Muslims are now burning Christians for sport in Pakistan

URGENT PRAYER ALERT from  Forgotten Missionaries International…please pass it on!

A little before 2pm [EST] Friday April 10 a 14-year-old Christian boy was burned by Muslims on the streets of Lahore. Two Muslims asked “Fodor” what religion he is, and when Fodor responded, “Christian,” they attacked him and set him ablaze.
Fodor is currently hospitalized now and in critical condition with burns covering 55% of his body.
Shortly after this attack a similar attack occurred against another Christian boy.

It appears that several unidentified people are now roaming the streets of Lahore with this unwarranted blood-lust against Christians.

Remember to pray every Friday as this is the most volatile day for attack on Christian by Muslims. Pray for God’s protection of His people, for Christians to be filled with a spirit of divine love and forgiveness (NOT retaliation or fear or unwillingness to share the gospel with Muslims), for the local authorities to intervene swiftly with action and true justice, and for the healing of those who have been burned.”


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