BREAKING NEWS: RAF jets intercept two Russian bombers near Cornwall coast

The incident comes just days after the Royal Navy tracked a warship from the country through the Channel.

The HMS Argyll navy ship deployed a Lynx helicopter and used sensors to locate and monitor the Yaroslav Mudryy, which was on its way to the North Sea from the Mediterranean.

French forces had been tracking the Russian warship but when it veered close to British borders the navy was dispatched.

The ship was tracked through the English Channel and continued its journey to Baltiysk, Russia.

At the end of November, Nato was forced to dismiss reports that a flotilla of Russian vessels in the Channel was conducting military exercises.

And last month the RAF scrambled fighter jets to intercept two Russian Bears spotted hovering near Bournemouth.

The long-range bombers are capable of carrying nuclear missiles.

Relations between Russia and the West have soured in recent months over Moscow’s perceived role in the conflict in eastern Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea.

Many other European countries have reported what are widely seen as displays of Russian military prowess.

More to follow…




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