CRIME – Turkish woman ordered to pay for abusive husband’s swollen hand

A woman in Ankara has been ordered to pay compensation to her husband after his hand became swollen while beating her, Turkish media has reported.

According to daily Milliyet, police saved the woman and her child after they took refuge from beating with their neighbor. After the court case began, the woman and the child were moved to a shelter home, but the man continued to beat her during times when he used his visitation rights to see their child.

The Ankara Prosecutor’s Office later charged both spouses with injuring each other, citing a forensics report that detected the man’s swollen hand and a scratch on his chest. During the hearings, the woman said she would not file a complaint either for being beaten or for the threats that her husband was still making. 

The 13th Criminal Court of First Instance in Ankara recently issued its ruling about the alleged threats without any further investigation, the report added. Stressing that there was no evidence regarding the threat, the court fined both spouses equally 3,000 Turkish Liras and suspended the execution of the verdict. 

Milliyet reported that the man continued beating his wife even after the ruling, and the woman was recently transfered to a shelter in another city.

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