Man tries to get out of paying back debt – because he’s Muslim!

A MUSLIM man tried get out of paying back his student loan because of his religion – but he has now been warned it could stop him getting into paradise.

The man, identified only as Amir, contacted a financial expert online to see if he could get out of repaying £21,000.

Islam permits loaning and borrowing money, but not loaning and borrowing with interest.

Amir actually owes £42,000 because of interest and deferment, so he asked Steve Rhode – known as the ‘Get Out of Debt Guy’ – whether his debt could be written off.

Amir explained that, since he accepted the loan, he has “been learning more” about Islam, meaning that his “awareness and conditions have changed”.

But Rhode replied: “Asking any lender to adjust their terms and conditions after the fact for religious reasons is just not going to happen.”

And he warned that, according to an imam, Muslims who choose to borrow with interest “are obligated to repay their entire debt”.

“If they don’t they will prohibited from entering paradise when they die,” he added.

He recommended that Amir – who lives in Seattle, Washington – looked into Zakat, an obligatory charity for Muslim followers.

A letter

In response, Rhode told Amir that he is “obligated to repay their entire debt”

Last year the UK government decided to offer interest-free loans in a bid to boost numbers of Muslim students.

Instead of paying interest, students take money from and pay into a pool – seen by Sharia law as a charitable donation.

The idea was produced by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills after four months of consultation.

A spokesman said: “Making higher education more accessible to all is part of government’s long-term economic plan to boost skills and strengthen growth.

“The overwhelming response to our consultation has shown the strong demand for a Sharia-compliant alternative finance model for student loans that everyone can access.

“We support this idea and will now work towards its development.”

source The Express


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