‘Perfect Storm Of Events’ Brewing As ISIS Threatens ‘Bloody Friday’ Attacks Upon America


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

With the FBI recently putting out a nationwide terror warning telling us that chatter about a possible terror attack upon American soil is more than just talk with Ramadan here and several deadly ISIS terror attacks across the world already on the books, ANP takes a look below at several ‘bloody Friday’ terror warning videos below.

We also look at a Facebook post from a Texas Militia member who tells us that the FBI is contacting militias in America to ‘activate’ for the 4th of July to help law enforcement provide additional protection for Americans against an ISIS-style terrorist attack upon American soil due to members of ISIS now calling this coming weekend  ‘bloody Friday’ on social media.

We must tell you that this militia warning itself is highly controversial and is even being heavily debated amongst patriot and militia groups with the Well Regulated American Militia (WRAMsite.com) joining InvestmentWatchBlog and the American National Militia website among others in promoting this request heavily while Sipsey Street Irregulars and Resistance Journals warning that this could very easily be a ‘false flag in the making’ in an attempt to further demonize the militias.


56 command centers across the country to monitor terrorist threats this weekend

However, with the FBI launching 56 command centers across the country to monitor terrorist threats this weekend as seen in the screenshot above, we believe this is a critical period of time and should be treated as such.

ANP takes the stance that we should all have eyes and ears open 4th of July weekend, and all the time, for either a ‘real attack’ or a‘false flag’ attack that could be used to completely clamp down upon Americans few remaining civil liberties while STRONGLYreinforcing our support for law-abiding law enforcement all across America, both our local and state police officials and Sheriffs offices as well as the at the federal level.

We KNOW that ISIS is in America whether or not ISIS was originally created by an arm of our own government as this NY Times report states. If all of this terror chatter is real and terror attacks result, we need to be united as one America and stand together as Americans against the evil forces who seek to destroy us, rather than be divided.

While ANP has been quick to criticize government agencies and warn of ‘false flag’ terror, more and more Americans are choosing toisis-phone-white-house.jpg align themselves with the terrorist group ISIS/ISIL and choosing to carry out acts of terror upon American soil…this behavior is completely abhorent to the human soul and should not be tolerated.

With the FBI now setting up 56 ‘command centers’ across the country to monitor terrorist threats over the 4th of July weekend as shared in this story from Fox News, we ask that all of our readers remain vigilent to any possible threats against our country and our people, whether by hidden, evil forces within or hostile forces from the outside such as ISIS/ISIL who’ve come into America to cause havoc. Either way, we cannot allow them to take our country down…the future of free humanity is at stake.

As this warning shares, everyone who is out and about on the weekend of July 4th should have with them the contact numbers of their local sheriffs departments as well as contact info for the FBI. While we at ANP understand false flag terrorism, at the same time, we strongly believe that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers across the country are good, caring people and are doing the right thing. They strongly deserve our support.

Whether or not the announcement below is legit or not, we agree completely with the premise below, that law abiding American citizens SHOULD work together with law abiding law enforcement to help ensure the security of America and the safety of Americans. Having said that, we do not condone false flag terror being used to clamp down upon the rights of Americans. Sometimes, it takes a very fine tool of discernment to differentiate between real terror and false flag and either way, if it happens, ALL Americans lose.


As of 9:00 A.M. Central time I was contacted by the FBI to activate every Militia and Patriot groups in the U.S. for a eyes and ears OP over the 4th of July holiday for possible terrorist attacks( ISIS in nature).

The threat level is very high. We need people to monitor the internet and groups to monitor all activities nationwide. This is the procedure in which we participate. I have already contacted many prominent Patriot and Militia leaders:

  1. Wear plain cloths.
  2. Carry local Sheriffs Departments and local FBI contact numbers. If we see anything suspicious call the Sheriff first and then the FBI.
  3. Do not engage. Just monitor the situation until the Sheriff and FBI get to the scene.
  4. If you are faced with an eminent attack and you are legally armed please protect life.. Be in groups so at least someone can get the Sheriff and FBI to the scene.

I want to note that this is the first time in our lifetimes the FBI has reached out for the help of every Militia unit and Patriotic groups to help guard our Nation. Please conduct yourselves as the Patriots we all are and do this with honor and integrity.. Another stepping stone for us all.

This will take a lot of team work so do not let personal feelings get in our way.

We got work to do Patriots so let’s get to work protecting this nation in a coordinated effort with Law enforcement local, State and Federal.. We got a job to do Patriots.. Salute..

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CBS This Morning takes a look at the ‘bloody Friday’ terror warnings in this 1st video.

Megyn Kelly talks to Congressional Rep Peter King about these ISIS threats.

In the next video below from Andrew Pontbriand, our videographer takes a look at this militia warning and shares why American militia members should be cautious about it. 


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