Sick ISIS group are now using ‘suicide CHICKENS’ to bomb enemies as weapons stash runs low

SICK fighters from the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) terror group have begun strapping explosive belts to defenceless CHICKENS, it has emerged.

The suicide chickens are strapped up and ready to use for destruction

The suicide chickens are strapped up and ready to use for destruction

The barbaric terror group operating in and around the Iraqi city of Fallujah are understood to be using bomb vests strapped to poultry in an effort to blow up enemy strongholds.

Once the vulnerable animals have wandered off into enemy camps and are within striking distance, the ISIS militants apparently use remote controls to set off the explosive devices, killing all those close by.

Disturbing images have emerged online as experts said the the crude tactics showed the chaotic state of the group.

The jihadist group is said to be running low on ammunition as US-coalition forces target delivery lines leading to Syria and Iraq.

This means fighters have resorted to making their own bombs and mortar shells using gas canisters and fertiliser smuggled over the border with Turkey.

ISIS are using anything they can get their hands on

ISIS are using anything they can get their hands on

Sickening photos also show the terrorists using shopping trolleys and arming them with deadly machine guns.

It is believed fighters have no heavy lorries available so have to improvise to transport the weaponry.

Terror expert Nasser Kataw warned forces to be aware of the new tactics.

He said: “The regime has countless small arms like semi-automatic weapons and pistols and lots of field weapons like mortars but the ammunition is running low and cannot easily be replaced.

“The regime is now desperately trying to fashion its own weapons but lacks the machine shops to make such precision items.”

He added that the back-street workshop bombs would “come with a bang but not much else”.

The latest shock revelation comes as it emerged ISIS has established its first stronghold in mainland Europe.

Extremists sympathetic to the group are believed to have bought up land in a picturesque village in Osve, Bosnia-Herzegovina to train terrorists ready to “respond to the summons of the jihad”.

source: Daily Express


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