Britain First rapped after selling ‘best of British’ clothes made ABROAD!


Britain First have been rapped by officials after they wrongly advertised clothes as being ‘best of British’ – despite them coming from abroad.

A model wearing a Britain First hoodie

Britain First are at the centre of complaints for wrongly advertising clothes as UK made

The extremist organisation, created by former members of the British National Party (BNP), also used the Royal Crown without permission on items in their ‘Patriot Store’ website.

Shoppers who bought hoodies, fleeces, sweatshirts and polo shirts with slogans like ‘Taliban Hunting club’ were told the products were UK-made.

However, the clothes were in fact foreign-made imports which only had the slogans printed in Britain.

The advertising watchdog received complaints that there was no information about where the products were made so the claims from Britain First were misleading.

A Britain First hoodie being sold on a website

Shoppers who bought Britain First products were told they were buying the best of British

Lionheart Products, who runs the Patriot Store, said they operated as a platform for other sellers to sell products.

The online retailer added that it relied on sellers to provide information on the origins of products.

The Advertising Standards Authority also ruled that Britain First and the Patriot Store had not been granted permission to use images of the Royal Crown.

It added that consumers would consider the ‘Let’s Buy British’ wording on the website to mean the Britain First clothes had been manufactured in the UK.

It said: “We understood from the advertisers that the slogans which appeared on the clothing were printed in the UK, but had not seen any evidence showing where the items were produced.

A Britain First hat with a Royal Crown logo

Britain First were also at the centre of complaints for using the image of the Royal Crown

“In the absence of supporting evidence, we concluded that the claim was misleading.

“The claims must not appear again in its current form.

“We told the advertisers to ensure any logos that bore a strong resemblance to the Royal Crown or Emblems should not be featured in advertising, unless they held the relevant permission to feature the logo.

“We told the advertisers to ensure they did not imply their products were manufactured in the UK if they did not hold evidence in support of their claims.”

Britain First, who were created in 2011, have a strong presence among right-wing radicals online – with their Facebook page being liked more than 670,000 times.

source : The Express


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