Chelsea fans in new anti-Semitism storm ‘hissing about the Holocaust’

Chelsea fans in Paris were caught on video making hissing noises to mimic the Second World War Holocaust gas chambers.

The shocking images were filmed outside the Frog and Rosbif pub, in an area of the French capital in which many Jews live.

Chants including ‘He’s only a poor little Yido’ were also caught on the film, produced by journalists working for Metro newspaper.

Minutes later, Chelsea fans were involved in running battles with Paris St Germain fans close by.

The film was shot in April 2014 before Chelsea’s European Champions League game with PSG.

It was exactly the same fixture last night which has also been linked to a race and anti-Semitism storm.

Chelsea fans were outside the Frog and Rosbif chanting in exactly the same way yesterday, and others were seen forcing a black man off a Metro train while admitting ‘We’re racist’.

Nicolas, a Jewish football fan who was outside the Frog and Rosbif yesterday and who asked only to be identified by his first name, said: ‘The yid chants were very easy for us to understand, and it is clear what they meant by the hissing too.

‘They were acting like it was funny, but there is nothing funny about the Holocaust. I’d seen it last year, and it happened all over again. The strange thing is that the police made no arrests, either for the chanting, or for the fighting.’

Anti-Semitic expression is a criminal offence in France. John Galliano, the British fashion designer, was convicted of the crime following a rant about the Holocaust in another Paris bar in 2011.




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