Muslim Hacks His Wife To Death With Axe in Leicester, England

A man accused of killing his wife in an axe and knife attack told a jury he heard voices in his head saying “Kill her! Kill her!”

Mohammed Zaman said he could not remember his frenzied assault on 34 year old Sameena Zaman.

But he said his mental state was so bad he could not deal with the voices that grew louder in his head.

He said he heard “my dead mother and brother saying Kill her! Kill her!.”

Zaman (45) told the Leicester Crown Court hearing he was mentally ill when he killed his wife.

He said he was suffering from depression and afraid Sameena, who came from Pakistan, would leave him after having obtained a British passport.”

Mrs Zaman died at their home in Down Street, off Melton Road, Leicester early on January 8, last year.

She had suffered extensive head wounds and a fatal stab wound in her neck.

Zaman has admitted manslaughter but denied murder.

He said the day before the incident he had a row with his wife.

It lasted most of the day and had stemmed from him lying to her over a move to a smaller council property.

He said: “Sameena was very angry and called me a liar.

“She said she now had a British passport and was leaving. I was very anxious, depressed and afraid of what would happen to me if she left. I pleaded with her. I felt cheated.

He said he remembered getting the axe and the knife from the box room but did not recall what happened next.

He said he remembered drinking antifreeze

During the previous year Zaman admitting accessing internet sites on how to kill a wife

He said “I was in a dark, dark place. Suffering from depression.”

Asked by his counsel Anesta Weekes QC if he intended to kill his wife, Zaman said: “Definitely not, no.”

Detective Constable Duncan Brown said in a statement that he had retrieved a text message from Zaman’s phone which read “Hope God gives me the strength to squeeze her f****ing neck.”

Zaman denied writing the text saying other people including his brother in law Tariq Hussain had access to it.

Detective Constable Dawn Watts said Zaman was interviewed by police five times but declined to give any comment to questions.

The trial continues

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