabs) killed by Arab terrorists – 177 >
    Leo Alexander Sendler, age 5
    Gabriel Sendler, age 3
    Daniel Aryeh Viflich, age 16
    Elad Fogel, age 4
    Hadas Fogel, age 1
    Yoav Fogel, age 10
    Jonathan Palmer, age 1
    Shlomo Nativ, age 13
    Segev Peniel Avihayil, age 15
    Yonatan Yitzhak Aldar, age 16
    Yonadav Haim Hirschfeld, age 18
    Neria Cohen, age 15
    Yochai Lifshitz, age 18
    Avraham David Moses, age 16
    Roey Aaron Roth, age 18
    Anas Awisat, age 18
    Khaled al Ziyadat, age 12
    Fathi Assadi, age 4
    Eliyahu Pinchas Ashrai, age 18
    Raviah Taluzi, age 6
    Mahmoud Taluzi, age 4
    Mazal Zaribi, age 15
    Daniel Welch, age 16
    Muhammad Hamudi Faoure, age 17
    Dua Abbas, age 16
    Amir Naim, age 17
    Shaked Lasker, age 16
    Omar Manasseh Visachov, age 8
    Ella Abuksis, age 17
    Rachel Helli Ben-Abu, age 16
    Oz Yisraeli Ben-Meir, age 14
    Nufar Hurvitz, age 16
    Avihay Levy, age 16
    Aviad Yehuda Mansour, age 15
    Yuval Ababa, age 4
    Afik ZahaviOhayon, age 3
    Lior Azulai age 18
    Aviel Yitzchak Atash, age 3
    Khalil Zatunyah, age 9
    Dorit Masrat Binsan, age 2
    Ronnie Sarah Hatuel, age 6
    Meirav Rachel Hatuel, age 2
    Hilo Esther Hatuel, age 10
    Hadar Simcha Hatuel, age 9
    Binaya Yonatan Zuckerman, age 18
    Lior Liorinkha Niv age 3
    Gilad Giladi Niv, age 11
    Qamar abu-Hamed, age 13
    Shaked Avraham, age 1
    Tomer Almog, age 9
    Haviv Dadon, age 16
    Benjamin Bergman, age 15
    Avraham Bar-Or, age 12
    Samuel Zargary, age 1
    Noya Zer-Aviv, age 1
    Liran Zer-Aviv, age 4
    Erez Gizro Hershkowitz, age 18
    Tom Hershko, age 15
    Daniel Harush, age 16
    Shmuel Taubenfeld, age 1
    Moran Menachem, age 17
    Yuval Mendelevich, age 13
    Abigail Leital, age 14
    Noam Leibowitz, age 7
    Samich Sarsur, age 10
    Muhammad Sarsur, age 12
    Tehilla Natnazan, age 3
    Elisheva Mashulmi, age 16
    Elizabeth Liz Katzman, age 19
    Assag Balondi Tzur Tzolinger, age 17
    Smadar Firsteter, age 16
    Assaf Shteir, age 10
    Issachar Dov Reinitz, age 9
    Tal Kerman, age 17
    Shani Avitzedek Abotzedakah, age 16
    Osnat Abramov, age 16
    Matan Ohayon, age 5
    Noam Levy Ohayon, age 4
    Yael Ohana, age 11
    Orly Ophir, age 15
    Noa Auerbach, age 18
    Dvir Anter, age 14
    Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu, age 1
    Lidor Ilan, age 11
    Oriya Ilan, age 1
    Gal Eisenman, age 5
    Galila Bogela, age 11
    Hodaya Hodiyosh Asraf, age 13
    Noi Anter, age 12
    Shoval Tzion Dickstein, age 9
    Elmer Dazbrailov, age 16
    Adi Dahan, age 17
    Yehonatan Gamliel, age 16
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    Rachel Gila Teller, age 16
    Gabriel Choter, age 17
    Shmuel Efraim Yerushalmi, age 17
    Atara Libna, age 15
    Rachel Heli Levy, age 17
    Shiraz Nechmad, age 6
    Shaul Nechmad, age 15
    Liran Nechmad, age 3
    Avraham Eliyahu Nechmad, age 16
    Baruch Asher Zvi Marcus, age 18
    Aviha Malka, Age 1
    Nehemia Amar, age 15
    Lino Sarussi, age 14
    Avraham Yosef Haim Sitton, age 17
    Gaston Farfi Farfiniel, age 15
    Ilan Perlman, age 8
    Aharon Mordechai Eric Karogliak, age 18
    Sinai Keinan, age 1
    Tal Zvi Talik Kurzweil, age 18
    Ran Korn, age 18
    Gal Korn, age 14
    Assaf Moses Tzfira, age 18
    Abraham Neriah Shebo, age 16
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    Michael Szerszevski, age 16
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    Israel Yaakov Danino, age 17
    Jenia Dorfman, age 16
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    Maria Tegiltzab, age 14
    Tamar Mesengiser, age 8
    Jacob Koby Mandell, age 13
    Aliza Malka, age 16
    Mariana Medvedenko, age 16
    Naftali Ben-Zion Lentzakron, age 13
    Ronen Landau, age 17
    Alexei Lufalo, age 17
    Raya Sachiweschurder, age 14
    Hemda Bracha Sachiweschurder, age 2
    Abraham Yitzchak Sachiweschurder, age 4
    Irina Nafomniastzi, age 16
    Raisa Nemirovsky, age 15
    Yerena Nemilov, age 18
    Julia Nemilov, age 16
    Avraham Nahman Avrum Nichni, age
    Shalhebet Tehiya Pas, age 1
    Yair Amar, age 13
    Julia Yael Sklianik, age 15
    Liana Sakian, age 16
    Michal Sarah Raziel, age 16
    Malki Chana Roth, age 15
    Eliran Rosenberg, age 14
    Simona Rodin, age 18
    Menashe Manny Regev, age 14
    Katrina Arias, age 15
    Anya Aniota Kazachkov, age 16
    Golan Turgeman, age 15
    Yocheved Shushan, age 10
    Judah Shoham, age 1
    Ophir Rachum, age 17
    Gil-Ad Shaar, age 16
    Naftaly Frenkel, age 16
    Adelle Biton, age 4
    Yael Botwin, age 14
    Chaya Zissel Braun, age 3 months”

    How Many Children Have these Terrorists Murdered?
    As the incitement begins again against the settlers, the religious and the Right, let’s review the list of children killed by terrorists.

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