UK: Iraqi woman faces jail after posting more than 45,000 ‘terror tweets’ in just a YEAR

Alaa Abdullah Esayed

Alaa Abdullah Esayed as she enters the Old Bailey

AN Iraqi woman has pleaded guilty to two terror offences after she posted Twitter messages glorifying terrorism.

Alaa Esayed, 22, from Kennington, Southeast London, was accompanied by her father and a translator at the Old Bailey this morning.

She uploaded 45,600 tweets in just under a year, many of which encouraged children to use weapons and embrace extremism.

Using the Twitter account @bentalislam_i, she posted an average 58 tweets per day to her 8,534 followers.

Reuters/RIA Novosti

Esayed also used photo-sharing site Instragram to further her fanaticism.

She posted pictures of corpses felled in battle and dead soldiers.

Her tweets also included a poem ‘Mother of the Martyr’ which advises parents how to raise a child to be violent with weapons and learn jihad, or ‘holy war’.

She refused to stand as she entered guilty pleas to the two charges against her and was allowed to take the unusual step of entering her plea from the public gallery rather than the dock, as permitted by judge Charles Wide.

Esayed, an Iraqi national, appeared in court wearing a full black face veil and brown hooded coat.

The charges – encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publication – under the Terrorism Act date back to posts she made between June 1 2013 and 14 May 2014, and cover tweets which featured links to poems and other terrorist propaganda.

Esayed is due to be sentenced on May 18, pending medical reports.

She was released on conditional bail.

source: The Express


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