Palestinian Cleric : Israel Corrupts the Muslim World with Drugs, Penis Enlargement Ads!

islamic cleric Capture

In a lesson broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV on June 12, cleric Imad Hamato said that Israel “has launched its war against the Arabs and the Muslims by spreading the sex-craze throughout the world” and that this is evident in “ads for penis enlargement” and other shameful things. Hamato further said that the CIA’s “Unit for Controlling the Global Mood” used happy pills and hallucinogens to strip the Arabs of their values.

Watch video here:

Following are excerpts:

Sheikh Dr. Imad Yaaqub Hamatu: Our conflict with Israel is a conflict between spirit and matter. The global media of Israel has expanded, and it has launched its war against the Arabs and Muslims, by spreading the sex-craze throughout the world. As I have said in a previous lesson, Israel has resorted to this sex-craze, in order to crush all types of spirit among the Arabs and the Muslims. Everything is dead among the Muslims except for their urges. That is why we have begun to see all sorts of abominations and shamelessness on many TV channels. We see ads for penis enlargement and for all sorts of things, which are shameful and offensive to one’s modesty. Why is this? Because, as said in the Quran, the Jews are the people of matter, not of spirit.

These people do not believe in the spiritual world. They consider spirituality… Only material things have value. [The Quran says]: “You shall find them to be the people most eager to protect life.” The Quran did not say “their life,” just “life,” life of any kind – life in the garbage, a life of cowardice… They only care about staying alive.

If the 19th century was the century of atheism, and the 20th century was the century of doubting atheism, the 21st century is the century of return to spirituality. What spiritual contribution can the Muslims offer today to the lost and tormented nations, wallowing in a world of grime and crime? What has Israel contributed to the world, except for moral corruption and addiction to pills? In a previous lesson, I have said that there is a unit in the CIA, called the Unit for Controlling the Global Mood. They look at the map and decide what [drug] is suitable for Gaza, Jordan, or Syria. Perhaps Tramadol? Happy pills, maybe? Hallucinogens? They are produced in India, imported to Israel, and distributed here in the Sinai. Then they spread throughout the region, to strip our sons of any remnants of values left in them.





  1. Harry de Wit

    Would they eat pig if there wasn’t other meat around. Let them stave. There is only one God.NOT Allah la la la. ..

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