“Asian” violently attacked Gay Village barman and subjected him to shocking homophobic rant

Thomas Morris, 19, tells how an argument over a taxi fare turned into a nightmare when a thug became involved, beat him up and tried to steal his mobile.

Thomas Morris was assaulted and dealt homophobic abuse as he headed home from work in Manchester’s Gay Village

A Gay Village barman has relived the moment he was subjected to a violent attack and homophobic abuse after he took a taxi home.

Thomas Morris, 19, was heading home in the early hours of Saturday after a night working at a bar in Canal Street.

He says the driver stopped the taxi in Daisy Bank Road, Victoria Park, and began arguing with him about the fare.

Another man who was in the street then began punching Mr Morris and shouting homophobic abuse.

The thug tried to steal his mobile phone and kicked him several times in the head and body while he lay slumped in the road.

Police have now launched an investigation into the attack, which happened at about 3am, and are urging witnesses to contact them.

Thomas’ injuries include grazing and swelling around his temple and a black eye

Mr Morris was left badly bruised and shaken by the attack.

He was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary by ambulance for a brain scan and spent more than six hours in A&E.

He said: “What happened to me was completely disgusting. He was punching and kicking me on the ground and shouting homophobic abuse.

“He kicked me in the ribs, the legs, the arm and the head.

“I had a black eye and bruises. It shook me up. I was lucky not to have been more seriously injured, but it shouldn’t be like that.”

Mr Morris was left lying injured in the road as his attacker rode away on a bicycle.

Eventually, he managed to make his way home, where a friend dialled 999 and called an ambulance.

He believes the taxi driver witnessed the attack before driving off.

Map of Daisy Bank Rd, Manchester M14 5QP

Map of Daisy Bank Rd, Manchester M14 5QP, where Thomas Morris was attacked

daisy bank road Capture

Mr Morris has issued an picture of his injuries in the hope it might encourage witnesses to come forward.

Police said the attacker was Asian, in his late teens, slim and 5ft 11in.

He had short, black hair and was wearing a grey tracksuit and riding a bicycle.

Mr Morris was a passenger in a private-hire taxi from Manchester Cars, which is based in Bloom Street in the Gay Village.

A spokeswoman for the said it was launching an investigation into the incident and was unable to make any further comment.

Anyone with information can contact Greater Manchester Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 FREE.


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