U.K. Cambridgeshire: Teenager ‘took pictures of schoolgirl as she was raped by friend of Asian businessman who groomed young girls for sex’

asian rape Capture

A teenager took pictures of a schoolgirl as she was raped by a friend of an Asian restaurant owner Mohammed Khubaib (pictured), it has been claimed

  • Manase Motaung, 32, accused of raping 16-year-old at drinking session
  • Friend of the schoolgirl took pictures of alleged victim as she was raped
  • The 16-year-old claims she was so drunk she has no memory of attack
  • Motaung and Mohammed Khubaib accused of raping and trafficking girls

A teenager took pictures of a schoolgirl as she was raped by a friend of an Asian restaurant owner who allegedly groomed young girls for sex, a court heard.

The alleged victim had just turned 16 when she was photographed having sex with Manase Motaung, 32, at a drinking session in Peterborough.

Motaung has been accused along with businessman Mohammed Khubaib, 43, of raping and trafficking young girls as young as 12.

A friend of the 16-year-old girl, who cannot be named, said she was not concerned after seeing the girl have sex with Motaung and took three photographs on her mobile phone.

She even sent one picture to her sister, a jury at the Old Bailey heard.

But her ‘distraught’ friend has claimed she was so drunk she had no memory of the alleged attack and it was only as the months passed that she started to have ‘flashbacks’ of what happened.

She insisted she would never willingly have sex with the two ‘vile men’ when questioned by defence barrister, Karim Khalil QC.


Cross-examining the alleged victim’s friend, Mr Khalil said: ‘You took a picture, the flash goes off. [She] realised you had taken a photo and was not happy about that.

‘The two go upstairs and you send the photo to your sister. It was a big joke.’

The witness agreed she believed her friend had consented to sex with Motaung, who denies rape.

Letting agent Khubaib, who also owned Peterborough’s ‘Zaika’ restaurant, is accused of grooming young girls to be used for sex by him and his friends.

asian restaurant Capture

Pakistani-born Khubaib who owns Peterborough restaurant Zaika (pictured), is accused of driving the vulnerable girls to properties around Cambridgeshire where they were plied with alcohol

The prosecution allege he enticed vulnerable girls as young as 12 into spending time with him by giving them cash, tobacco, McDonald’s meals and even flowers.

The court heard Khubaib (pictured) bought one girl a £40 bunch of flowers for her 15th birthday

Khubaib allegedly drove the youngsters to properties around Cambridgeshire where they were plied with booze.

The girls would then be used for the sexual pleasure and satisfaction of himself and any other adult who was with him, it is claimed.

Khubaib from Peterborough has denied 11 counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, and one count of rape.

Motaung, also from Peterborough, has denied seven counts of trafficking a child for sexual exploitation and one charge of rape.

The offences were allegedly committed between 2007 and 2013.

Khubaib was arrested alongside Motaung, known as ‘Naz’ and a 27-year-old friend at a house in Peterborough on 27 January, 2013.

The men had been giving vodka to two 14-year-old girls in an upstairs bedroom and were playing videos, which appeared to contain ‘porn-style scenes’, jurors heard at an earlier hearing.

The court heard it was the third time that week that Khubaib had been caught in the company of teenagers in similar circumstances.

Khubaib first came to the attention of police as far back as August 2007, when he is alleged to have forced a 14-year-old to engage in oral sex, the court heard.

Her friend accepted just £5 for her to do so, but when the girl, who cannot be named, refused he forced her to perform the sex act on him, it is claimed.

The trial continues.

source: Mail Online


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