UK: Another Invasion Coming Our Way?

A boat carrying migrants arrives at the port of Lampedusa Photo: EPA

Nationalists and population realists will no doubt be thrilled to learn that the EU has assured the U.N. Security Council that “no refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will”.

Federica Mogherini – the ‘High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy’ addressed the council as the 28 member EU prepared to start making decisions next week on an operation to “identify, capture and destroy boats before they are used by migrant smugglers”.

Concerns remain even among some council members that the migrants themselves will be harmed, sent back or not be allowed to seek better lives.

The U.N.’s ‘Special Representative for International Migration’, Peter Sutherland, told the council that about half of the people who reach Europe qualify as refugees.

Sutherland also praised a planned EU quota system where countries would share the refugee settlement burden, though finding the required agreement of all EU members is already a challenge.

Some countries have already objected.

Make no mistake; these people are NOT ‘refugees’. They are economic migrants.

Sourced from across Africa and the war-torn Middle East,  these migrants pay people smugglers to enter Europe.

Crossing vast distances, in no way are they fleeing to the nearest safe country.

These migrants should be fed, clothed and returned to Libya (their port of origin). As they paid to enter Europe illegally, they will not have the means to attempt it again.

We should close the door to ALL immigration (except in exceptional skilled need).

Otherwise Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel ‘The Camp of the Saints’ is looking more and more like prophesy!



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