The Double Mind Of Jorge Mario Bergoglio!

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By: Call Me Jorge

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“Not to have children is a selfish choice”

“…having many children cannot be seen as an irresponsible decision.”

11 February 2015


“That example i mentioned shortly before about that woman who was expecting her eighth (child) and already had seven who were born with caesareans.  That is an irresponsibility (That woman might say) ‘no but I trust in god’  But God gives you methods to be responsible. Some think that, excuse me if i use that word, that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No. Responsible parenthood!”

 19 January 2015

What else can one say but Francis is a modernist trying to bring about tikkun olam.

“Green” Is The New Christian

By: Mundabor

TMAHICH (The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, for those new to this blog) has given another example of radical Neo-Paganism.
Let us leave aside that according to Francis God is “one person”, but then he proceeds to list all three. (One God, Three Persons, I thought. But who knows, perhaps I was wrong?). I sense blasphemy here, perhaps another stupid attempt to please the Muslims. But as what he says just does not make sense, it’s a bit like wondering if a madman has violated the Second Commandment…
What is seriously Neo-Pagan is the idea that by “preserving Creation”, one automatically becomes a Christian. Francis says verbatim:

When we hear that people have meetings about how to preserve creation, we can say: ‘No, they are the greens!’ No, they are not the greens! This is the Christian! This is ‘our response to the’ first creation ‘of God. And’ our responsibility. A Christian who does not protect Creation, who does not let it grow, is a Christian who does not care about the work of God, that work that was born from the love of God for us. And this is the first response to the first creation: protect creation, make it grow. “

No, they aren’t Christians. They are, most likely, environmental nuts. Being “green” does not make of them Christians.
Christian is one who follows the religion of Christ. It isn’t difficult, really. Even an Argentinian Jesuit should know these things. Not Francis, apparently.
The usual drunken nonsense is also present: suddenly unless you are “green” you don’t care for Creation, following the Nazi enviro-extremism so dear to the nutcases. Suddenly, a Christian should feel the need to “protect” Creation, and this from the same man who has just finished telling us that God Himself sustains it. Suddenly, there is strange talk of “first response”, a concept frankly new to me, grown with obsolete ideas about sin, redemption, salvation, and the like.
This man could seriously be all three: evil, stupid, and drunk.
But honestly, I think not even the drunkards ramble in such a way.



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