French citizens told to get out of Yemen ‘as fast as possible’!

Yemen: Hollande urges release of French woman

Soldiers guard the French embassy in Yemen, which was closed earlier this month. Photo: AFP

President François Hollande has called for the immediate release of a French woman who was kidnapped in Yemen on Tuesday.

Earlier statement from the foreign ministry read: “Unfortunately we can confirm the kidnapping this morning of a French national in Sanaa, who was working for an international organisation.

“The crisis center at the Foreign Ministry is in contact with her family. All our services are mobilized to locate and secure the release of our compatriot.”

The foreign ministry also reiterated that all French citizens should leave the country
“Given the deteriorating security situation in Yemen, we renew our firm recommendation that we made two weeks ago for all our compatriots to leave the country as soon as possible,” the statement said.
On February 11th France called on its 100 or so citizens to leave Yemen and said it would close its embassy over mounting security fears in the country.”Given the recent political developments and for reasons of security, the embassy invites you to leave Yemen temporarily, as soon as possible, by taking commercial flights at your convenience,” said the French embassy in Sanaa.

“This embassy will close, temporarily and until further notice, from February 13, 2015,” added the mission on its website.

France’s move follows similar action by Britain and the United States, which have pulled out their ambassadors as a security crisis grips the country.

Yemen has failed to achieve stability since long-time president Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down in early 2012 after a bloody year-long popular uprising.

It is battling an Al-Qaeda insurgency and facing a separatist movement in the formerly independent south.


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