How ISIS make their millions *Videos*

The Oil Stills of Al Mansura near Al Raqqah (Photo: David Rose)

ISIS is one of the richest terror organisations in history, but how do they make their vast fortunes? Watch this video which uncovers how they have acquired their millions.

Watch this video which tracks how ISIS makes its money, despite many of their oil wells being targeted by coalition jets.

ISIS calls itself a state and in some ways it is one: it has a territory, it has a population, and it has a government budget – of $2 billion a year, according to one leak to a newspaper.

It even has taxes.

The group is often described as the richest terror organisation in history, though that of course depends on definition.

The United States, which has teams of people following and trying to intercept its financing, says that oil is no longer its major source of funding.

ISIL terrorists also finance their operations through stealing and extortion.

In addition to illicit oil sales, the terror network has made $20 million in ransoms over the past year.

They rob banks. They lay waste to thousands of years of civilization in Iraq and Syria by looting and selling antiquities.

They steal livestock and crops from farmers. And despicably, they sell abducted girls and women as sex slaves.


    • paulywido

      I very much doubt the Shia Muslims would be sending much cash in the direction of ISIS…they are Sunnis…but no doubt their Sunni brothers make some contribution

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