Dudley far right protest: We’re not thugs, Nazis or racists, say organisers ahead of march against ‘islamisation’

Far right protestors planning on marching in Dudley say traders have nothing to fear, insisting they should keep their businesses open on the day.

Members of the All Football Fans/Firms Against Islamisation (AFFFAI) group will descend on Dudley on June 13 in protest over plans for a new mosque to be built.

It will be the third such protest to come to the Black Country town since February – following demonstrations by the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First.

But traders are divided over whether they are going to keep their businesses open on the day – with some fearing they will not be covered by their insurance if there were any problems.

And Tony Swannie, owner of indoor market Plaza Mall, said many were ‘scared’ to open.

An open letter titled – to the Dudley town locals, traders and all whom it may concern – has been published on the website by AFFFAI event host Kevin Smith.

He has dismissed traders concerns saying they shouldn’t fear the group.

The letter says: “As the organiser of All Football Firms/Fans March Against Islamisation that will take place in your town on June 13, I would like to ensure you that I understand any concerns you may have regarding our event and the number of people attending.

“However we cannot stand back and watch the changes that are happening in our country and do nothing about it.

“We are not coming to Dudley to cause trouble or distress, we are coming to have our say against the slow but steady Islamisation of the country that’s happening in front of our very eyes.

“We are not a bunch of thugs, Nazis or racists.”

It adds: “I would strongly stress to the local traders that they need not close up while the march takes place. “Remain open because we could even increase their custom for the day. It’s not them we have a problem with so should not fear us.

“They should take the opportunity to further complain to the local council for the reason we are coming in the first place.

“We appreciate some of you may have different point of view and opinion but as we are still living in a democratic country we have the right to speak up against what we find wrong and offensive towards our culture and traditions.

“We welcome your presence at the march and hope you understand the reason we are doing it.”

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.expressandstar.com



One comment

  1. G. Adams

    I am very happy to see far right gathering. It is evident that anti-European oppression is taking place and the whole world can see it. People will face investigation when they talk about burying pig`s heads in the mosque area which is not of any threat to the society, at the same time thousands of Muslims are allowed to protest in London , displaying messages “behead those who insult Islam” “behead the infidels”, “behead non-believers” and police are not carrying out any investigations. The message is clear – to kill off white people and British people sit quietly and decide to do nothing about it, as a result, white people get both : 1. hate speech, threats and terror 2. prosecution for answering back (self-defence) and three PAYING for both with THEIR money in form of taxes. British people are disgraceful. They choose to (!) allow others to rape their children and to display messages encouraging to kill them and they are guilty of both – rapes and killings that do take place because they are silent about it. Let the Far Right bring us the freedom and safety back, it is the only way. You address the crimes regardless of the skin colour, skin colour has become an immunity for the foreign perpetrators. If you cannot treat a black man or Asian man in the same manner a European would be treated that means that the law and the Government are committing
    atrocities against the Europeans. This must be answered with relevant action.

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