Hundreds of new female genital mutilation cases in West Midlands – BBC News

More than 600 new victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) have been identified in seven months in the West Midlands.
Hospital statistics revealed there were 632 new cases between September 2014 and March 2015, a report from the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel said.

Between January and November last year 118 cases were referred to the West Midlands force.
A new task force to tackle mutilation was being launched, the panel said.

Further work could be carried out to consider “how to achieve best outcomes in tackling FGM”, it said.
‘Life-endangering crime’


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The panel said there was “inconsistency across the region” and “different areas and organisations are at different places to deal with this form of child abuse”.

Muslim Women’s Network UK said flashbacks at least twice a week were common in the women it had been talking to, the report stated.

A regional task force would ensure “better co-ordination of agencies” to eradicate the practice, which has been illegal in Britain for 30 years, the panel said.

The report said: “We call upon all relevant authorities, including those involved in law enforcement, the justice system and public health, to do everything in their power to protect young girls from this life-endangering, health-threatening crime.”

There had been no reports to West Midlands Police of mutilation in the area but there had been some intelligence to suggest girls “are brought to Birmingham to be cut”, the panel said.

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