Leicester UK: Dead rat found stuck to the floor of “Indian” restaurant


Council photograph showing a dead rat stuck to the floor next to a rodent trap

Environmental health officer have closed an Indian restaurant in the Golden Mile after finding a dead rat stuck to the kitchen floor.

The rodent was in such a state of decomposition that it had to be scraped up, said city council prosecutor Hannah Price.

chenai dosa Capture

Chennai Dosa ‘Indian’ restaurant, 78-80 Belgrave Road, Leicester, LE4 5AS

Miss Price was at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to apply for an extension for an emergency prohibition order served to the Chennai Dosa restaurant, in Belgrave Road, on Monday.

Food safety officers from Leicester City Council had inspected the eatery and found the rat, as well as evidence of mice – such as droppings in the cellar, kitchen, cupboards and preparation areas.

Photograph of the food

Food was also found encrusted on the restaurant’s cooker

They also discovered prawns defrosting in a sink filled with greasy cloths and sponges, and a strong smell of rodent urine.

Health officer Alison Cadmore, who carried out the inspection, also found hair stuck to the inside of the microwave, burnt food, dirt and grease stuck to the cooker and grill and food debris floating in the stale water of the steamer.

Miss Price said: “Environmental health officers inspected the premises on Monday, February 16, following a first visit on December 10.

“There were five visits between those dates and the standard was found to be unsatisfactory.

“So a hygiene emergency prohibition order was served because officers found there was an imminent risk to health.”

She added: “Among other things, health officers found a strong smell of urine from rats, and one dead rat which was in such a state of decomposition that it was stuck to the floor.”

Magistrate Peter Moore granted the council’s application to keep the business closed until food safety officers were satisfied that hygiene standards had been met.

The company was also fined £1,067.

In mitigation, managing director Sri Murugan, said he did not dispute the council’s application and that he would bring the level of hygiene back up to an acceptable standard as soon as possible.

Solicitor Abdul Rahman, representing Sunthosh Trading – the company which owns Chennai Dosa – said: “My client said he would begin cleaning right away and make sure the standard is brought back up to a high level.


source : Leicester Mercury

One comment

  1. David Evans

    If you eat in an ‘Indian’ (ie Bangladeshi or Pakistani) eaterie the chances are high that the standard of hygiene will be appalling. I have seen many of their kitchens and frankly in many cases a sewer would be cleaner. In one dirty kitchen a waiter was sat on the draining board washing his feet in the salad sink. He said he was washing them ready for Friday prayers. I have since heard that this is common practise.

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