Foreign Fighter’s EPIC Open Letter To Cowardly Leaders Ignoring ISIS Atrocities

Tim Locks sold his possessions to join Christian militia Dwekh Nawsha fighting ISIS

Tim Locks has joined Dwekh Nawsha to stop the spread of Islamic State.

The 38-year-old former construction worker sold his home to join fight.

He said: ‘Any society which cuts people’s heads off must be challenged’.

Insists he will only return to the United Kingdom once IS are defeated.

For years now, the Islamic State has raged on in the Middle East, beheading, raping, and enforcing brutal Sharia law on a path very similar to the ones taken by the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic Prophet Muhammad himself. They have made their plans known, warning the most powerful Western nations of their slaughterous intentions. Still, the leaders of the free world ignore the horrific atrocities — and it’s all because of political correctness.

U.S. President Barack Obama has repeatedly chastised us for speaking out against Islam, saying that ISIS is not Islamic. He has gone so far as to campaign for sake of so-called “moderate” Muslims in the West, who need no protections, but continuously fails to take any action for the thousands terrorized and slaughtered by the countless Islamic terror groups, namely ISIS.

While Obama recapitulates that the real problem is Islamophobia, it appears as though British Prime Minister David Cameron has taken a note from the American President’s teleprompter with his latest indignant speech.

Just days after British citizens were savagely gunned down by Islamists on a Tunisian beach, Cameron took the opportunity at a press conference not to boldly stand against the enemy, but to excuse Islamic terror and reiterate that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Instead of holding press conferences to apologize to the Muslims Cameron believes have had their religious ideology hijacked, there are those who are knee-deep in the blood and filth of the battlefield against these militants, and one of them in particular is voicing his opinion.

Tim Locks, a British foreign fighter against ISIS, exploded on social media over the inaction of democratic nations, especially his own.

letter to cameron 2 Capture

Wealthy Nightclub Bouncer Sells Everything, Takes Up Arms Against ISIS

Wealthy Nightclub Bouncer Sells Everything, Takes Up Arms Against ISIS…..The former builder from Bracknell in Berkshire said he will only return to the UK once Islamic State have been defeated

But Locks doesn’t just stop there. He reveals the hypocrisy and stupidity of political correctness, asking if officials feel like they would’ve still been elected if they campaigned again on what they’ve done while in office.

letter to Cameron Capture

Locks ends his open letter by calling on everyone to send the same message to their elected officials in an effort to force those in power to act and save people from these crimes against humanities. On top of a call to action, Locks asks that we fill the shoes of our incompetent leaders by giving directly to the cause at, a PayPal account established for supplies, aid, and medical expenses that have exhausted the personal funds of his militia fighting ISIS.

Locks is also accepting supplies by post, of which the mailing address can be obtained by messaging him personally here

Like family: Mr Locks has joined Dwekh Nawsha, a Christian militia group, and said he feels they are 'like family' in Iraq 

Like family: Mr Locks has joined Dwekh Nawsha, a Christian militia group, and said he feels they are ‘like family’ in Iraq

Mr Locks has joined a group called Dwekh Nawsha, a Christian militia whose name in Assyrian means ‘the self-sacrificers’.

Mr Locks revealed that he made his decision to relocate to Iraq last August after watching the news reports about the plight of Yazidis on Mount Sinjar.

He said: ‘Last summer I was at home, watching the news and I saw pictures of Mount Sinjar. I just thought I have a great life, job, beautiful house and I thought it is time to help someone else.’

When asked whether he was motivated by religion, Locks said he wasn’t religious but had no problem fighting for a group with strong Christian values.

He said: ‘I had no specific wishes to join a specific group. I just wanted to help people out here. Any society which kills people, cuts people’s heads off needs to be challenged.

‘I put my home on the market and started to talk with a guy online. My house sold quickly and I met up en route with my friend from online.’

source: Mad World


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