French terror suspect ‘denies religious motives’?

The Frenchman who confessed to decapitating his boss before crashing his vehicle into a gas factory in an attempted suicide attack has denied he was driven by religious motives, sources claim.

Well he is right inasmuch that Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology disguised as a religion!

Yassin Sahli, who  beheaded his businessman boss, in what French authorities are calling a terrorist attack, took a “selfie” photo with the slain victim and sent the image via WhatsApp to a Canadian mobile phone number, officials said Saturday.

 The body of Cornara, 54, also bore signs of strangulation suggesting that he may have been killed at an unknown location prior to his decapitation.

Attacker sent selfie of beheading 'to Syria'

Businessman Herve Cornara was brutally murdered by an alleged ISIL supporter.

His one finger salute in his selfie was evidence enough of his motivation!…plus the Islamist flags hung on the fence with the severed head…..

He is playing mind games with the French authorities. I expect his next gambit will be a plea of insanity…

French investigators were working to determine the recipient’s identity, but weren’t able to immediately confirm media reports that it was an unspecified person who is now in Syria, where the radical Islamic State group has seized territory, the security officials said.

The wife of the suspected killer has been speaking live on French radio station Europe1.

“We have a normal family life. He goes to work, he comes back. We are normal Muslims. We do Ramadan. We have three children and a normal family. I don’t understand.”

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve named the suspect as Yassin Sahli, 35, of the city of Lyon, close to where the attack took place. He has been arrested and taken into police custody. On the morning of June 26, it’s believed that Sahli rammed his car into the premises of the Air Products gas plant and beheaded one man while injuring two others. Two flags of ISIS as well as Arabic writing were found close to the crime scene.

Salhi, whose wife and sister are also being detained along with a fourth person, is known to have associated with Islamists over more than a decade and had previously been flagged as a potential risk.

French security services knew the subject Yassin Salhi and his links to terrorism – but did nothing!

But there has so far been no claim of responsibility for the attack. Paris public prosecutor Francois Molins said on Friday that investigators would take time to piece together the sequence of events at the plant in Saint Quentin-Fallavier, 30 km south of Lyon, and establish whether Salhi was acting alone.


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