Government calls for missing abuse files to be found amid ‘cover-up’ suspicions

The government has called for missing child abuse files to be located in the wake of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.

A new report from the Home Affairs Committee has outlined the latest on what the government is doing to stop child abuse after the publication of the Casey Report.

The update, published yesterday, said: “It is hard to resist the conclusion that, if the Council and Police had taken warnings seriously, the abusers could have been brought to justice more quickly and some of the later victims could have been spared their ordeal.”

It said that the government is chairing a series of Secretaries of State meetings to look at the failures. It also said missing files on abuse must be located because it gave rise to ‘suspicions of a deliberate cover-up’, and that new laws to allow Police and Crime Commissioners to be subject to recall – first mooted when PCC Shaun Wright resisted calls for his resignation for weeks after the scandal first broke.



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