Osborne refuses to call for Tory candidate Afzal Amin to stand down

tory candidateCapture

Conservative candidate Afzal Amin


The chancellor has refused to call for Conservative candidate Afzal Amin to stand down amid allegations of links with a far right group.

During a visit to the Science Museum in London, George Osborne was asked whether Mr Amin should withdraw as candidate for Dudley North.

george osborne

George Osborne will ‘await the results of the investigation Credit: Reuters

“He has been suspended pending the investigation from the Conservative Party, so that investigation is now taking place very quickly and of course we await the results,” the chancellor said.


UPDATE:   Afzal Amin is resigning as Conservative candidate for Dudley North with immediate effect, after he was suspended from the party over claims he plotted with the English Defence League .


Conservative candidate Afzal Amin has insisted he will mount a “robust defence” of his actions at a disciplinary hearing tomorrow and claimed he is the target of a far-right “sting operation”.

The candidate for the marginal Dudley North seat is accused of planning to use an inflammatory march against a new ‘mega-mosque’ by the English Defence League to help his election campaign.

Reports indicate that Amin could be sacked as the Tory candidate in the target seat within days.

Afzal Amin is accused of planning to use an inflammatory march against a new ‘mega-mosque’ in the seat of Dudley North to help his election campaign.

He has reportedly described the allegations as “completely untrue”.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the idea was for the protest to be scrapped with Mr Amin taking the credit for defusing the situation.

In return he allegedly promised that he would be an “unshakeable ally” for the EDL in parliament and help bring their views to the mainstream.

The Mail on Sunday reports that when they confronted Amin in Dudley yesterday, he described the allegations as “completely untrue” and said that a second march “was suggested and we rejected it, and we even informed the police about it.”

A Conservative Party spokesman confirmed that Amin – who was apparently filmed covertly talking about the deal – had been suspended.

“Following an emergency meeting it has been decided to suspend him as a candidate with immediate effect,” the spokesman said.

“The Conservative Party views this as a matter of extremely serious concern.”

A full disciplinary hearing is expected to be held on Tuesday, when Amin will be able to explain his actions and a decision on his future will be taken.

Prime Minister David Cameron is understood to have been informed of the situation and approves of the way it is being handled.

Soubry: Amin ‘should put hands up and go’ if EDL plot allegations are true

Tory defence minister Anna Soubry

Tory defence minister Anna Soubry has said Afzal Amin should “put his hands up” if allegations that he plotted with the EDL to win votes by stirring up racial tension.

Amin has reportedly described the allegations as “completely untrue”.

Ms Soubry said: “If he’s done it then he should put his hands up and go but we’ve said that we’re going to wait until Tuesday.

“He’s suspended but if he’s done it he should go”.

Voters feel damage has ‘already been done’

The damage from this weekend’s headlines about Tory candidate Afzal Amin being suspended after an alleged ‘vote plot’ has reportedly “already been done” according to Conservative candidates and voters in Amin’s Dudley North constituency.

Tommy Robinson interview with LBC:


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